Horde DPS druid LF guild! Any server!

Name: Garrett
Age: 25
Location: Connecticut
IGN: GVR @ Mal’ganis
Occupation: Unemployed

Availability: Raid start: anytime, raid end: before 1 am est
Main class: Feral/Balance Druid and all other classes as alts
Experience: All AOTC’s and some mythic progression in most raids/expansions that had an AOTC. I have ‘Hero of the Horde’ from Cata when I got to top 0.5% of the RBG ladder.

Attitude: Serious but social, I am also very funny and smart. I do not like to be toxic and I can handle criticism but I do not like straight out toxicity.
Current Status: Active and willing to swap servers but not faction.
What am I looking for?: a serious guild looking to push into heroic then eventually mythic. I also would like to PvP and do Mythic+

Side Note: I have some friends that might be interested in raiding if I can find a decent guild.

Contact Info: Btag - Ceason#1858 Discord - Ceason#0976

Hello Gvr,

I am currently watching the amazingness that is animaniacs and I saw your post. So you want good times? I have good times. I’m also adorable, so you should reach out to me as well. But besides the point, you’re looking for a good guild to run heroic/mythic content with. Well, I have an option for you. Here’s my spiel below but reach out to me!

Here is the rundown of Arm of Hades

Tuesday/Thurs, 8:00-11:00 EST (6hrs/week)

We’re a pretty chill adult community, with most guildies 25-45. We’ve been around 13+ years, and have a strong community. The raiding vibe is relaxed but organized and focused. Drama and crappy attitudes are not tolerated and we’re all here to just have fun and kill stuff together! We’re getting ready for a great push into SL!

We have a very active M+ community, with groups regularly pushing 20+ keys. Our Discord is popping with activity.

If you want to ask any questions you can reach out to me at: Nudist Beach#9978 (Discord ID) or you can add the guild leader: Shtanky#4568 (Discord ID)

I didn’t want to put a wall of text on your wall but we are a Horde guild On illidan we are heroic minded if you need more info or how to contact me here is the link to the guild recruitment post and you can contact me on discord at any time! [H] Unknown Identity- Illidan

Hi, Gvr. is currently recruiting.


Hi Gvr,

[H] [Kil’Jaeden] is recruiting. Currently we have a small, close knit group of good players. Currently we are looking to do AoTC. Most of us are former top tier raiders who are now just looking to see the content in heroic, and potentially casually do mythic if we get the members. We have a group of 6 members currently and are looking for people to get us through Castle Nathria.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Discord @ Zinfu#6829 or Battle.net @ Zinfu#11923

Hey there, we might be a good fit for you, and we likely have room for your friends as well. I’ll leave my little bit of spam for you, will also add to discord if you’d like to chat!