[A] 178 Ilvl - Disc Priest - LF Raiding/Mythic - 7PM EST Start


I am looking for a raiding guild that runs ~7 or 7:30 EST. I plan to main Disc and interested in doing arena. I have many years of raiding experience in FFXIV and WoW. Recently going ham in shadowlands :slight_smile:

I am on Aegwynn

Hi Babaika, we are currently looking for healers to join our roster. I’ll post the guild info below, but obviously we are on a different server. Just thought I would reach out and see if you would be interested in chatting! Find my contact info below:

Guild post:
Triggered originally was created in Legion by a group of friends who wanted to clear content and have some fun while doing so. We progressed through Legion tiers, but unfortunately, many of our raiders needed a break during ToS. We continued this break throughout BFA, but are looking to make a comeback now in Shadowlands. We are a guild of mostly working adults who just want to achieve CE each tier while not working a second job.

If you’re interested in joining us, please reach out to any of the below contacts:


Hey there, we could use a strong disc priest on our team if horde isn’t off the table for you.
I’ll leave our info below, reach out any time if you’d like to chat!


I am not looking to faction change as this time.

Check us out and hit me up if you think we might be a good fit:

[A] Dalaran Tue 730pm-10pmEST/Sun 430pm-730pmEST - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Whelp, might be late to the party but we are looking for some heals. We are just returning/rebuilding. We have been playing since vanilla or earlier. If you are still looking let me know, we are on the Undermine cluster. Let me know if you are still looking, the times you listed are basically “Working Adult” times that work well for all of us.

Discord: Krevin#0239
BNET: Krevin#1895


I am the guildmaster of Good Enough on Alliance-Stormrage. We are a long standing group of friends that have played games together since classic. We are coming back for Shadowlands after a hiatus for the end of Legion and most of BFA, looking to recruit back up to tackle mythic content once again with an objective of achieving CE. While we don’t have much in the way of recent achievements due to stepping back from the game, the leadership and core players all have experience participating in or leading CE (or its equivalent) raids in expansions past.

We are an active group that seeks to make good progress at a semi-serious attitude. (i.e. no alt requirements, mostly having people play what they enjoy but expecting them to maximize whatever they decide to play)

Our raid times are Wednesday 8-11PM EST and Friday 8-midnight EST, with an optional Monday raid from 8-11PM EST for alts or lower tier content.

If you’d like to talk further, feel free to add my battletag at Althizor#1224.