I am returning to the game after taking last raid tier off. I am currently looking for a new home that works for both parties.
My raiding exp goes back all the way to WOTLK. I always tried to push end game content but sometimes life does get involved. Usually can raid after 5pm MNT weekdays. I try not to raid on the weekends because I like to have those open for myself.
Besides raiding I like to do keys. Since keys have been a big part of the game I have always tried to push as high as I can. I enjoy helping guild members also.
Right now I am playing Ele shaman ilvl 117. I can play all 3 specs for the shaman I do prefer Ench but as we all know its not the best.
I have a Shadow Priest also at 117 with a holy off spec. If you are wanting me to be more of a hybrid player I would prefer to be on my shaman as I don’t like healing as a priest. Its just boring to me. I am willing to look at transfer servers and possibly factions if the fit seems right for both of us.
If you would like to know more you can add me on Discord at Cicada#7787 or my bnet Twisted#12410.

Are you languishing in a dead or dying guild, full of disinterested and unhelpful people?

Do you want to be part of a community of friends, who truly enjoy the game, and love hanging out together?

Would you like to run dungeons/raids with people who won’t yell at you, or make you feel stupid for making mistakes?

First Azeroth Command may be just the guild you’re looking for!

First Azeroth Command is a team of veteran players who have created an active guild, and associated Discord, in pursuit of achieving end-game content. While that may be our ultimate goal, it is not our only focus. We are recurring all classes/roles for running instances, leveling, PvP, PvE and those who just want to play the game in a stress-free, helpful community.

Combined, the creators of First Azeroth Command have decades of World of Warcraft experience, and a strong desire to share it. Your current playing ability does not matter. You might be the best in your class, or you might have just created your account; as long as you have a positive attitude, you are welcome to join us.

We run dungeons/raids on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, starting at 7:15pm EST. You will not be required to make all of those nights. If you can make it, that’s fantastic! If not, no worries! We are flexible, and understand that real life will always take precedence.


Guild leadership strives to ensure that every member enjoys their playing experience in an affirming, tolerant, intimidation-free environment. Those who are arrogant, intolerant, rude, hateful, and/or generally poor attitudes are not who we are looking for. “Try-Hards” and “git-gud” types need not apply. We are a guild; we succeed together, and we fail together. No individual is greater than the group. Ever. It is that simple.

Whether you are new to the game, or have played since Vanilla, we want YOU to join First Azeroth Command and make the most of your time in Azeroth! Contact us today!


Twitter: @AzcomC

BNet: ttravilinman#1518, or Moisley#1537

Hey Cicada!

After reading your post, I think you’d be a great fit for (H)Reserves-Zul’jin. We’re an newly formed AOTC focused guild, most of us branched off a previous Zul’Jin guild to focus on our own image of what a guild should be. Our core group of raiders are all Mythic experienced, but want to ease ourselves into this first raid tier and focus on our community and recruiting.

We have members interested in forming Mythic+ Key Groups and Arena teams!

We are guaranteeing AOTC every tier, with a calm casual environment. We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 7-10 PM CST. Please reach out if you’re interested.

BTAG: Veloletum#1170
Discord: Veloletum#6175

Hi there! I think we might be a good fit for you – check out our info below, and if this peaks your interest, reach out so we can chat!

Exalted with Jeeves | Alliance | Stormrage |

RAID TIMES: Tues & Wed - 8:00PM to 10:30PM CST.


12/12 H - Ny’alotha - AOTC

CURRENTLY RECRUITING: DPS (Bonus if Tank Off-Spec), and Heals

Greetings! We are a 5 year old raiding guild from Fizzcrank/Aggramar that moved to Stormrage in 2019. We are an AOTC-focused, non-hardcore guild that believes you can experience raiding/keys in a laid back environment. We take the player, not the class/spec. We enjoy a casual raid atmosphere while still being serious-minded about progression. Pushing Mythic+ keys is also something we love to do and are always looking for more people to run them with. Our guild family also likes to stay connected outside of game. Some of us are on Twitter, stream on Twitch, and do annual BlizzCon meetups.


Our guild is comprised mostly of busy adults who are 25-30+ with lives, families, school, jobs etc. Real-life comes first. Don’t have time to grind/research every min-max thing outside of raid? We feel you. We believe you can still enjoy raiding without the obligation for constant activity outside of raid.


⦁ Patient, friendly players who bring a positive attitude to our laid-back community. We like to have fun and joke around while still being focused on raiding strategy.

⦁ Dedicated players who can commit to long-term raiding and are able to maintain high attendance as much as possible. We understand occasional absences might happen!

⦁ Exceptional players that arrive raid ready with an strong awareness of their class, boss mechanics, and a willingness to improve.

Gear Requirements: As we have achieved our end goal for the Tier, we are not presently raiding. Gear requirements being less important, we’re interested in connecting with individuals who fit our community and can stick with us for our next adventures!


Awesome! Contact either me (Allix), to learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us, ask any questions you may have, and find out if we would be a good fit for you! OR you can visit our guild website and apply so you can tell us more about yourself!



Aliix (Recruitment Officer):

BNET: Frozen#1269

DISCORD: Aliix#8268

Hey mind if we can do a voice interview ? Added you on disc
Here’s more about us

Hey Circada, Not sure if you are willing to make an exception for Sunday, more about us below.

Big Red Button [H-Area52] is looking to fill a roster spot with a hunter, lock, Rsham, and a DH. We are a reform from our previous 8.3 raid team that fell just short of CE in Ny’alotha. We were 10/12M when the team stopped raiding.

Raid times: 8-11pm EST Sun/Mon

Contacts for more info


Application Link:

Hi there! Please gie us a thought!

Mission Statement: We have a great opportunity here to get in on the ground floor for a new community rebuild. We intend to be primarily raid focused, but at a more working-man/woman’s schedule and focus. We want to welcome with open arms anyone looking for a “Friday night with the guys/gals” type of atmosphere where friends come together for their bi-weekly game nights.

About our Leadership: Our guild is headed by 2 individuals with extensive leadership experience in both daily lives and inside World of Warcraft. We’re ready to make the game a great experience again. No drama is a must!

About our Guild: We strive to bring friendship and integrity to all things we do with one another in the guild; Kinship built through shared love of gaming & having fun with like-minded individuals. We recommend being someone who wants a laid-back atmosphere, looking to build a new, great guild with us.

Schedule: Tues/Fri (8PM-11PM CST)


  • 3 Healers (My preference is folks whom can maintain other healers as well and/or play offspecs. This isn’t a requirement, but would be a welcome sight. Multi-purpose players kill bosses quicker!)

  • Lots of DPS (I’m in the market for a lot of DPS at this point. Please be someone that is open to playing whatever is best for each phase of content. I’m not looking to pester folks to make good comp decisions, so be someone who enjoys doing what’s best for each tier)

If you have any questions, please contact:

GM BNET: Ekye#11711
GM Discord: Ekyu#3966

Hello! If you are looking for a new home and your goal is to get Cutting Edge in Shadowlands we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a newer guild on Area-52 lead by multiple CE experienced players, we are looking for select classes to fill our roster in Shadowlands, in the mean time we are clearing Heroic Nyalotha weekly and Mythic+ while we build our community.

Raid Times (In Shadowlands): Mon/Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm est

Recruiting (High):
Druid (Resto)
Shaman (Resto/Ele)
Priest (Disc/Shadow)
Death Knight (Tank/Dps)

Monk (Tank)

If you have any questions or interested and don’t see your class listed above feel free to get in contact, we are always looking for quality players! :slight_smile:

Contact Info:
Bnet Grace#1550
Discord Grace#9631

Hey I’d love to chat and bring you in!

:question: About Us

Demolition Crew Is a guild on Area 52 [H] Looking for players that are friendly but performance and progress minded. We are going for CE come Shadowlands. We also have people that love mythic plus, and some very casual arena play. Additionally, anyone that wants to just come hang out and be social is always welcome. We have people that are really in to mount farming and chatting with the guild, and that’s always great to have. This is a video game after all, and we play it for fun, but also want to clear content, so we expect a few things from our raiders.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Our Goals:

We are looking to clear Heroic and Mythic Nathria in a timely manner. We’re not looking to get US 50, but we also don’t want to spend six months on the tier. This is why it is extremely important that every raider do their part to contribute to the team and meet the expectations listed below.

:white_check_mark: Expectations:

  1. Be welcoming and friendly to all players in the guild. Don’t tell someone how to play their spec, don’t be toxic, just show up and play the game.

  2. Be prepared. You should watch any videos that are sent by officers. You should have proper consumables, including flasks, pots, and food. You should show up on time and be ready to raid. If you can’t make it one week, you should give notice in advance. You should also have done your weekly WoW chores before raid.

  3. Always strive for improvement. It is expected that you at least take some time going over your logs and looking for ways to improve. Before you start complaining about somebody else’s low dps, you should look for ways to improve yours. This is expected from everyone, so underperformers should already be aware of the issues and be improving each week.

:mag_right: What we’re recruiting:


Full for raid but we’d love some more m+ tanks!


  1. Mage (be ready to play all specs)

  2. Fury Warrior

  3. Death Knight (frost and unholy)

  4. Warlock (aff and destro)

  5. Exceptional applicants of any ranged spec


  1. Shaman

  2. Paladin

If your spec was not listed, you can still apply.

Raid times:

7:30-11:00 pm Est Thursday and Sunday

How to apply:

Message me on discord at SpammiBoi#4610. I will link you a guild application and we can go from there!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

We can have a discord chat.

Hello there Cicada.

Extended Maintenance is a long established guild on US Silvermoon (connected realms: Drak’thul, Skywall, Mok’Nathal, Borean Tundra, Shadowsong, Hydraxis and Terenas), formed well over 11 years ago now! We are currently looking to do AotC and Mythic+ content going into Shadowlands with a player focused mentality.

Bellow is our current needs and requirements for raiding, however we are always looking for new, friendly and active players to join our community.

If we feel like a we might be a good fit for you, please shoot me a message via or discord.

Scruffles#11132 (Battle Net)
scrufflesthewonderkin#0756 (Discord)

Hi, Cicada! is currently recruiting. Below is a link to one of our recruitment posts. If interested, hit us up! Best of luck to you!

Amused is looking for a few more to fill out our roster for Heroic raiding, pushing Mythic + dungeons, and Torghast. Our guild has a significant amount of experience with raiding(mythic & heroic) and M+ key pushing. For Shadowlands we plan to raid Heroic casually to enjoy the game without the stress of min/max for mythic raids. The guild has been raiding together for over 5 years and we are always looking to make new friends!

Raid nights: Mondays & Thursdays 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST (5:00pm - 8:00pm PST)

Contact Romza-Zul’jin or Pewpeweyes-Zul’jin for questions in game or in our discord channel.

I’ll leave our guilds info here for you.
If you feel like we might be a good fit don’t hesitate to reach out!–-ce-focused-guild-–-wedthur-sun-6-10pm-cst/725702

< Coalesce > is a Horde Guild on Area 52 that’s looking for players for Shadowlands! We want players who share similar interests and goals in World of Warcraft; going forward our vision is to achieve AOTC every raid tier, no exceptions. Currently, we have a 20 man Raid Roster; however, we have enjoyed raiding heroic as a 25 man. If time and players permit, we are open to going into the 20 man Mythic raid and doing progression until the next tier. Many of our raiders have done up to 6/12M during 8.3. We are an adult (21+) Guild that understands that life happens, and want to enjoy the fun and communal environment of WoW for Shadowlands – many of us are parents, full time employees, or higher education students.

Raid Times:

Tuesday/Thursday - 9:30pm - 12:00am EST

Current Openings:

  • 4 DPS
  • 1 DPS/Healer


  • Timeliness and Readiness
    • Invites go out 10-15 minutes prior to first pull
    • Flasks and Food are provided
      • Please bring backups in the event we run out
  • Our expectation on missing a raid is that you will give us a heads up as soon as possible, not 5 minutes before the pull; however, falling below 80% attendance will require you to sit out.

If you have any questions, please contact us on



< RPG Resurgence > is a newly formed Horde guild on Thrall. We are creating a semi-hardcore raiding guild with social members included. We are looking for everything right now, and while we are planning on pushing past heroic into mythic in Shadowlands we also don’t want to do the standard requirement of making people sit on a bench or play on a different class if they don’t want to.

Our expectations:

  • Players must know their class and spec
  • Players must be willing to take criticism and change talents as needed
  • Players will need to be dedicated with an 85% attendance minimum

Raid Times:
Wed/Thurs/Fri 7-11 PM EST
Sat (Alt runs) 8-12 PM EST

If a social community with a semi-hardcore raiding core to it is something that interests you, feel free to contact myself at Heruwolf#1364 or GethOverlord#1157

P.S. None of my characters in the forums are in this guild because of the age of the guild itself and that I transferred my characters to Thrall and the Forums haven’t caught up.