[H] CE Raider looking for new guild


I have had to move a lot in recent years and hadn’t been able to stay in guilds for long periods of time… Looking to get back in Mythic raiding in a stable guild.

I have experience in top 100US guilds and beyond.

I currently have a shadow/disc priest and a brewmaster monk at 177+ ilvl.

I am also looking to level and gear one more character this week to maintain and am open to playing almost any spec a recruiting guild is looking for.

Preferably looking for a pretty competitive guild not just CE by the end of the tier, I am available any day from 4-8PM PST every day or any time after 4PM PST Friday-Monday.

Thanks for your time, if you’re interested add my on Battle.net: Warglaive#1947 Discord: Voodohodoo#7778 or respond to this post.

Hey there I think we might possibly be a good fit, I’ll leave a bit of our info for your consideration.
Will add to discord in case you’d like to chat!