The Unofficial Stonemaul Ogre Playable Race Discussion Megathread!

It is good to hear that there is something about the MU Stonemaul Clan in that book. Since you’ve read it, I have a few questions if you don’t mind me asking:

#1: Does it say anything about the MU Stonemaul Clan getting their home back?

Seems like this is something that has happened, as I can’t imagine the MU Stonemaul Clan being able to spare their members for things in other areas while their home is still occupied and overrun with those dragonkin mobs.

#2. Is there anything given to what the MU Stonemaul Clan is up to specifically in Feralas?

If they’re expanding their holdings, I assume that means either making the Stonemaul Hold bigger or making another area. Either way, I’m guessing they’re helping against the Gordunni threat, which is still growing. Granted, the Gordunni apparently left in the Traveler book series, but why nothing was done to take over Dire Maul in their absence, I don’t know.

#3. Does Rexxar make any comments on the MU Stonemaul Clan?

Having Rexxar being a big character in this book along with mention of the MU Stonemaul Clan makes me curious to know if he comments on them at all. I don’t expect a whole lot said, but still something worth nothing.

#4. Is there anything about the Dunemaul Clan at all in the Tanaris section?

It doesn’t seem like Megs Dreadshredder is in the book at all, but I’m wondering if anything about the Dunemaul Clan is mentioned. They’re technically suppose to be part of the Horde and I assume some are still there, unless Megs took all of them to get them to do something somewhere.

#5. Not an Ogre question, but since I run the Saurok megathread as well, are there any mentions of Saurok in the Un’Goro Crater section at all?

Not really expecting much about this, but since we do see at least one there during that micro holiday and given that Hearthstone has them in that area, I was curious if there was any mention or sightings of them in that section.

I do plan to get this book eventually, but my order from Amazon US is still in limbo, with Amazon US not taking any orders on it at the time of this post now. Not sure when I’ll be able to get my hand on it, let alone when it’ll be more widely available.

Any help answering this questions is greatly appreciated! :smiley:

This I do agree with. There are members of both factions that have either had no update since they joined or have barely any update to them at all.

BfA seemed like a great time to do something with a lot of those races, which makes it even more frustrating how much of a missed opportunity it was to include them. I get how the Horde and Alliance need units to defend territory in other places, but it seems odd for many members of both factions to be absent and MIA. It still doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Horde to not look into their options as opposed to forcing AU Orcs to stop what they’re doing and come fight and die in a war in another area, possibly never going back to their homeworld assuming the Lightbound stuff never happened in the first place. Much as I’m happy to see playable Mag’har Orcs, the circumstances still frustrate me to think about.

One of the bigger rumors going around is another old world revamp, so maybe then we could see an update to these members of the Horde and Alliance. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see them become playable, too.

Considering how things have gone this expansion and how there is big competition with FFXIV, I’m hoping that Blizzard will be more open to implementing fan requests for different aspects of the game.

We kinda saw this when they originally stopped their promise of new race customization options during Shadowlands, only to begin adding them again. Granted, it hasn’t continued as of yet, but it’s still something worth nothing.

We’ll have to see if it is something long-term or it was a short-term thing, but I do think things like new races and customization options long requested by people would go a long way in making people happy and bringing up some excitement for the game again. They’re not the sole answer to all the game’s problems, of course, but I do feel like they’re big pieces in the puzzle of getting people interested in the game again.

Time will tell whether they will be implementing such requests or not. I don’t expect everything at once, but to see things gradually get added would be a good sign. Expectations will of course be tempered, but I’ll always keep hope of some kind.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Eh I’d live with that.

I don’t think it’d be too hard.

They’d just have to actually spend the time doing it. Which is what I’m afraid they wont do.

They’re surprised us before.

I’d like to hold out for the surprise of them doing them exactly as we hope. With the option for one and two heads.

I agree.

I also think there is still room for Taunka, Frostborn Dwarves, Forest Trolls, Ice Trolls, Jinyu and Ankoan. All of which are “copies” of other races general look.

We should all get out choices available.

(Hopefully as full AR’s and not minor customization. My poor Wildhammer.)

Hopefully they’ll join the Horde then in the next expac. Between their holdings in Feralas and their holdings in Dustwallow Marsh (Now uncontested I might add…) I expect they’ve plenty of room to grow.

All of this my friend. All of it.


The most passionate fans are the ones who put together hours worth of work into those megathreads for AR’s and Customizations and Blizzard is just ignoring them.



Oh no, I’m so sorry about the misunderstanding, I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out but haven’t read it. The info I was referring to is something that has been added to the MU Stonemaul wowpedia page a few days ago :

After the Fourth War, Zekhan reported that the Stonemauls are doing well, even growing their holdings into Feralas at Stonemaul Hold.

I wish I could tell you more but I can’t unfortunately. I’m often checking Kalimdor races’ wowpedia pages because it seems leaked info from the book are regularly being added to them. As of now there’s nothing about neither the Dunemaul nor the Dustwallow Marsh branch of the Stonemaul.
My guesses are Stonemaul Village has indeed been retaken. Maybe the Dunemaul have been relocated to Bilgewater Harbor or elsewhere, or maybe they’re still roaming around Tanaris - they’re a nomadic clan after all, so idk if they’re ever going to get a proper town.

There isn’t any update on Saurok that I’m aware of. I love them so I’m also very interested in that. They’re not completely forgotten about though, in Freehold (Kul Tiras) the Bilge Rats pirates have Saurok among their ranks, and lorewise Freehold should be a friendly/neutral town once again (now that the Ashvane problem has been dealt with), so we likely have non-hostile Sauroks to interact with now.

Hard agree. To think that the Taunka chieftain was to appear in Legion in order to praise the Horde before Mayla but that he didn’t make it out of the beta version… That’s just depressing


Don’t suppose Blizzard decided to remember the Furbolg by any chance?


Not that I know of but considering how widespread Furbolgs are in Kalimdor, it would be very surprising that they aren’t mentioned at all. If only to say that as usual they’re going loco and succumbing to the corruption LMAO


Ah good. I found the section they added to the MU Stonemaul Clan page on Wowpedia:

“After the Fourth War, Zekhan reported that the Stonemauls are doing well, even growing their holdings into Feralas at Stonemaul Hold” - Page 146

This makes me really happy to have SOMETHING about the MU Stonemaul Clan.

I’ll have to get the book to see if anything else is said, but I’m guessing that they got their home back and I can only assume Tharg became leader. Maybe if that revamped old world rumor becomes true, we can see both the MU Stonemaul home and the Stonemaul Hold expanded in game.

I did check the AU Stonemaul and Dunemaul Clan pages on Wowpedia. Nothing has been updated for them, so it is possible nothing is said about either. At least it seems like the MU Stonemaul Clan got a mention, though!

Speaking of Wowpedia, I did notice a part underneath the Exploring Kalimdor page under inconsistencies, some parts of it I’ll talk about after the link:

“The book mentions Thrall sending Rexxar to visit the Stonemaul clan in Dustwallow Marsh. In Old Hatreds, it was just Crol’ka who came to find help from Vol’jin and Rexxar, with the mok’nathal agreeing to aid in his problem with Kor’gall and simply seizing the opportunity to have the ogres help in the fight against Admiral Proudmoore”

A few things to note:

“Old Hatreds” is the name of one of the chapters in the Warcraft 3 Rexxar campaign.

Crol’ka is the two-headed Ogre that ran while injured to the Horde for help for the MU Stonemaul Clan:

He isn’t in-game at all and got his name when Warcraft 3 Reforged came out, I think. I’ve made a post on him before and think he should be in-game as a MU Stonemaul Clan hero. If Tharg can’t become leader, due to his age and injuries mentioned in game, I think this Ogre would be great to become leader. I’ll talk about him again in a future post. :smiley:

If you haven’t already, please feel free to visit my Saurok megathread here:

Always happy to see fellow Ogre and Lizardmen fans! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

Thinking about two-headed customization, I’m wondering if it is possible.

Just speculating here, but looking at how character creation customization areas are on a model, I’m wondering if it might be possible to just create another area, set it as another head, and have all the customizations for it apply to it. You’d just need to be able to code it where helmets would affect both heads with the option of both heads being able to have their own transmogs, and I wonder if it could work using that line of thinking.

Still something that would be a pain to code, I’m sure, but it would be really big news if it was done and a first in MMO’s in general to my knowledge.

Yeah, I don’t like how they treated customization races like Wildhammer. For a race that has had importance to the Alliance since the early RTS game days and how one of them has a statue outside of Stormwind, they deserve better than to have Bronzebeards LARPing and cosplaying as them.

If customization races are going to be a thing, they need their own identity and in-game presence. Not something you slap options to a core race, not address them, and forget about them.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Yeah from what I gather about how WoW does things thats what I’d expect too.

Its the base coding that WoW has that makes me wonder about how difficult it will be. They’ve updated no doubt over the years but their working off really old code I’d imagine.

I think it would take a fair amount of time but I do think its within their capability.


I lost my favorite clan to customization and pretending Bronzebeard dwarves and I’m never going to be happy with it.

I also know for a fact that many High Elf folk feel that way because they got high elf options only through Void Elves. (That said I love my Void Elves as they are and while I support high elves as their own AR I’m not gunning super hard for it as is right now. For me high elf customization is good enough. But Wildhammer isn’t. So I get their view. )

It just leaves people feeling unhappy.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Not to mention that their character will occasionally look like they went through a blueberry pie fight and lost badly during battle. :pie:

It’s a shame to see races just tacked on to existing races and not given a lot more care. Wildhammer Dwarves deserve better, but it also causes confusion like with Sand Troll options for Darkspear Trolls, in which the only thing I can gather is that they’re Darkspear Trolls with that skin tone.

Customization races can work, but it really requires a lot to make sure said races are represented in-game and have a presence. Otherwise, it really feels a bit empty and doesn’t seem quite right. Moreso when the other two Dwarf clans are their own race and get better treatment, for example.

If a race becomes playable I want it to be done right. Every race has its fans, and when love and care go into new playable races, it really has a lasting effect that can make people really happy. Both during the present and the future. Hopefully, we’ll see Wildhammer Dwarves and other customization races get better treatment in the future.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I was toying with the idea of seeing if I could gather some people up in-game on Volunteer Guard Day to see if we could get an army of Horde Ogres to help defend Orgrimmar as a bit of a fun event.

If you recall, Volunteer Guard Day is a micro holiday that takes place on April 28th (I think). You /salute a guard in a major city to turn into them, and invaders randomly spawn near you which you attack and gain a score. There aren’t any achievements or rewards as far as I know, though you gain a temporary title based on kills that lasts while the event is up and goes away when the event ends.

The guard illusion is actually something that persists for 24 hours, so you can go at least go to other cities and even have it continue to be enabled after death.

Now, to turn into an Ogre guard, you have to go to Shattrath in Outland. I think there are some Ogre guards on the bottom floor of it which gives you an Ogre guard illusion!

Of course, the Ogre models used are the older ones. As such, many animations are missing. Bow users like me just have you staring as a mob and likely spitting arrows from your mouth, so you may or may not have a lot of animations depending on your class.
I also recommend some Elixirs of Giant Growth so you can be a more appropriate size, since the default size you become is a bit smaller than you’d expect Ogres.

I took some screenshots before last year in a couple of posts if anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like. You can see them here:

Info on Volunteer Guard Day in general is here:

If anyone is interested in doing an event then, let me know. I know it is a bit far away, but I figure it’s something worth talking about early. It’ll take place on a Thursday this year, and I’m assuming maybe in the evening would be a good time to gather some people up and have some fun.

Such an event would be just for fun and would be something people stay as long as they want to. Again, there are no awards or achievements I’m aware of, so it would be just for fun. We could also support playable Horde Ogres while we’re at it.

Anyway, I’ll keep this in mind and as we get closer, we’ll see what we can do for that day. Let me know if anyone is interested!

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I revisited the lords of the war series

Man…the Ogres shown there, so so awesome

The ogre warlord calmy eating his fruit infront of a famished Grom :sweat_smile:

Making 100 orcs fight in arena and in the end scamming the winner :rofl:

Fight ! Kill ! Salute !

Ogres are the best


Glad to see this thread going strong. I’ve been asking to be an Ogre Priest since BC. 100% my favorite race and I’d want to make an Ogre Priest, Warrior, Warlock, and Mage! Especially hope there’s a 2 head option! They can add in individual helmet options for each head like the shoulder mog option is now!


Will be posting this in both my megathreads since it is relevant to new playable races in general.

Awhile ago, Wowhead posted an article that on the official WoW website, the playable race pages have changed. The article shows off the differences between the old and new:

There isn’t too much out of the changes, but interesting to note is the layout in general changed again. It makes me wonder if it could be something they implement as a layout for future playable races, especially since this has happened more than once. Not that I take this as a hint of some coming soon, but still, it is interesting to note.

I’m guessing that new playable races may become pages of the expansion features section of whatever expansion they are released in on the official website. I’m sure they would be put on the official playable race page at some point, if not right when they would be announced.

If you want to see the official WoW playable race pages for yourself, you can see them here:

Plenty of room for new races in the future on there, of course! Also plenty of room on that character creation screen, too!

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:

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That would be swell. Hopefully they’ll equalize these pages as well to show proper home cities for everyone and leaders. Really clear up some of the vagaries of such things.

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I’d say just let the other head be transmogged as a visual option and that’s it.
No equippable gear, and then that avoids any sort of stacking of helm enchants and such.
If an actual slot is needed, just use the neck. Transmogs as a helm and applies to the second head.


I definitely feel not allowing playable two headed Ogres would be a major loss. It’s one of the traits that really makes them unique to the other races, aside from some of them having one eye.


I wouldn’t expect two-headed Ogres to gain an extra helmet slot on the equipment window. That would create quite the imbalance in more ways than one.

The way I see it is that there wouldn’t be any equipment slot changes. If a two-headed Ogre equips a helmet item, one head would likely change graphics while the other is just whatever you transmog it to, or it just affects the graphic on both heads and you can transmog both heads separately.

Sure, it doesn’t make sense for both heads to gain a helm graphic from one helmet, but there are more confusing equipment graphics in the game. You can give a pair of boots to an Orc, which will then fit a Goblin, which will become lower leg wraps for Trolls and Tauren, and then be complete again and fit if you give it to Blood Elves. If Naga became playable, they’d likely just have the boot graphic be a tail wrap graphic.

Yeah, people will point it out for two-headed Ogres and joke about it, but there are several things in-game that don’t make any sense that people poke fun at. Ultimately for gameplay purposes, as long as you can have two-headed Ogres and both heads can have their own customization and transmog options, I think people would be happy in the long run.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


So a lot of discussion and “leaks” are going on with the possibility that Dragon Isles will be the next expansion. I recall near the end of BfA of how much Shadowlands was rumored with all sorts of “leaks” going on of it, most of which didn’t come true of course.

Now, I’m not really interested in discussing the “leaks” going on. I’m more interested in taking a grain of salt (or in some cases a whole salt lick or two) and waiting for official announcements. As we wait for such an announcement, I will again at least talk about the possibility of seeing Horde Ogre involvement in some way, whether it is just as NPC’s or (preferably) finally becoming a playable Horde race.

If you recall, the MU Stonemaul Clan has had a…less than friendly relationship with the Black Dragonflight, the latter of which performed a hostile takeover of the MU Stonemaul Clan home and decided to do some devious real estate or something with it. Since then, I assume the MU Stonemaul Clan got their home back and sent the Black Dragonflight packing while the MU Stonemaul Clan decided they would be their bloodsworn enemy.

So seeing an expansion where dragons would take a pretty big role in with a possibility of evil Black Dragonflight returning seems like a potentially good time as any to bring in the Horde Ogre clans. While one of the quests in Cataclysm’s Dustwallow Marsh had us destroy a lot of Onyxia’s eggs, who is to say some of them didn’t get destroyed? I’m sure a lot of the minions managed to run away as well, so I can assume they’re still out there.

Now, not all of the Black Dragonflight is bad. We’ve seen Wrathion who…ok, maybe he isn’t a complete saint, but it isn’t like he kicks puppies or burns orphanages down on Winter Veil eve. At the same time, if he somehow starts up the Black Dragonflight again, it’s possible we would work with them. There are some of the Black Dragonflight out there, making this a possibility:

Thinking on it, the MU Stonemaul Clan wouldn’t hate all dragons. Their beef is with Onyxia’s brood and any bad Black Dragonflight members. I suspect they would be wary of Warthion and any of his Black Dragonflight, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work with them if it was something the Horde was working with also. And if we get to beat up bad dragons, well then I could see the MU Stonemaul Clan being content to bash them.

Given the history of the MU Stonemaul Clan, should Dragon Isles be what the next expansion is, I would hope they would at least have a presence of some kind in helping out the Horde. It seems like a good opportunity to have them fit in the storyline, can bring up some interesting storylines, and would be a good time for the MU Stonemaul Clan to get revenge of some kind against any evil Black Dragonflight members or dragons in general.

As for general thoughts on such an expansion, without knowing what the storyline would be, I can say that it’ll be great to be back in the living world (of Warcraft!) again. Dragons in general are a neat concept when done right, so it’ll be interesting to see what is done if Dragon Isles is what is coming up as the next expansion. I don’t really have much more to say until we see official announcements of what is to come.

Whatever happens, I’ll still be here and I’ll still keep an eye out for anything Horde Ogre related to report back here. Not to mention continuing to support playable Horde Ogres. Hopefully, the Horde Ogre clans won’t continue to be forgotten again, but we’ll see what happens when it happens and take it from there.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:

I’ve been reading heaps about these leaks, especially about this new Dragon race that would be playable.

I’m all for the new Dragon Race, but it’s definitely disheartening that if it is true, obviously nothing true till confirmation from Blizzard, I’d be so upset aswell that other races, especially highly requested races are once again going to be pushed aside.

Having a Dragon race does fill the void many players have with a reptilian race being playable, although to be honest I would of preferred Sethrak personally.

Just I think Blizzard once again is going to miss the mark. Firstly if leaks are true your already being limited to the Black Dragonflight, which already cuts out so much customisations if they just allow all Dragonflights…

My biggest hope is more fleshed out, highly requested races, such as Ogres and so forth come during expansion release or prepatch and this so called leak Dragon race comes out later in the expansion when it sees fit, Similar to BFA allied races, they came throughout the expansion when the story allowed it.

But it truely be a shame if once again, many requested races become shelved for other expansions, if they even are considering them.

Even in saying this I still have hopes that Ogres become playable sooner rather then later.

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It is hard for me to get a solid opinion on “leaks” in general since it helps to actually see what is mentioned in action. That and a lot of “leaks” are usually wrong, though they seem to get the general theme right at least.

I suppose I can give my opinion on that Black Dragon race from the “leak,” though I will stress it is my personal opinion and that it may not be what exactly happens.

Assuming we take it as face value, it seems very lackluster since it sounds like we’d be running around and doing stuff in combat as a humanoid form, consisting of already playable races. It doesn’t sound like we’d be in a dragon form, other than a racial attack, likely lasting a few seconds, or as a mount form. Assuming that is how it works, it is a bit disappointing to see all the playable races tossed into one particular race and called a new race.

Granted, I wouldn’t expect to be running around questing and in combat as a dragon all the time, cool as that actually does sound. I can think of a number of issues with the size that the dragons are suppose to be along with the shape of their body. It’s just that for something like a dragon aspect, to see the humanoid form take up the majority of the action while the dragon form takes a backseat, it just doesn’t interest me as much.

There is also the idea of any of the Dragonflights siding with the Horde or Alliance, which I see issues with it in the long term. What happens in the future if there is yet another faction kerfuffle? Why would any of the Dragonflights want to join either faction when their group has a greater purpose to deal with? Likely, there are other issues I can think of as well. The idea just strikes me odd.

That is what comes to mind so far. This isn’t to say I’m completely against the idea. As I said, if this is true, I’d need to see it in action to be able to give better judgement. The idea does remind me of another MMORPG with Dragons as a playable race. You started off as a whelp, and it was a long and arduous journey to become a fully grown dragon.

Anyway, if this does become true, I’m not really against the idea. I just need to see it in action to give a better opinion, assuming this is what we’re getting in the future. I’ll make one just fine and see the storylines of them. I don’t think it would affect the MU Stonemaul Clan at all, since even if it were Black Dragonflight members specifically, they wouldn’t be evil ones. It would likely just take gathering the MU Stonemaul Clan and explaining through meetings, drawings, powerpoint presentations, hand puppets, and lots of kegs of ale to get them to know they’re allies and not the ones who wronged them.

In the meantime, I’ll keep an open mind for now until we see what all comes with the next expansion.

To be honest, I usually view dragons as a separate creature than reptilian races. It’s a bit hard to explain, since dragons are big reptiles, but there is a different look, feel, and overall culture between them. As a result, I gravitate more towards Lizardmen than I do with something like Dragonborn from D&D.

So for me, it wouldn’t satiate my yearning for reptilian races on the character creation screen, though I’m not opposed to them of course. I think having both Sethrak and Saurok playable would make me perfectly happy in that regard, since they’re both reptilian and would be different enough to have them be playable and different experiences.

If we go by what Blizzard has said before, they plan usually two expansions ahead of the current one. So when BfA happened and all the race request megathreads popped up, it’s possible that we could start seeing that the expansion after next. Granted, some could still pop up somewhere during an expansion and become playable then, so who knows?

I do hope we see requested races gradually added to the game. WoW in general has been in a less than ideal state for several reasons, and while I don’t think new playable races are THE solution to all the problems, I think it is one solution that would go a long way in helping to keep people happy and attracting others to the game. To see player requests in general, within reason of course, being granted long-term would be good in many ways.

All we can really do is keep at it and see where the game goes. As I said, as long as I still play and enjoy the game, I’ll keep going with support for the races I want to see playable.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I do love ogres
I wish there were female options

My favorite toy is my ogre costume. I use it frequently