Unofficial Sethrak Discussion Thread 🐍

On that note, I wouldn’t mind a horse AR for ally, it would be pretty funny but unique at the same time.


Only if the racial active is to allow party members to ride you. Cant even give them a real racial active since alliance rarely gets anything decent racial wise anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

And here, we have a lot of Aunt Blizz’s work applied to something that only serves as a placebo for Vrykuls, another race that by what many say the alliance didn’t ask enough to be seen with relevance,
I not only throw the lore out the window, but it doesn’t even have the importance or emotional value to make a difference! Another horse for ally! Who would say it was enough to be fat to be a human variant!

Perfectly match Silvermoon’s blood elf variant! Another placebo, for the recolors faction, that the horde has fun pointing out is how boring and full of variants of fat humans, mini humans, dwarfed humans, etc!

The problem is not the work blizzard has had with the fat ones! It’s the lack of appeal, magic, glamor, and lore warp that can be made for defective druid humans in the game, but it doesn’t admit to anything other than an alliance-ready joke!

Great idea! Maybe if we use reverse psychology, Blizzard doesn’t invent something different?
The worst that can happen is that they give us another horse!
:crazy_face:Or, centaurs!

I took one look at Saurok and said “Yeah, I’d play that in a heartbeat”.

Do Saurok have any ground to stand on as a player race? Even an AR? I mean Void Elves came out of nowhere and nobody thought we’d ever see Worgen (up until Cata they’e pretty much always been near-mindless monsters) as a playable race in the early days and yet here we are.

I’d kill for any one of or combination of Sethrak, Saurok, or Naga.


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Well, we’ve discussed it in my Saurok Megathread and while it is an uphill battle, something could be worked out. After all, Gilgoblins were just angry male-only mooks that hated everyone and cared only for treasure and now they’re a candidate for an allied race with a female model and more personality than before. Recently, I found a tribe that has some form of honor mentioned in-game, so they’re capable of being more than “RAWR I am angry and eat everything! Slaughter the weak! RAWR!”

I wouldn’t expect them anytime soon, but some support is better than none, in my opinion. :smiley:


A good thread! I’d love these guys, or Sethrak.

Naga seem like they’ve always been pretty evil. Plus, if any new race should be introduced as a Core Race, it’d be the Naga, for how important they are to Warcraft lore and how unique they are in culture and physiology.

I’d be down for any of the three and probably would not make anything else. Warcraft is long overdue for lizardmen.


There is no reason why we couldn’t get both Sethrak and Saurok. They’re both different from each other, both in culture and in looks, and they would have interesting storylines that lead up to them being playable.

Naga have been a wanted race of mine, though as time went on as I played this game, I found other races I wanted more. Still, I would be interested in them if they ever got to be playable.

In terms of new core races, Ogres on the Horde are my most wanted race and I feel like they might benefit more as a core race as opposed to an allied race, but would be fine with them as an allied race. I’ve talked about them at length in the Ogre megathread if anyone is particularly interested.

Very much agree with this, and this was an inspiration for making my Saurok megathread. :smiley:


Saurok are actually pretty viable because they have a viable player skeleton. Yeah, it would need animations and armor riggings added, but the skeleton is compatible with those things.

Naga on the other hand, do not have a functional player skeleton. A lot of work would have to be done, and really, the main problem is likely the legs and feet slots. Would those just get ignored? Would they have massively different models to adapt? Look at other beast races like Draenei and Tauren. Many feet appearances are just non existent.


You’re right, hence why Playable Naga would be a new Core Race and not an Allied Race. Chances are they’d never be playable for that reason, with the legged Sethrak being the answer to that.

Edit: Also, you’re right about Saurok. Where as Sethrak seem to be heavily modified female Worgen, Saurok are very clearly based off Male Worgen. And female Saurok, at least according to Hearthstone, look identical to males except for (of course) breasts.

Has anyone noticed how the Sethrak Society is disturbingly similar to the Arakkoa/Skeksis in visual appearance? Even the Male Bad Guy of the Sethrak and Arakkoa Races sound the same.

Who is Eternal Emperor Korthek/Shadow-Sage Iskar’s Voice Actor anyways? He sounds suave and cunning… The perfect villain for an animated TV Series…

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So, with 8.2.5 possibly coming to the PTR this Tuesday (or next week or the week after that), what are your hopes and expectations for the story?

It’s worth noting that goblins and worgen are due to get new models, and with vulpera and sethrak based off both races, it’s possible we might see some more updates to those races too.

It seems unlikely we’ll get much to speculate over regarding sethrak in 8.2.5, though. We’ll probably get another chapter of the war campaign, and see some continuation to the stories in Mechagon and Nazjatar, but I can’t imagine we’ll get much more than that.

Still, with N’Zoth on the loose, maybe it’s not entirely out of the question we see the Devoted again?


At this point I think the best thing we can hope for is Mechagnomes being added in 8.2.5. That would at least leave the possibility of something better in 8.3+.

If Mechagnomes aren’t added until 8.3 or 8.3.5 they will more than likely be the last allied race, at least in BFA (and there’s no guarantee they’ll continue doing allied races in future expansions).

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I’ll be pretty surprised if we get any new allied races revealed before Blizzcon.

Mechagnomes and vulpera seem obvious, but I dearly hope they’re not the only two we get when they do have something to announce.

The way 7.3.5 gave us 4 races to tide us over until 8.0 is something I’m hoping they choose to repeat for the lead-in to 9.0.


Pretty sure it’ll be Gilgoblins paired with Mechagnomes given they have much more player detail in them due to being a literal copy and past race like the Junkergnomes are (seriously can we stop we Mechagnomes? thats the literal Machine ones in Northrend).


I agree, it bothers me so much when people refer to these junker gnomes as Mechagnomes. Mechagnomes are cool robots, junker gnomes are boring amputees. I would much rather have actual legit Mechagnomes as a playable race than junker gnomes, even if the customization was limited to a few colors and mustache models. But even in mechagon, the prince dude refers to his people as Mechagnomes. I’m upset at blizzard for putting that in there.


I called them junker gnomes until the game itself kept mixing it up, yeah. Mechagnomes has a better ring to it, so I can’t blame them for preferring that name, but it’s still annoying.


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It doesn’t mean anything, but the SethrakMelee model got some minor work done under the hood. That’s the same model that player character capes and tabard geosets appeared on randomly back in beta. The SethrakCaster didn’t get modified in any way.

For a race we’re supposed to quickly forget, the sethrak models sure have gotten a lot of curious tweaks and work done to them over the course of beta and now. No, they don’t support player armor or have eyeballs, so there’s no guarantee they’re planned to be playable, but it’s interesting anyway.

I’d bet it has something to do with the worgen rework, since sethrak share an origin with female worgen.


Since every AR has been tied to rep, including rep you have to grind in a previous expansion along with everything else in game tied to rep, I don’t see the devs rep fetish changing anytime soon

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