Wildhammer Should Be An Allied Race

But anyways back on topic subject on wildhammers. Most races has a racial that effects professions. I personally can’t think of much besides herbalism, but I doubt that would suit them. What do you think their profession racial would be?

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Not entirely sure. Leatherworking makes the most sense in my mind. I think in Vanilla a Wildhammer was one of the special teachers? Not sure I’m remembering that right… That was a long time ago for me.

I wouldn’t know, I never really took up leatherworking personally. What is the hunter lore with wildhammers?

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Sounds redundant to me. Just have more racial options for the base dwarf? And add racials like the zandalari where you can pick.

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I’d rather the zandalari keep that one for unique-ness. It’s what makes them special ya know?

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Forest trolls and ogres for Horde, high elves and Wildhammer for Alliance. They make the factions feel much more complete and help a lot with identity. I know at least some here know my stance on forest trolls so I’ll hold off for now ;(

Send Bazgak some love, he’s awesome in the race request community, and he made a thread for saurok. Lots of great ideas there on how they could become playable. If you think you have some new ideas, send them his way. He’ll go bananas and talk your ears off, it’s great.


OP, you gotta leave a little mystery in the discussion, not just ‘‘convince me otherwise’’… it’s a very trendy thing to do for lazy people in arguments it seems that just want echo chambers.

AR’s should of just been customization options that you’d unlock some other … more logical way to the story.

AR’s just take up space now lol.

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The whole expansion is about personal choices. If they added racials based of the new customization to choose from that would be better. And they can always add more loa racials for Zandalari to keep them unique. Humans sort of had it when they could pick there secondary stats. Goblins sort of have it as there rocket and rocket jump share the same cooldown for example.

Well horde don’t have the burly troll build yet, so I’d keep requesting for it.

I’ll give it a visit.

I can understand that. But in order for other races to get that treatment re balancing and allot of dev time would end up having to be used. Time from other races, other customizations. I’d rather they focus on customizations/races then to rebalance racials.

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As far as we know, the skin isn’t even on the way, a lot of people think it is since the Wowhead datamining post used one to show off female war paints. If you look at datamined playable skins, there’s no forest troll skin, and another dataminer said she’s found no evidence we’ll get them as playable.

The bulky build is preferable, but use who want forest trolls will take a skin on the normal troll build over none at all any day. I made a thread regarding my stance on forest trolls so I won’t retype it all. We get sand and presumably dark trolls, who could easily make sense with some lore, but not the trolls who have a history with the Horde, have been in the modern Horde since Classic and are loyal to the grave. It makes no sense.

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They’re more in tune with their environment than most dwarves, and make use of the things they hunt and kill supposedly. So I think it fits a bit. Making use of the leathers of the wolves and fallen gryphons in their armor and such. They do supposedly have good hunters, warriors, and shaman among their number.

I like what Krutz and Ayala were mentioning in that regard. Where you can pick a Wildhammer set of racials instead of the IF dwarf ones.

The Zandalari one is unique and based on which loa they choose to follow. I think they should keep that sort of thing.

Oh that would feel so good.

Feel free to go off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate your input.

Bagzak deserves all the love! I hope he gets his Ogres and his Saurok someday!


I think it will come one day. I think the amani may still be angry at the fact the horde attacked them and don’t know the zandalari joined with them. Maybe one day after the time skip we’ll get a short and they will be playable. Many options is still there.

Then a leatherworking/skinning would suit them well.

Occurs to me that they actually wear armor with feathers on it a lot too. So they’re probably harvesting the lost feathers of their gryphons and the Wildkin wandering the area.

Not really most racials are balanced around 1%-2% outputs. So again its not a big deal. And making a reskin for some visual procs could work too such as maybe making stoneform turn into stormform for example.

Storm hammers or riot! lol

most, but if ppl are given a choice between stat boosts and utility like for example a zandalari stat boost vs arcane torrent, players are always gonna go arcane torrent. (just choosing random racials as exapmles) So a rebalancing would have to take place.

Well for zandalari I picked gonk for movement speed… for gold making and speed runs. So? A pvper would pick paku or kimbul. It doesn’t matter choices are good. The zandalari racials are a good way to pick racials.

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We’re already getting Wildhammer skins for Dwarves in Shadowlands. Let’s save the Allied Race slot for something different enough to warrant being it’s own race.


Since you made that suggestion, can you make some races to choose from?

Movement speed is godsend for melee dps, trust me on that! :rofl:

Wildhammer do warrant their own AR. Also slots are gone. The new character creation ui doesn’t have slots. And with the reps going away…

Customization in SLs is nice but without the racials and lore associated with them, they will still need their AR.

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