So many furry races... what about amphibious and reptilian?

Come on now be nice.

Why not Annkoan for Alliance and Sekris for horde?

Sethrak, have a population that doens’t hate us, but also doesn’t seem interested in getting tangled up in alliance v horde affairs.

Jinyu were in Pandaria, and were relatively peaceful and distrustful of outsiders. It’s really not sure how they would react, though they probably lean more alliance than anything.

Naga hate us all? And want us all dead. Soo… not friendly.

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Yeah give us, uhh
dragon people
that’d be cool

Are dragons of wow’s universe cold blooded? :thinking:

They are magical beings that don’t seem preturbed at all by intense heat or cold.

There are two Mega Threads that fit this bill that I am sure would love more support and would help show interest and desire from those in the community.

And while its not a “Reptilian” race it is an awesome avian race! (Which I totally didn’t forget about and am editing my post because Fangalmouth just reminded me about them with his post!)


No, we are hot blooded, check it and see.


Sethrak immediately come to mind.

Meanwhile, we can have a race that isn’t mammalian but also isn’t a reptile; the Arakkoa. ^-^ :bird:

Edit: I saw that, Byucknah. XD


Do you mean like Sethraks and sauroks?

It would be great to see such races available to players!
Many ask Blizzard to do something with them for gamers!

I would like Sethraks for the Alliance!


Horde can have the horrid snake people. We’ll take the cute furry next time round.

Ogres are not cold-blooded or reptile-related!

I’m just a supporter that hopefully factions will be dismantled, or at the very least there will be ways to bridge the gap of races between factions so we don’t need to fight over the races like brand new toys.

But yeah hopefully we’ll get more cool races, really anything reptile sounds cool to me.

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We need anatomically accurate druids to help the alli faction imbalance by breeding cute and fuzzy races or the Sabetons and loquenahaks for our overpowered racial to fight the mythic belf “only do something”. Vs alli “literally does nothing/1%” racials

Did you not see my ogre’s snakeskin boots?

yep two is to many::rofl:

Jinyu! Jinyu! Jinyu!

Ankoan/Jinyu coalition!

There are groups of nice snake and fish people.

you got undead can not get any more cold blooded ( if they have any blood left)

we need playable bees now