Lizard Entertainment

You can find the picture here:

I love it personally but I can’t deny it’s had a… distracting effect on the thread lol


Hmm. That might be a great concept since we’re dealing with anima in Shadowlands. :thinking:

well great now that the pic is different im gonna look like a perv commenting on non existent boobs

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Welcome to the club. We meet Saturday nights.

That’s proof you’re living your best life! :smiley:

There is a whole thread for this!

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They’re lizard PEOPLE, not actual lizards. Is it that hard to fathom that they’re human-like beyond the bipedal pose?

Ooh plus Therazane is based on the Venus of Willendorf, which I think is really clever.


I wouldn’t want a scalie to feel deprived though I can’t say they’re anything I’d enjoy, by the large I’ve tried them in other games and just never caught me. In EQ2 I played an Iksar which were decent enough but in Elder Scrolls Argonians felt “meh”. The Sarnak are a potential race for wow, very similar to Arakkoa can’t link any pics since I’ll never be R3 but feel free to google em.

For the same reason worgen and vulpera only have 2, and tauren don’t have udders.

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Because they lack imagination? :smiley:

God am I thankful that’s not a thing… people think vulperan yiffers are bad just imagine that horror show lol.


The saurok are definitely cooler than the sethrak


I’m suddenly imagining a teaser trailer for a light-hearted expansion where it opens with “Blizzard Entertainment Presents” and after a dramatic pause, the “B” (then a z) falls off.


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Saurok are swimmy and sethrak aren’t :ocean:

Happy to see other people want Saurok as a playable race. I actually run the Saurok Megathread, as linked above, where we post ideas and discuss playable Saurok ideas as we support them for a playable Horde race.

WoW is very much lacking in the lizardman department, and lizardmen are my favorite fantasy race. I’ve always wanted Saurok as a playable Horde race since I first saw them, and hope that we’ll see a tribe of them as part of the Horde someday. It’s a dream of mine that would make my day if it came true.

Playable Saurok for the Horde is something I’ll always support! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Haha. No, I can’t stand the slow way the Sethrak speak and I think their models look ridiculous. The Saurok are visually more balanced to me.

I agree with Hotaruu.

Saurok have Samurai. Sethrak don’t have Samurai. Sethrak lose.

How poetic. But aren’t we all…?