Community Council is just a PR move

Yep we’re just going to get another “Yes, we need to do better with communication” speech from Ion once this community thing goes nowhere.

If Blizz actually wanted good feedback from the community they’d have it.

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That’s my concern, that it’s de-facto doomed from the start. Because without interaction the energy to continue to provide feedback will wane as people get more and more jaded that they are being ignored. They must needs fix this and get less restrictions even if it means posting every post with a safe harbor message. Because otherwise while I see enthusiasm now, I can’t imagine it won’t fade quickly as all the feedback basically goes into a circular file.

It’s crucially important that Blizz interacts, doing so will remove the tendency to latch on and parse every single word they say. Particularly if they make it clear that this isn’t set in stone and is just them brainstorming.

I have said that for years and I know others have too. If Blizzard posted a lot more often people would not act like they just saw a unicorn and freak out. Post often, clarify as needed, set the tone of the community, MODERATE to remove those who are just outright toxic (profanity, personal insults or attacks, hate speech, threats, etc.) They let this place just devolve into the current mess which means most people who are interested in a well thought out discussion avoid the place.

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Thinly veiled sarcasm also doesn’t go unnoticed.

I honestly dont need to (nor will i) support my position, as i feel i have no vested interest. They know who they are, and truthfully, i dont care…community council did nothing more than going from being privately ignored, to being publicly ignored for the majority of players. Now you can see, in plain sight, what wont happen, as opposed to it being obfuscated.

You can’t support your position because there are no well known streamers on the CC right now. The 2-3 that do stream are tiny unknown folks who never had some “platform” with Blizzard.

I feel like you did not read the Intro thread at all. I don’t know if there will be more streamers in the future when they finish bringing people in or not, but right now there are no well known folks like everyone was afraid of.

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Sethrak ^ There are two here because the original capped several times and I took over for the new thread.

Sanlayn ^

Kelfin ^

Saurok ^

Here you go. Thanks! :yellow_heart:


I wish I could respond with emoji… because :rainbow: :unicorn:


Not only that, but most of the post aren’t really about the problems within the game and more what those players want to bring into the game. Yes, I understand ya want another spec for each class but at least focus on the major problems to fix the game first then we can make request for things.

It feels like another regular forum discussion where people just put out to bring things in when that’s not what players left for. Players left because the game was simply unenjoyable and they were doing nothing about it.

Long term planning is pretty important too. Not just fixing the details in existence now.

Where will the game go? What types of activities will keep people engaged and enjoying the game? What changes to the overall game concepts would increase the player base or do more to retain it?

You need both, in my opinion, to improve the game. Short term things about gear, systems, specs as well as long term things about game design and playability.


Yeah I think you’re looking at this the wrong way.

I think they picked a council so they can point to it as “player feedback” and it’s either going to tow the line or being so absurdly ridiculous that we all are forced to reject it and Blizzard can say “See, this is why we don’t listen to player feedback.”

Either way, it’s not very complex.

lol for truly.

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Wanted to mention that a full list of the race request megathreads with a few customization megathreads can be found here within the San’layn megathread:

Happy to see my Saurok thread get linked, but I also wanted to link my Stonemaul Ogre megathread here as well:

Any help in giving the race request and customization megathreads a voice on the council is greatly appreciated! :smiley:


I didn’t want to overwhelm them so I posted just a few key ones. :joy:

I forgot the Sanlayn one had an index.

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Didn’t they have a secret feedback group before, and they just shat all over them?

They seldom take feedback into account, I don’t see why this would be any different.

I agree with OP; this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.


It is 100% a PR move - they’ve already done this in the past, more than once, and it has gone to crap each time. They don’t seem to care about fun. It’s all about the metrics, money and PR.


Mirasol has always been levelheaded and very nice to everyone here. She gets along with people and I’ve never seen anyone hate her in all of the years she’s been here. This isn’t about me.

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Thank you for that. Truly.

I wanted to link my thread Void Elf Customization (For the Void Aspect) as it not only goes over further customization options for Void Elves focused on the Void but at the end includes a list (Under a spoiler tag) of multiple customization and AR threads I’ve encountered and try to support. (There is also the Blood Elf Thread near the top of the post.)

Any help you can give us to let Blizzard know and see our contributions on the Council would be very much appreciated.

I hope WoW can improve from here and we can all reap the benefits of greater communication with the Devs. Thank you.


Keep in mind, given the size of the threads (I mean by the gods the San’layn one got 10k posts), this will take a while. Especially with me being out of the house for 12hrs a day.


Also keep in mind, it is the job of the CMs to collect feedback for the Devs and present the major topics to them in weekly reports/meetings. They get paid for it, not us. Most any big thread or hot topic has already gone to Blizz. What is lacking is any response from Blizz on it. You don’t have to summarize the whole races discussion overall. You can just post your own take maybe and link the reference threads.

Or not, up to you. Just don’t want you to have to write a research paper if that is not your thing.


By no means am I asking for a research paper either. Please, you don’t have to bend over backwards. I personally just wanted to pass the info along to the community council, that playable races and customization is still a big topic and

is discouraging.

A reinterated “Hey, there is interest in this -insert thread links here-” would be more than enough. (I already did the hard work on the Sethrak one. I wrote that thread. )

No matter, I greatly appreciate it.