The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

For fun, I thought up some Saurok NPC quotes, where you click on a NPC and they say something. Here is what I came up with:

Assume that Saurok would make “sss” sounds with some syllables.

“Death to all Mogu!”

“The Mogu shall pay for their arrogance!”

“We are slaves no more!”

“To hunt is to live.”

“The meat of our enemies shall strengthen our might!”

“Glory to the Saurok!”

“-hissing sound that sounds fierce but not aggressive-”

And also for fun, I made up some annoyed quotes. This is where you click on a NPC multiple times and irritate them, which I think may have been removed at some point. Here is what I came up with:

“I suddenly have a craving for finger food.”

“Interested in seeing the ingenuity of Saurok dentistry?”

“Perhaps I shall take you out for a meal sometime.”

I tried to give them a fitting personality with these quotes. If I think of any more, I’ll be sure to share them in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


One of their sillys could be…

“huh!? What was that?! Oh… Sorry my vision is based on movement.”

I know they’re not related to dinosaurs but I sometimes think of it… Be a reference to Jurassic Park.


Still holding hope for playable Saurok. I’m down (very much so) after the customization announcement. But sitting here and giving up won’t help the situation. I would roll these in a heartbeat.


I’m still maintaining hope myself for playable Horde Saurok someday. They’re a race that have a lot of potential, and a lizardmen race would be a huge announcement for the game. I’m sure it’d be fairly popular and well received also. I’ll keep marching in support of them as best as I can.

Not to mention that WoW really could use some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


I’ve mentioned before that Lizardfolk are an official playable race in Dungeons & Dragons. Turns out that they’re also playable in Pathfinder!

I came across a wiki that talks about how they are in the game, including some really cool artowkr:

I also came across a blog where someone typed up some of their features in the game:

They have your typical features you would expect of a Lizardman race (natural armor, bite attack, tail attack, swimming, etc). Not a whole lot of new ground to tread here, but it is still a fun read, though!

I’ve been looking at different tabletop RPG books (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc) to read for fun and to gain some creative inspiration for future writings I had planned to do for my characters, as well as look at any lizardmen sections in said books for Saurok idea inspiration. If I actually played any of those games, I feel like I’d be better suited as a DM than as a player, as odd as that sounds.

It’s pretty cool to see big named games in the table top RPG market have playable lizardmen races. I assume some of the Star Wars table top RPG’s have Trandoshans playable also. Let’s hope that WoW will follow suit someday with playable Horde Saurok! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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I’ve mentioned before trying to find new avenues of showing support for the races I want playable, and there is a method to do this in-game that anyone can also do!

Once a month on only one character, I send an in-game suggestion for the races I want playable. I do one suggestion for each race and refer to their megathreads on the official US WoW forums for more information. It’s something I don’t regularly do, as I don’t want to spam the system, but it is something I try to at least do occasionally.

If you’re interested in submitting in-game feedback for any races you are interested in becoming playable, here is how to get to it in game:

Step 1: Press ESC to bring up the general menu.

Step 2: Click “Support.” It’s at the very top of the menu.

A new window in-game should load. It can take a few seconds for it to load completely. Underneath the “Search World of Warcraft Support” search bar, you should see a line of square images that refer to specific categories of support.

Step 3: Click the “Submit feedback or bug report” square. It should be on the far left when you first load the support window.

It’ll take a second to load that part.

Step 4: Click the lightbulb icon on the right that says “Submit a suggestion”

Step 5: Click in the text box on this window to begin typing a suggestion.

You’re now ready to submit an in-game suggestion!

It’s limited to 500 characters you can type, so you have to be a bit creative in the limited space. As I said before, I usually do one suggestion for each race I want playable, giving a very brief mention of the race, the faction I want it for, and why I feel they’d be great to add. I then make sure to type the name of the associated megathread, assuming they have a megathread, and mention they’re on the official US WoW forums, stating to go there for more info, such as ideas, fan support/designs, ongoing discussions, etc.

When you submit the feedback, it states you won’t get a response, but that it’ll be looked at in some way. Now, this wouldn’t be a sure-fire way to get a race playable, but it can’t hurt to do so in my opinion. After all, we have to show support somehow!

So for those interested in supporting a race you want playable, this is how to do it in-game. As I said, I usually do this once a month (on just one character) at most so as to not spam the system. However, multiple people doing it could help a lot to showing support for races we’d love to see playable.

Also make sure you’re submitting a suggestion and not a bug. I mean, yes, the character creation screen lacking playable reptilian races is quite the game-breaking bug (with an easy fix!), but a suggestion will likely be received better as opposed to sending that as a bug report.

I’ll continue to think of other ways to support playable Saurok and Ogres for the Horde. I’m also open to suggestions if anyone has any! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


In looking for Saurok idea inspiration, I did come across the book from Pathfinder 2nd Edition that lets you create a Lizardfolk character with some really cool artwork:

I also came across a website that has some information that comes from this book in detail.

Pathfinder Lizardfolk general info (names, lore, personality ideas, etc)

Pathfinder Lizardfolk Heritages (types such as frilled, ones accustomed to wetlands, etc):

Pathfinder Lizardfolk feats:

There is quite a bit here that would work really well for Saurok idea inspiration!

The heritage web page is very interesting since it goes over different types of lizardfolk. The Cloudleaper Lizardfolk are great climbers while Sandstrider Lizardfolk can resist the sun and fire in general, for example. Some great ideas here for Saurok racial and customization ideas!

I’ll have to go over this some to see what ideas I come up with. I may look into getting that book also, since I’ve been looking at tabletop RPG books in general to get some creative inspiration for future writings I plan to do for characters I want to write stories about someday. I still need to go over my Seraphon Battletome and also want to look more at how Dungeons and Dragons handles playable Lizardfolk. Lots of things to read!

As I said before, seeing big named games like Dungeon’s and Dragons and Pathfinder evolving to offer playable races like Lizardfolk is really cool to see. Still hoping WoW evolves with them and offers us playable Horde Saurok someday! :lizard:

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Luckily I care about Saurok, so that’s objectively wrong. :slight_smile:

Saurok for the horde.


Dear sir and or madam,

You are wrong and should feel bad.

I care greatly for Saurok as an AR.

Saurok for the Horde. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

Can’t wait for my epicurean Saurok to try all the recipes in the world(of warcraft).


Some good news: I’ve finished my current class with a 99.24% (A) and I have some free time before my next class starts!

I’m planning to look over the main post of my megathreads to add new sections and possibly revamp some existing ones. I have some ideas of things to add, like fan works (writings, artwork, etc) and such. Maybe a few new jokes I’ve thought of as well.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to post them! I should hopefully be able to make another update very soon.

I’ve also been thinking of doing more Saurok screen shots, both story-form and for-fun form. There are a few locales I’ve thought of showing how Saurok could look as player characters in those areas. I feel it’s important to be able to visualize it for some potential inspiration.

Lots of ideas to look into, things to read and research, and plenty of things to do to show off playable Horde Saurok support! :lizard:

As always, more Saurok research and support to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I wanted to mention that I got my Necrolords character to Renown rank 40, so they will be ready for the next patch in case each covenant gets their own story campaign again with the new renown ranks.

Not personally expecting to see much in terms of Saurok, but if I happen to see any more Saurok spirits involved in some fashion, I’ll be sure to report it. I wouldn’t expect anything to be a hint of Saurok stuff being in the near future, but it would be interesting to see Saurok accepting of their new role in the afterlife of working with other beings of different types to defend the Shadowlands as a member of the Necrolords. I mean, getting to eat stuff and fight a lot sounds like a fitting place for Saurok to be!

Seeing as we’ve been seeing Saurok in some fashion for awhile since BfA, part of me is hoping that people at Blizzard like them as well and will continue adding them to other expansions in some fashion (with the ultimate hope of them becoming a playable Horde race someday). It’s wishful thinking, I will admit, but hey, a Darkspear Troll can dream, can’t he?

Needless to say, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in future patches/expansions and reporting my findings. I’ll also continue to hope for playable Horde Saurok someday, of course! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Would be cool but if i were to chose a race using the worgen rigging i’d prefer getting the saberon

Saberon are a great choice, and I would love to see them playable. They would be close to the top of my most wanted playable races list.

I don’t see why we would only be able to get one between them and Saurok, though. Even if Saberon would end up on the Horde, they would be different enough to bring unique aesthetics, personalities, and storylines to the game. I don’t see why having the same rigging as a core race would exclude other races who’d use the same rigging from being playable.

If the playable versions of both would utilize Worgen rigging, it would make them easier to become playable races if anything. I’d personally would be fine with them using the same rigging for new races if it means those races would have a chance of becoming playable.

So I say that we get the best of both worlds and let them both get in! Allow Sethrak in as well while we’re at it since they also utilize Worgen rigging. One race using a rigging of a core race should not mean other races wouldn’t get in for potentially using the same rigging, in my opinion. :crocodile: :tiger: :snake:


Really nice and detailed write up. Would love to see posts like this pertaining other potential playable races.

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Fallynn, creator of the San’layn megathread, has made a post to link to all the active race request megathreads here:

There is also the Ethereal Megathread not currently listed there that is also active:

And as a bit of self promotion, I also run the Stonemaul Ogre megathread here:

As you can see, there are a lot of people passionate about current NPC races and wanting them to become playable. Lots of great ideas and discussions about the potential these races have! I recommend checking them out when you can!



I think we should get Saurok, Sethrak and Saberon.

Blizzard hasn’t actually said that the rigging will only be one per race. That was just kinda assumed.


A lot of that assumption was the odd trend of how each allied race had some sort of relation to a core race, whether it was through rigging (Goblins and Vulpera) or if it was a sub race of a core race (Orcs and Mag’har). It didn’t help that the Allied Race character creation screen at the time was built like the Core Race character creation screen. It seemed rather arbitrary and limiting that an allied race had to have some relation to one core race and that core race didn’t seem like it could have another allied race related to it.

The good news is that we got a new character creation screen:

As you can see, it did away with “slots” and there is now plenty of room for new races and even some classes. Likely, this image could be even bigger if I took the screen shot at a bigger resolution.

Hopefully, we’ll see it get filled with more races people have been wanting and asking for. I’m still hoping to see Saurok and Ogres on the Horde side of that character creation screen, myself. :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:

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Awhile ago, I linked a video that shows the book you need for Pathfinder 2nd Edition to make a Lizardfolk character. I thought I would link the current one (as of this post) you need if you want to make a Lizardfolk character in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

This book is pretty neat in that it has a section that gives you guides on how to create different monster-like races as player characters for the game (Orcs, Goblins, Lizardfolk, etc). It’s something I was thinking of picking up in the near future. While it would be used for Saurok idea inspiration as a secondary use, I’ve been interested at looking at different table top RPG books to gain some creative inspiration for characters and writings I want to do some day.

Getting idea inspiration from other media on different Lizardmen races is always useful, of course. Still hoping for the day I can roll up some Horde Saurok characters in WoW! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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I thought of the idea of a Meat Lover’s Pizza item in the game made by Saurok and figured I’d try to share the idea of one in-game with flavor text:

“Meat Fanatics’ Pizza- Leave it to Saurok chefs to come up with the ultimate food for meat lovers. The types of meat used on each slice seems endless!”

I figured the Meatzza food idea I shared before was fitting, with the crust being made out of meat, but it’s still a fun idea to add some character to Saurok in general.

Also if you do like pizza, I did come across a really tasty looking recipe for a Meat Lover’s Pizza, with the recipe located near the bottom:

Maybe I can start some negotiations with some Saurok tribes by offering them some of this! :pizza::lizard:



I’ve taken some more screenshots for a brief story of yet another Saurok newbie! I feel that showing off Saurok in different locales is very useful in being able to imagine them as player characters.

A small note about the screenshots: You might see the quality differ from image to image. I play WoW on both a desktop and a laptop. On the laptop, I usually keep the graphics and such down, since as WoW continues with expansions it tends to make it sound like a vacuum cleaner, which is why I lower graphics options and such to minimize that, but otherwise runs it pretty well. I meant to raise the graphic quality when I took screenshots, but I kinda forgot to as I have done with previous screenshots. I had to do two rounds of screenshot taking with the limited time I had to take these, and only thought to up the quality when I saw the first time that the Saurok had no pupils in his eyes. I’ll try to remember to up the quality when I take future screenshots.

Without further ado, let’s assume that Saurok are a playable Horde race and that this particular one decided to utilize Chromie time to level in the Undead starting area!

The Saurok newbie stands right outside the entrance to Undercity’s entrance to the main underground area. Ready for adventure! But first, he decides to get a better view!

Climbing up to the top of the gates, the Saurok newbie looks over at the ruins. What an interesting sight! He wonders what sort of tasty food lies within!

Standing in front of the old throne, the Saurok newbie feels a bit of a chill going through him. How spooky!

The Saurok newbie rides the elevator. It might take some getting use to how fast this elevator goes up and down. At least he has a strong stomach!

Checking out the bank, remembering that this is the place to store shinies and loot! He wonders why the area looks blurry around him…either it’s the lighting or something he ate.

The beds at the inn seem a bit odd. The Saurok newbie isn’t quite sure this would be a fitting place to nap…

The Saurok newbie checks out the green river. He isn’t quite sure he wants to swim in that…let alone eat anything from it.

What is this?! Meat just being left out to rot?! Who do the Forsaken think they are, the Skumblade Tribe?! What a waste! At least the Saurok newbie was able to pick up some recipes for fried spider legs and roach crunchies, but still…

YOU! What are you doing here?! The Saurok newbie is confused at first…until he realizes he was sent back in time thanks to Chromie. He glowers dubiously, knowing that this dead elf has caused many a headache before. It’s going to take awhile to get use to these time traveling shenanigans…

The Saurok newbie, fresh from a surprisingly delicious meal, is ready to quest and adventure!

And that is all I have for this post. Hope everyone enjoyed! Perhaps someday, we’ll be able to make our own Saurok characters and adventure for the Horde! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: