New Allied Races

I don’t know if they said they were done with this concept or not, but if NOT… what do you think the allied races of Shadowlands would be?

And can we please get a lizard men race… please…


Probably the deer people… the ones that are based off the draenei female

Sethrak or Saurok.

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They aren’t done. They confirmed the concept wasn’t meant to be relegated to BFA, but they don’t have any plans for 9.0.

Give me Sethrak, Saurok, or Arakkoa! The theropods must have their day!

Barring that… eh… I guess I’ll just take these guys.


At the moment, nothing works. All these factions are tied into the covenants.

Before they add any newly created races for the Horde, I really want them to add ogres. Hell the Alliance got more ogrery options than the Horde with the Kul-tirans.

Outside of that, I’d say Sethrak and Arakkoa. Tortollans can stay with BFA and rot for all I care. Of the new races…Stoneborn look amazing.

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I’ve always thought a tauren skeleton would support dragonmen animations.


hopefully ARs die with BFA

Probably something freshly introduced in SL or already extremely close to the Alliance or Horde already.

They could, but that wouldn’t even be necessary. Playable dragonmen already use the worgen skeleton, and which Alliance race has yet to receive an allied race counterpart, hm…?

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Naga is my hope. Or sethrak.

The covenant races are an obvious choice and hopefully they are neutral.

I wonder if they will ever consider adding that student art contest idea; weren’t they an elephant race?

I don’t know if anyone’s given you praise for your name choice yet, but if they have, you haven’t heard it enough.

Fantastic name.

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WoW could really use a lizardman race, which is my personal favorite fantasy race. A lot could be done for Saurok as a Horde race as well. Check out some ideas and discussions presented here if you’re interested:

Why not both? Let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile:

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Aw ty man. I try for punny names where possible!


I can feel more complaints that we weren’t using the worgen, I see your point. :thinking:

edit: Kinda feel more forsaken now that i’m looking at that race.

My main want has been and continues to be Saberon since WoD. I am about 99.9% certain we’ll never see them as playable, but a guy can dream.

Aside from them, I’m open to allied or just playable for anything else.

I think it would most likely just be the covenant races.

Aspirant Kyrian, Venthyr, Fauns(?), and I am not really sure what would represent Necrolords. Skeletons?