Nevermind saberons, the Horde needs sauroks!

  1. They use the worgen skeleton but with a shorter stature and slimmer build
  2. They are cold blooded and ruthless like our warchiefs should always be
  3. They look awesome and there’s about as many different tribes of them as trolls or murloc
  4. Racials could be hella cool. They got vestigial wings! and long, thick scaly tails!
  5. They could be tied nicely with a dragonborn lore of sorts.



I’ve been trying to get saurok on the Alliance for so long. And you try to take this away from me? When do we get our scaley danger friends? Fine, take saurok. Sethrak for the Alliance.


I wouldnt mind if alliance got them if they became playable…they’re so awesome i’d play them on either faction.

Yeah good for you, we Alliance will take Naga then.

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Dont care about the naga, would never play one…Much more interested on this one. As a kid, I modded NWN and NWN2 to play as a kobold (d&d kobold, not the lame wow version) and it would be like a dream come true.
This: `

Happy to see others want playable Horde Saurok also! If you’re interested, I do run the Saurok megathread, which is full of ideas and discussions on how to best make them a playable Horde race:

WoW needs a playable lizardmen race, and Horde Saurok would add so much to the game, in my opinion! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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New race discussion in a nutshell


Although I also like saberon, I’m a huge fan of saurok. So much better than those sethrak abominations. A snake should never have legs, but an upright walking lizard is totally cool.

The Horde needs Gnomes. Let’s be honest here, you think that Goblin tech is good enough for you?

Every fantasy setting, game, etc has a playable lizardman race. WoW should be no different. Sauroks would add so much to the game and become an instant favorite. We need them and they’d make an excellent horde race.


Gladly concede saurok to the horde in trade for naga.


::Snaps typewriter closed::

Yes that should do it

Nope! They are creations of the mogu, so their lore is related to the mogu their creators.

No draconic races for the horde, via sauroks.

Aren’t Saurok either completely bestial at worst, and hardly sentient at best?
We’d need to see some sort of enlightened saurok, like the ogres of Ogri’la.
I’m down either way, but if they don’t explain how these saurok we found are forming full enough sentences, I want Blizzard to go all in with them being extremely stupid.
Or expose them to Kajamite.

Those we see in Kultiras are civilized enough to work with vulpes, humans, quilboars and others.
So they are not beastly to the point that they cannot reason and cooperate, if they wish.
Pandaria sauroks have also shown their ability to act in a coordinated and intelligent manner.

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A rabbit hole that definitely needs exploring, then. It could be argued that those particular… uh, breeds, I guess, are less savage and more intelligent than their Pandarian counterparts/cousins.

The sauorks that we see in Kultiras, have been traveling around the world as pirates. It has been exposed to other cultures and peoples. They didn’t just stay in swamps and jungles hunting heads.

The point is that they continue to be savages but they at least do not treat their allies in the same way as enemies.


no keep ur hands off my race’s skeleton

if saurok are playable on horde im leaving alliance in the dust for good

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Sauroks really have a vibe that makes them an obvious choice for the horde.

If good things and that bring true diversity and novelties to the game, are only conceivable to happen in the horde and in ally just continue to see things that only serve as a joke, other people will do that too.

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