10.0 Class and Races

No New class needed for that.

Get the guitar main-weapon, become a shaman, who already hit things with electric energy.

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True, but it’s more that their crest runs all the way down their neck. The clipping would be awful as it would either be completely through, or the neck would be missing the crest.

Sounds like something Blizzard would rather not deal with lol

this is how i imagine bard in wow

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Range class for sure. Death Knight, Monk, and DH were added later and they’re tank/melee dps. No love for ranged class.

I’d love a bard! It is the most unique and separate idea. I feel like affliction locks with undead pets would basically be a necromancer, and tinkers could be implemented through engineering just like the mech suit in Legion. I mean, if it isn’t going to make gold engineering should be good for something.

For classes, necromancer would be my most wanted. I’d even be fine with it being a class skin for warlocks.

As for races I want playable, I again will share my “Horde Triforce of Hope!™” for playable Horde races I want:

:small_red_triangle::crocodile: Courage! (Saurok)

:small_red_triangle::bat: Wisdom! (San’layn)

:small_red_triangle::japanese_ogre: Power! (Ogres)

I agree. WoW could really use a playable lizardman race. If you’re interested, I heavily support Horde Saurok and have different ideas and such for them in my Saurok megathread:

Would really make my day to see them as a playable Horde race. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

I’ll never understand the San’layn appeal, particularly as they featured in the Alliance War Campaign as antagonists and I do not recall them appearing at all from the Horde perspective.

People want vampires. Attractive vampires.

I’d still rather have slime-people. They could have the voter-rejected jelly cat as their racial mount. So many upsides, please add this race.

Eh. I wouldn’t mind the clipping. Already deal with it.

Plus. I like seeing my toon’s face. XD

All of these just seem like they could be specs for existing classes. Necromancer for warlock, bard for rogue, etc. I personally think we have all the base classes covered and can just have things like these be added as specs. (Sort of how rogue’s 3 specs are different class flavors: pirate, assassin, ninja)

That’s just what I think though. I would love to play a bard considering I love playing music irl :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha true, I play 95% with helm display off. I miss the old interface option instead of having to remove it with transmog every time.

I find so many classes have clipping issues which I hate, and then there just aren’t too many really decent looking helms anyway lol

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I like how Orc’s heads are consumed by their shoulder armour whenever they’re in a combat stance.

Slurp slurp. Let’s suck you back in here.
Yeah, I dunno, static poses Orcs look really cool in armour, but as soon as you do anything I don’t really feel them.

I was hoping the erect orcs would fix that but it’s more of a bandaid since as soon as you move back into the hunch we go.

Unless you play a caster

Orcs can play casters now? Lol ;p

Orc Fire Magi will always look great.

I personally feel like Bard would be an amazing addition to the game but the way people think of bard conceptually at first glance is difficult to implement into the game. But if we think of bard as not a “support class” but having a dedicated, healer, dps and tank spec then it would fit infinitely better into the game. Think of the bard more in a dnd’s standard where it would have colleges, like the College of Swords, and make that the tank spec. An evasive tank sort of like brewmaster where they have a large dodge stat and focuses on riposting and parrying and dodging attacks and dishing out flurries of stabs and swings with a single sword. Also having a ranged dps and a healer spec dedicated to the more musical side of Bards where a dps bard would spend time casting things like instant cast dps chords and debuffs/dots, a healer bard could do long cast/channeled healing songs sort of like a holy priest. It would help diversify/change the idea of bards being less than just a pair of drums that give a dps buff to everyone.

If Bard is to exist in this game, make it a 4th rogue spec, and let us heal/buff. I would love the option to have a secondary role, beyond just DPS. Build it like the fistweaving monk, and have done with it.

This either new physical ranged class or at very least a class that uses mail armor, could use another toon to help farm transmog

My stand is “it’s all optional - there might not be any new class or race”.


We already have 36 subclasses (a healer and a tank are NOT the same class, in my opinion). I think that’s plenty for an MMO. I am not expecting any new classes.

DAOC (a very popular MMO, until WoW came out) had 3 times as many classes as WoW has. That did not make DAOC a better game. The WoW design team noticed that.


As for new races, that is almost entirely cosmetic. How much dev time will Blizzard be willing to add for cosmetics? We already have 23 choices. How many do you expect?