List of allied races you want, like a top ten

yeah I kind of agree I just hope they do both wen its appropriate. I really feel like zandalari and kul tirans should’ve just been normal races. the story might have to be a little different but eh

Would like to see Orges finally on the Horde, San’layn if they can be druids :P, Vulpera would be cool as another short race, and I think Saurok would be cool to finally have a reptilian race but those seem too savage so idk how they would fit in?

Alliance I think the Krokul would be cool as they seem to have been just left on a dieing plant? Ankoan over the Jinyu as they seem more in need of our help to survive Nazjatar. Arakkoa would be cool to see but only for some limited classes. Dwarfs get a Wild hammer option so they get access to Druids and lastly to stir the pot High Elves :smile:

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  1. Ethereal

  1. Arakkoa
  2. Naga

But the Arakkoa better be like this

Not like this

That is all…


I think they’re trying to rush them out; and they have (likely) four more to go.

I would assume that with us seeing the very likely Gnome AR in the Junkers, and either the Vulpera or Kelpin in the form of the Goblin AR … that leaves only a matching pair for the Worgen and Forsaken (and we’ll probably see signs of what those might be around the 8.2.5 or 8.3 mark).

After that … I would rather Blizz actually start fleshing out these range of cultures we have (rather than just adding to a list they already clearly have issues balancing out).


Allied races should have been appearance options for the core races. When you click on troll race you can select what kind of troll you want it to be.


As I said in my Saurok Megathread, the Saurok as we know them likely would not join at all, and it would likely take a new tribe that has evolved and formed a civilization, while being in a position to need help from the Horde and vice versa, to have a chance.

It’s a very uphill battle, but we’ve seen some NPC races get changed or lore added to game them playable. In fact, Gilblins use to be all male and just want to horde treasure, but currently they’re an allied race candidate with a female model and that group has some backstory. Anything is possible with a little creative writing, and I plan to support Saurok as best as I can, along with the other races I want. :smiley:

I really just want Mok’nathal at this point, then all my race dreams will have come true.


I like this idea, I haven’t come across the Saurok Megathread yet. I’ll have to give that a read. Sethrak come to mind as an allied race but they seem to have fallen as this expansion continues.

One things for sure, its long past time we get a reptilian race.

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My top ten hasn’t changed much:

  1. Sethrak (A), Vulpera (H)
  2. Mechagnomes (A), San’layn (H)
  3. Wildhammer Dwarves (A), Revantusk Forest Trolls (H)
  4. Broken (A), Ogres (H)
  5. Jinyu (A), Hozen (H)

I think you’re missing one of the key features of these ARs. They are (mostly) supposed to be their own culture and people. They aren’t just supposed to be an aesthetic choice (even though some largely do only value them for that). The culture, characters, and lore that each of these groups brings with them is an opportunity for future storytelling (and yes … that does include the VEs).

If they were just reskins and nothing else, then honestly … there wouldn’t be any stories to tell beyond those found exclusively in headcannon (and a Darkspear can already pretend to be an Amani or Drakkari if they want to … none of these assets devoted on Blizz’s side necessarily if that’s all thats wanted).

Aaaand… Vulpera.


Not sure why I laughed at this, but I don’t think I comprehended what races you wanted::joy::rofl:


Manari Eredar
Wildhammer Dwarves


My thoughts exactly. :fox_face:

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I’d have a hard time coming up with ten. Some of them, like Ogres for example, I would prefer to see as fully fledged races. Others I would prefer to see as customization options for existing races (like Lightforged, Mag’har, and Dark Iron should have been, or like I would prefer to see Wildhammer) but if I had to think of a few options for allied races…

  1. Taunka (Horde)
  2. Jinyu (Alliance)
  3. Broken Draenei/Krokul (Alliance)
  4. Hozen (Horde)
  5. Saberon (?)
  6. Saurok (?)
  7. Tuskaar

and so on.

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High elves on alliance.


You know, I have this sneaking suspicion we’ll end up getting the Argus Krokul.

They really hated Velen.


1: Gnolls
9-10: Whatever else

I think Krokul are more than different enough, to be fair. If Nightborne, Blood Elves, and Night Elves are different enough to be their own race, then Krokul and Draenei are definitely different enough.

Edit: Actually… looking at this list:

Amani trolls - Should be customization.
Krokul (broken Draenei) - Should be it’s own race.
Mogu - Should be it’s own race.
Hozen - Should be it’s own race.
Vrykul - Should probably be it’s own race (it’s removed enough by evolution and mutation).
Ginu - Should be it’s own race.
High Elves - Don’t want to touch this.
Ogres - Should be it’s own race.
Earthen - Should probably be it’s own race (see vrykul).
Wildhammer Dwarves - Should be customization.


Well, yeah. Nightborne should obviously be their own race, as should the Broken if they ever do become a race. I’m just saying that most of them are just re-skins with extra fluff that should be additions to the original races.