Unofficial Sethrak Discussion Thread 🐍

Snake of the Day! The one I picked is “Druid” themed. Or at least it made me think it would make a cool skin pattern for a Sethrak Druid.

Say hello to the Mangshan Pit-Viper.





Very nice.

Hmm… I should make a story for my Sethrak Druid…

Amateur evolutionary biologist here, and Sethrak literally make the least sense of any reptilian race. A lizard has four legs, it could conceivably walk upright. A snake has zero legs and other weird features like lack of ears and eyelids that are adaptations to their legless lifestyle. What you’re left with is a lizardman with a very goofy cobra neck (that it would have lost during evolutionary transition back to quadruped).

Sethrak are fantasy at its most annoyingly anti-science, some artist just thought “snake men” looked cool. IMO they’re an abomination. Just might be the worst looking race in the game. I shun their areas.

I’m dead sure they have no plans to introduce them, I think if any reptile should be playable it would be Saurok, and that will require retconning them in somewhere at a later date.

Lizards don’t have ears either generally.

I personally enjoy their necks and heads, and while I don’t knock the Saurok fans (or any other AR or possibility thereof), I do greatly prefer them to the Saurok.

I agree with them, and science is not the only thing in WoW. It’s widely immaterial, and for all we know, and have mused, the Sethrak were made by Sethraliss herself.

They are in game and thus introduced.

Might I direct you to the Saurok discussion thread. Next time rather than going to another AR’s thread just to tell them “no, I prefer X” just search for that races thread.

All that said you’re certaintly welcome to think whatever you wish, and I appreciate your at least well thought out considerations.

Mechagon Prevails, though sadly today.

Sethrak for the Alliance! (but playable is fine blizz seriously please.) :snake:


Lizards have ear holes, they just don’t have protruding ears. That said, I respect your thread and I said my piece. Never saw a Saurok thread, and honestly since they aren’t in current content they probably aren’t even on the radar. Smh . . .

I can get you there lickety split.

Ah I see what you meant. I apologize for my misunderstanding.

And I hope you forgive my possibly hostile tone. We get folk being jerks in here sometimes just because they feel like Sethrak would be a waste of an AR slot and other reasons. It can put one on edge.

Never lose hope for your AR. Keep fighting for them.


I know we’ve talked about Sethrak diets before, but do you all think they tend to swallow their food whole or actually chew?

The eating animation I think shows them chewing but it might just not be refined at this time.

EDIT: Also Nadezhdha! What can you tell me about the Gaboon Pit Viper!?


Just to add to a curiosity, the F.E.B. wore an emblem of a snake smoking in a pipe.
Even today the symbol is well associated with the ground armed forces in Brazil.


Says the walking trashcan that people only play to make a mockery of. xD

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The animation looks kinda like they bite and swallow chunks. Which is… a sort of in between the whole swallowing food whole and chewing thing.

And, Gaboons you say? :smiley:
What do you want to know about the Gaboon Viper?
They’re from Africa and have the longest fangs of any venomous snake. 2 inchs/roughly 5cm long. They belong to the genus Bitis which also includes Puff Adders and Rhinoceros Vipers. Their scientific name is Bitis gabonica.

They are a species of true viper. They do not have the facial heat sensing pits like pit vipers do.

They like somewhat cooler climates and are more associated with rainforests and swamps.

While a generally docile animal they have an insane venom yield and their venom is cytotoxic-meaning the venom breaks down cells.



Here is a good shot of the fangs. And you can see within the fang sheathe, a second fang coming in to replace the first one. Venomous snakes shed their fangs much like sharks shed their teeth.


I adore Gaboon vipers. They’re chubby forest carpet caterpillars. :heart:

Also have a video of a keeper I sometimes follow:


Man thats not cool. Leave em be. We’ve all seen too much hate towards each other already. We don’t need to be that way.

Plus Mechagnomes are awesome.

I fricken love these things. What can you tell me about their scales? :stuck_out_tongue: (knows more than letting on and asked specifically because of it.)

Though also that pic of them getting a new fang. Didn’t know snakes replace fangs that way. That is awesome.


Somehow missed this when I came back. Thats really neat. I feel a Sethrak hunter coming on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything would be nice i mean alliance is basically just elves and humans not variety at all horde has everything alliance has and more. I made a semi list on how i viewed each race and you can break it down to.

Dwarves,Gnomes,Humans,Kul’Tirans,Mechagnomes,Dark Iron Dwarves,Worgen(basically humans so .5 them) those races are all the same yes they look a little different but they are all just different shapes of humans except worgen sorta sop that’s 7 alliance races that are basically just human out of 12.

Then you have 2 elves Night elf, Void elf, 2 draenai and 1 panda and a .5 wolf

So alliance is
6.5 Humans
2 Elves
2 Alien (draenai)
1 Bear
.5 Wolf

Really the Dreanai are the only unique human race at this point that alliance has. Before it all comes up nobody cares about the skeleton of the model there playing you don’t see that at all.

2 orcs
2 Cows
2 Trolls
2 Elves
1 Human
1 Panda
1 Goblin
1 Fox horde version of worgen essentially

So alliance essentially has 4.5 different races and horde has 8.

What this all comes down to is something new really we just want something new to add more assortment. I know dwarves aren’t humans but when i look at them i just see stalky short humans gnomes really short humans mechagnomes humans with bioncs and so on you have so much more variety on horde which is probably why a lot of people play horde.

Anyhow heres hoping for something new


:stuck_out_tongue: I see what ya did there.

Hm. Their scales are keeled. So they’re a bit rough to the touch, not that I’ve ever pet a Gaboon before, lmao. Think like a Garter Snake. Garter snakes have keeled scales as well.

I know their cousin the Rhino Viper has very rough scales, in fact they’re rough enough that handling one can make you bleed and it’s been debated that their scales are that rough as a defense mechanism.

I love the Gabby’s scale patterns. They’re like a fancy rug pattern. Great for camouflage and naturally variable.

They have the diamondback pattern for Sethrak, I don’t think Gaboon viper pattern would be hard.


It really isn’t as if the alliance has a good range of options and BfA only made it worse with a very negative saturation of everything bad that Blizzard could have thought. :roll_eyes: :unamused: :disappointed:

Well, maybe next year, who knows? :persevere:

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Honestly I like this snake now that I’ve found it. Also the thing about the scales I found out that you didn’t mention is that they’re light absorption is such that only 11% of light is reflected back. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re the closest thing in nature we’ve found to Vantablack, the blackest color we’ve ever made. The scales even use the same design, more or less, to create this absorption!

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Oooh. I didn’t know that. Makes me wonder why they have it though. :thinking: What purpose does it serve?

Could totally make a Sethrak racial off the whole keeled scale thing though. Something like Rough Scales. Deals physical damage or something of that sort.

Makes me think of Sharpedo from Pokemon. xD


Natural thorns :slight_smile:


Oh, so because I have a funny name I’m mocking myself? I think not, I have great respect for the creator of my name, and this race. I’m sci-fi (or what passes for it in a fantasy game), I like that even if I’m a little futurama and mystery science theater too. :slight_smile:

I rescind my comments about Sethrak, as I’ve abandoned the idea that new races are a zero sum game. How many elves do we have? I’ll just say I prefer Saurok and leave it at that.

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I don’t think anyone has a specific idea as to why they have especially light absorption scales but it’s really neat they do.

That would be neat! Maybe a passive reflect on physical damage? Probably have to be really minor to keep it from being over powered.

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The only educated guess I could make is that it may help them with thermoregulation?

Yeah that was about what I was thinking.