Eredar and Ogres

Dont be a tease!

Yes, that would be amazing. Iridescent colours. Maybe warm colours to the Horde and cool colours to the Alliance? I’m a bit over being restricted to red and blue! :seedling:

Maybe expansion after Shadowlands. we come back and find that a group revived Galakrond and we have to go to the Dragon Isles to stop him.

Dunno, people don’t like the idea of Horde getting human models and Alliance getting Orc models.

Personally, I would be happy with any, but Blizzard definitely seems set in their ways.

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The funny thing is that Blizzard has a history of presenting different facts to different sides. I could totally see them showing the Alliance a whole different perspective on what happened on AU Draenor. Lets not forget, we saw it through the lens of Grommash.

A strong meaty slap to your strong no on ogres. What the actual f. Give us ogres now!

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I like the idea of the light not being as good as we once thought. Its cliche for the light to be this perfect good thing.

Im hoping that yrel is a raid boss at some point. Only one we actually kill.

Nope let cats choose a side. Give ogres to alliance since ogres are stupid and be bribed by eating the pug in stormwind

Murlocs are just a pest race, much like kobolds or gnolls. I can’t see them being accepted by either side just for the fact they offer nothing to the faction. Maybe the jinyu bring along a few for menial labour, but they’d never be more than that.

Naga are a harder sell than Man’ari eredar just for the fact they’re balls deep in the Old Gods. Mogu could’ve been an option for the Horde, though.

Yea just really feels overdue.

Like most MMOs have one it seems and WoW is an old school MMO still kicking with out one like hmm

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Sethrak would be an easy Horde race, but who would accept the Saurok (and why).

A lot of this would be easier if they did more neutral races with the odd mercenary could throwing in with either side.

Sadly after Panda’s that won’t happen again, Blizz said so at least. But who knows maybe?

I’m sure there is some form of Intelligent Saurok? We see them in Dungeons talking, and coordinating attacks. They seem to have drive and motives

All that aid, I can see that new faction of Mogo being an AR as well.

Saurok are a Horde race to me. Having been a former slave race, they would find a lot in common with the Horde. Not to mention there are quite a few parallels between them and Orcs.

It requires some creative writing sure, but hey, Gilblins went from brainless mooks caring only about shinies to a pretty awesome allied race candidate that was more than that. Can’t see why Saurok wouldn’t be able to get that treatment.

If you want more information and details, you can check out my Saurok megathread here:

Saurok becoming a playable Horde race would make me very happy. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

You know what? I’m sold on this, iffy as I am about giving the Horde (read; orcs) any points for playing the victim on slavery.

It makes divvying up the races from Pandaria a little easier too. Horde take Hozen and Saurok, and the Alliance take Jinyu and Yaungol.

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I think with Azshara we will get Naga in the very near future. The only problem is how mounts will work and pants

Eredar joined the Legion, somehow I do not think they would be welcome in the Alliance. They would be Horde.
Perhaps they should just reskin all the races, just making them another color like purple and call them something obvious.

Pants would be easy enough to ignore I think (see; Mechangnomes) but mounts would be an issue. If players were willing to forgo traditional grounded mounts for something that just made them go fast as a mount (a bit like Running Wild) it’d sort half the issue, but they’d still be stuck for flying mounts unless they cop a giant floating water bubble or something.

eredar and fel-orc skins for draenei and orc demon hunters!

If eredar are alliance i’m uninstalling