The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

Kros, some say Krosm.

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Yess moar swimmies

Ooh there’s also a dragonman race that uses the worgen skeleton

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I wanted to type some regarding female Saurok and design. I’ll link the female Saurok picture from the first post again for reference:

Female Saurok from Hearthstone

You may notice that this Saurok has something that is rather unfitting for a reptilian race. Specifically, the Saurok appears to have breasts. This is something not really found in reptiles in general, and should Saurok ever become playable, I feel that there are different ways to go about designing female Saurok.

Just a side note, I am not posting this to insult or make fun of anyone that worked on that image, but rather to show different ideas of how a female Saurok could be designed should they ever become playable. Many designs in Hearthstone of races that get added to WoW, such as Tortollans, are very much different in the two games.

So how does one design such a race that you can tell between males and females? In terms of lizard men, there are a number of ways. Size, scale color pattern, and horn designs are great ways to differentiate males and females.

Currently in-game, there are no female models I am aware of, but some Saurok models have different designs. A Saurok with frills is shown here:

It would seem that Saurok are capable of having unique features, which should be kept in mind if they were to become playable. Different horn types and aspects of different species of reptiles, some exclusive to males and females, are great ways to design playable Saurok models.

So what about other games that have playable lizard man races? What did they do in their designs? Here are a few examples:

Here we have the original models for male and female Iksar from Everquest 1.

And here we have the Iksar from Everquest 2.

As we can see, they both are very distinct and, from a glance, people can tell which is male and which is female.

This is a video of a female Argonian creation, with commentary, from Skyrim. There are different features in their character creation, though I really don’t see hair belonging on a reptilian race.

And here we have a female Argonian being created from Elder Scrolls Online.

Ultimately, female Saurok should be designed to reflect them being a savage reptile race. I would prefer to avoid trying to make them look sexy and just putting breasts on them. There are plenty of ways to go about making them look unique, and with all the different species of reptiles out there in real life, I’m sure some neat ideas could come up for Saurok should they ever become playable.


Agreed. Though i will point out since they’re origins involve heavy flesh warping it’s not outside the realm of possibly for them to have breasts.


Even if that could be the case, my opinion is that taking an animal to base a race on and just putting breasts on them isn’t really the best way to design females of that race. Especially if it is an animal that does not have them, like reptiles.

My hope is that for any reptilian race that becomes playable, there is time for creativeness to occur in the design process. For Saurok specifically, between horns, scale and tattoo colors, and body size, I would think that something more interesting could come out of it, and the race would shine and be a lot more interesting if done correctly. ^^


All I’ll contribute for now are the classes I think they would have and perhaps a couple of racials.



Cold-Blooded: 3% resistance to frost magic.
Basking: During day time and while outdoors, the Saurok recovers 1% extra HP every 3 seconds while moving, and every second when not moving.
Molt: When used, the Saurok sheds old and dead skin, removing all debuffs and instantly recovering 30% of lost HP, but is more susceptible to physical damage for the next 10 seconds (5min cooldown).
Natural Scavenger: The Saurok will farm an additional unit of material when gathering in every gathering profession.


I know how I can contribute. Story. Rubs hands together

Click here for a story!

Heldremys grinned, her teeth glistening with toxic venom as she dug through the piles of gold she’d snatched up from the Zandalari scouts. As the leader of her warband, she took the largest of the spoils, brimming with pride and a deep feeling of rage. The latter emotion she had no reasonable explanation for. Why was she so angry at the moment? That raid had been such a big success. Yet…she felt empty.

Snapping her jaws at unruly Saurok in her band, she stood up, her tail lashing. “Order. ORDER! What is the meaning of this upset?!” she snarled, marching up to one of the restrained lizardmen.

“You’re no leader. You are weak. We could have taken more. MORE! Just a few lives of our own would be lost. You pitiful lizard,” he snarled. Without a pause did she raise her claws and slash him across the face, spitting right into it. Driven by bloodlust, she lunged right for his chest soon after, shredding scale and flesh until she plunged her jaws into his chest and ripped his heart out, devouring it without a second thought. Then, she turned to the others of her band, her maw dripping.

“I spare as many of us that I can with my plansss… however, disobedience will be met with death. But go on. Offer me some dinner in the process… I dare you,” Heldremys snarled. Unsurprisingly, no one else rose up to challenge her. Good. She’d not pressed the attack onward, because too many of them would fall to the spears of those damned trolls.

The Saurok made camp in a cave that night, of which was uneventful for a good long while. Alone did Heldremys sit, a book open in her lap. Her claw dragged over the text, but she could not read it. No one taught her how to read any of this. Still, she looked at the strange symbols with wonder, wishing secretly that she could decipher a bit of it. Some of her kin had become pirates by working with the other races. Sharing the riches?! Bah! That was insanity.

Her war band had plenty of riches, so many shiny things. They glimmered beautifully in the sun. But…they didn’t do much else. Drawing her tongue over her fangs, Heldremys considered this for a moment. What was the point, exactly, of all this? Seeing the other races cower, run, shed blood, it was wonderful. That was her purpose, was it not? Or, well, was it?

Now, she got to the pictures in the book. Something about trolls in Zandalar. She’d found this book in one of the bags she stole from said trolls. Her claw tapped upon a picture of a male troll, a female troll, and a child. She scratched her head. Was she that way once? Small, weak, but, well…with purpose and chance to grow?

Surely she was. Right? She had to be. Why couldn’t she remember? While trying to rip through her brain to find the answer, she tensed, hearing the shriek of another Saurok deeper in the cave. Getting to her feet, she ran out of her tent to see a massive army of Mogu slaughtering her people. No. NO!

…She had to play it smart. They had yet to see her. Quickly did she dart into the shadows, panting and feeling along the wall. Aha! A loose stone. Perfect. Darting behind it, she shuddered, the reality of near death seeping in. What had she done her entire life? Plunder. Steal. Kill. Did she regret any of it? Well, did she?

Heldremys honestly wasn’t sure. Unfortunately, she still wasn’t sure even as the stomping of feet could be heard coming closer and closer. Well. She wasn’t going to sit here and die a coward. She potentially could have gotten away if they didn’t find her hiding place. The Saurok realized that wasn’t going to be even remotely close to the case as the sound of a stone grinding against the cave floor could be heard. Tensing up her muscles, she got ready to pounce.

Blood spattered everywhere as Heldremys fought hard. It stained her book a blood red; evidently she’d snatched it up along with her when she’d fled to her hiding place. Soon, however, she was dripping from many lacerations on her body, dangling there as a Mogu held her by the neck, laughing in her face.

“You weak slaves were never meant to think for yourselves. You were created to serve. A failure. I will enjoy ending your miserable little life,” he snarled, squeezing harder and harder.

The Saurok managed a few words before cut off from speech completely. “No…we…are…more…we…survive…we…have…purpossse…” This only caused the Mogu to burst into laughter.

Suddenly, however, he shuddered, letting go and toppling to the ground. Heldremys fell, gasping and grasping at her neck. She scrambled to her feet, searching for her spear but failing to find it. The Mogu was kicked aside to reveal a pandaren, his fur matted with blood from that intense battle. He stared in shock at Heldremys, tilting his head.

“The only survivor of the Saurok war band. How interesting,” he mused, tapping his chin in thought. Desperate, the female saurok bunched up her muscles and lunged at him, but had no chance. A fist met her skull, and she was out like a light.

Heldremys awoke, blinking her green eyes and giving a groan. Spatting out some blood, she squirmed, realizing that she was bound via bamboo. Sitting by a fire was a pandaren, an elf, and a gnome. The gnome looked up, tilting her head.

“The specimen is awake!” she squealed, delighted, but received a withering glare from the pandaren.

“She is not a specimen. She is a guest,” he grumbled, pulling off some roasted fish off from the fire and approaching Heldremys. Giving a kind smile, he held it out to her. “You have use of your hands, but not to escape. What is your name? Are you hungry?” The Saurok snapped her jaws at him in response, not intending on communicating at all. The panda merely chuckled and sat down in front of her, chomping on the fish in one bite and swallowing before continuing. “I found this book. Is it yours?” he asked calmly.

Heldremys stared at the bloodied book, reaching out and snatching it up. She put it close to her chest before finally snarling, “I can’t read it.”

“Well. There’s always a chance to learn, is there not? Now is a better time than never!” the pandaren chortled. He then smiled brightly. “I remember you saying you do have a purpose. I am sorry your friends all were killed. But you did something that reminded me of my people.”

“Your people? You are weak! Lesser!” spat the saurok.

“And yet, you are the one in chains at our mercy,” the pandaren commented. The elf walked over, sitting beside him and looking on curiously, right along with the gnome. “These are my friends. It looks like you need some too.”

“I don’t need anyone!” Heldremys shouted, but suddenly tears began to pour from her eyes. “None of us do. We survive! We pillage!” she snapped, though this time with a bit less vigor.

“Well. Maybe you do. But you can do something else. Would you like for me to read you that book?” the pandaren asked. Heldremys hesitated. What was he playing at? This was an enemy. He should kill her right here, yet he didn’t. Finally, she slowly nodded.

“I ssseek to know of the meaning of my treasure here. It is your fool fault if you provide the knowledge to me,” the saurok snapped. The pandaren merely smiled.

“Ah, but that is where you are wrong. I am no fool, I am a teacher. And it looks like you have much to learn,” the pandaren replied. He proceeded to go through the book, pausing where Heldremys looked confused to explain the situations. All of them were tales of Zandalari greatness, be it through battle, wealth, or raising a family. Heldremys was most interested in the last one, however.

“Faaamily… what is family. Do I have one?” she asked, staring the pandaren down in question.

“I do not know. Do you? Family is what you make it. Blood only gets us so far, and origin is not important. No, it is what you do that matters the most in the end,” the pandaren commented, bowing his head.

“Origin…tool, of a mogu… I can’t be. There musst be more,” Heldremys whimpered, burying her face into her hands. Her tail lashed back and forth as she came to realize that she had none of what that book said. No glory, no origin to be proud about, no family. A hand fell on her shoulder, causing her to hiss, but it wasn’t removed.

She moved her hands to peer at the pandaren with malice. Her anger was returned with a kind stare. “You are a tool of only that of which you allow. Neither of these people are my species, neither started off as my family. Now we battle together, drink together, and share stories together. We look different, we are from different backgrounds. And yet.”

Heldremys paused. “…And yet?”

“Indeed. And yet.”

Yeah, it’s long, but I kinda got inspired a bit and just let myself write. You know? I figured this could get minds flowing of how the Saurok could begin to think nowadays. Surely there has to be more than just ex-tools for the mogu, only meant for violence. Eh?

I got the name “Heldremys” from a modification of “Helodermatidae”. Or… GILA MONSTER SCIENTIFIC NAME!


Ok, I love the race and all, but the reason people want them is visuals alone.

There is no lore supporting them joining anyone, they are so crazy that even at the certainty a saurok would die, he would still move in to kill his enemy even knowing he wouldn’t survive the outcome simply because he can’t control his own murderous impulses.

I totally want the race though, I would like any sort of craziness they would go through to make them playable.

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Uh, you do know there’s plenty of Saurok pirates in Tiragarde Sound getting along and functioning with the other pirates right?


yes, but we don’t know the full details of that, but we do know established lore of past accords.

The pandaren to this day want to make peace with them, as well as my prior comments about saurok.

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I will admit a reason I do want them is because of wanting a lizard man race in the game playable. However, their backstory and possibilities of what could be written about them also very much interest me.

Correct. Saurok as we know right now are angry NPC mooks for quests that hate everyone and don’t have much beyond that. That isn’t to say that something couldn’t be written for them in the future. As I mentioned before, different races that are playable currently had situations created or were reworked to make sense in joining a faction. Some of them started off as enemies of said faction. It isn’t impossible to do the same for Saurok, although as I mentioned before, it is a very uphill battle.

I thought on this some more, and while it is possible for Saurok to break off and go elsewhere, some of these particular Saurok could have been outcasts from their tribe on Pandaria. They’re obviously not virtuous, going into piracy, but it is possible for them to work with others. Now, it could be argued that these pirate Saurok are doing it out of necessity or for “the shinies” so, in theory, some Saurok out there with different views of the other tribes on Pandaria could work with others if the situation called for it.

I do recall a NPC mentioning that they keep trying to make peace with the Saurok, while some Pandarens call them heartless. The Saurok on Pandaria eventually negotiating with them seems unlikely, much as some Pandaren want to have peace talks over dinner without them in pieces for dinner, which is a reason I lean towards a tribe of Saurok that just left Pandaria and are more receiving for one reason or another on lands an expansion takes place on.

I very much enjoyed the story, and it shows a neat way of Saurok evolving past the primitive stage of their race and slowly evolving into something that would be more self-aware and likely to form a civilization. ^^


Could be the Pandaren AR, Neutral until they choose a faction.

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While I would never play one unless they had a stellar racial. I support them for those who would like to see them added


Given that people mention how Blizzard, for one reason or another, was not fond of how neutral Pandaren turned out, it’s hard to see there ever being another neutral race. Even if it is possible, I personally don’t see Saurok as either a neutral race or an Alliance race.

I really don’t see Saurok ever fitting in the Alliance in any way. The Alliance would likely just see them as primitive monsters, especially given that both they and the Horde had issues with the Saurok on Pandaria. Even if they got past that, I can’t imagine them being trusted enough to walk around Stormwind or Ironforge, let alone being treated very well on that faction. Especially since they were created using dark magic, which would likely cause some issues with some of the Alliance races.

Saurok are a tribal race that likely would be heavy in shamanistic rituals. They also were lizards that were turned into what they are by the Mogu to be used for selfish purposes. They strike me as being kinda similar to Orcs and what they have gone through, although Saurok are more savage than Orcs.

As mentioned a few times in the thread, if we were to go with the theme of them questioning what they are and progressing as a race, I see the Horde more likely to connect with them and help train and guide them if circumstances occurred where they work together. The Horde, in my opinion, is suppose to represent races that band together for survival against those that would call them monsters, and Saurok fit that narrative very well.

All of this is just my opinion, of course. I honestly view Saurok as a Horde exclusive race, and think they would fit right in.



Sauroks have the same kind of vibe as taurens and trolls as stuff for the horde, and also have all the spices that would make it possible to be recruited into a node similar to the ones the goblins were during the cataclysm!

Sauroks has a good visual appeal! Like other potential races and currently playable in warcraft.

We see the same with the rendorei, which has as an appeal, to be a version of blood elf.

In the case of sauroks, we would have a really unique addition!
Authentic and not just a copy of an existing race!


And then the mogu tried to kill them all ;-;
Saurok should join the Horde on Zandalar!

“There are mogu on this island?”

< The saurok narrow their eyes >

“Not for long”


They tried during “The Great Purge” and utterly failed when the Saurok took the Mogu Empire head on and handed the Mogu their collective butts while throwing their emperor off a cliff, with the body never being found, leaving their empire in chaos.

At least that is my understanding of it. Point is: don’t mess with the Saurok!