Reptilian races?

gw2 is my most played game ever behind wow. I quit a week after the last expansion. its a great game but I wish another company owned it. They created imo the perfect mmo but update it so slowly I dunno, I just stopped

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Same here. Gw2 is actually how I met my soon to be husband. :joy:

But you’re right; the updates are so slow. I only log in to get the living story episodes and to occasionally check the Gem Store. The expansion they teased at Gamescom has to do with Cantha. So they’d be stupid not to add tengu. Now my fiancé did say the company got bought out recently. By a larger one. Hopefully that’s a good thing. Though I know it isn’t always.

We’ll see though. Might take a break and go back to Gw2 if they add Tengu as a playable race. Unless WoW adds Sethrak. As much as I love the Tengu, Sethrak win hands down. Would keep me on WoW for life.

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ill get the new expansion and do all the living story and quit again at some point.

id rather go through ff14 when I take a break at this point tbh

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Crocodiles, please.

tbf, WoW has kobolds… but they’re the rat-like candle-obsessed kind, fml.

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Lizardmen are my favorite fantasy race, and WoW could very much use some reptilian races. There are a couple that already exist that would make great additions: Sethrak and Saurok.

Both would bring in a lot of variety and are different enough from each other that they could both be playable and bring some unique features to the game while adding a lot of flavor to the character creation.

I could go on and on about why they would work very well as playable races, but I’d likely be typing a thesis paper at this point. Instead, I’ll just point folks to the two megathreads of them. They have a lot of great ideas and ongoing discussions about those races while showing support for them being playable.

For Sethrak fans, be sure to check out the Sethrak megathread:

And for those interested in Saurok, I operate the Saurok megathread here:

Let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


Guild Wars 2 strongly disagrees with struggling with plant races (Sylvari)… and Bird races too (Tengu, though they’re not playable).


My Vote for Sethrak.

We need not only a Snake Race but also a Neutral one as well.


I would love to have a lizard race inspired by the Iksar from EQ. But I would gladly settle for Sethrak. If only one side gets them, give them to Alliance.

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No legs, no pants. No service.

One day they will be and they will slither there way into your heart whether you like it or not

So it won’t be nagas.

I mean they could add Burning Crusade Arrakoa to Alliance and Battle for Azeroth Sethrak to Horde and we would have bird and lizard people as playable races.

I was a fan of the Saurok from MoP

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They’ll still have the tail the armor will just fit accordingly to the tail and it’ll count as “foot/pants”

There’s two allied races left (if they haven’t given up on the whole allied race thing), a worgen model based one and an undead model based one. Saurok are based on the worgen model and I’d love to play a Horde lizard gal.


Unfortunately the masses interested in fantasy only have an eye for ‘Lord-of-the-rings’ styled stuff and cannot envision anything beyond Tolkien fantasy.

I like the precedent he puts out for the genre but people are too cowardly to branch out sometimes. Blizzard especially.

I hope that we do eventually get a reptilian race but for now I’ll just pout in a corner until they hire people with guts.

Lizard Entertainment :smiley:


I’ve heard this logic a couple times, but in terms of ‘rigs’ aren’t there actually 5 rigs that don’t have a secondary?

Tauren - Highmountain Tauren
Blood Elves - Void Elves
Night Elves - Nightborn
Orcs - Red Orcs
Draenei - Lightforged
Gnome - Mechagnome
Troll - Zandalari
Dwarf - Iron Dwarf
Goblins - Vulpera

Those are all the ‘rig’ pairs. But then you have…

Kul Tiran - ?
Human - ?
Undead - ?
Worgen - ?
Pandaren - ?

So really, there’s 5 different skeletons that Blizzard could call upon to make different races, be they reskins (ala Orcs - Red Orcs) or larger changes (like Goblins - Vulpera)

The Undead, Worgen, and Kul Tiran rigs would all be excellent for a hunched-over race. The Worgen rig has been used for Sethrak and Saurok, so that makes the most sense. A lot of the work is already done there.

And yeah, there’s definitely two more slots on the allied race banner, and from beta screenshots of SL, it looks like there’s even MORE space for allied races to be fit in.

C’mon Blizzard, give us the sneks!


Agreed wholeheartedly! This gives me a shred of hope.