[H] <How Long On Brez> on Mal'ganis - FRI & SAT 11:00PM-1:30AM PST

<How Long On Brez> is a guild born in the Battle for Azeroth, we strive for AotC each raid tier and head into Mythic when we feel ready. Currently interested in adding new members for Shadowlands. The guild does not stop at raiding and we are always running Mythic+. The community is what is most important to us!

Realm: Mal’Ganis
Faction: Horde

Raid Progression:

  • Castle Nathria [10/10 H] [4/10 M]
  • Ny’alotha [12/12 H], [9/12 M]
  • Eternal Palace [8/8 H], [3/8 M]
  • Crucible of Storms [2/2 H]
  • Battle of Dazar’alor [9/9 H], [3/9 M]

Raid Times:

  • Friday & Saturday 11:00PM-1:30 AM PST

BattleTag Contacts:

  • kvncnh#1922 [ Discord preferred: kvncnh#9847 ]
  • Kawaiihealer#1404 [Discord: Kawaiihealer#8610]
  • nebu46#1564 [Discord: nebu46#7564]

We are looking to add some of the following specializations to our roster but all roles or specializations are considered:

Tanks (1 spot)

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter (high demand)

Healers (full)

Melee DPS (DH only)

  • Havoc Demon Hunter

Ranged DPS (2 spots):

  • Boomkin (high demand)
  • Affliction Warlock (high demand)

Please reach out to us with any questions - we’d all love to hear from you!

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I am interested in possibly joining a new raid team. Classic wow pretty much killed my guild and I am looking for a new home. I work swing shift and available for the times you guys are looking for. BTag is Archuleta#11859. I have logs available if needed. Incision - Thrall

Bumps, please contact us if you’re interested! Second raid night tonight!

I am still interested. how should i contact you guys?

Bumps for tomorrow’s raid :slight_smile:

Bumping it up! Join us for this week’s raid.

Is the guild majority west coast?

Hi Sequence, everyone’s on late nights. We have a mixture of East, Central and West coast. Mostly Central or West.

We are looking for a few more spots to be filled, range DPS and healers!

Bumps for tonight’s raid. Heading to Mythic again, Heroic reclear tomorrow. Getting ready for Mythic cross realms :slight_smile:

We are back to raiding again after BlizzCon! Progressing on Mythic EP, still looking for range dps!

btag request sent from Jinroh, definitely interested

Btag: Jin#15661
Discord: Jinroh#9521

Are you recruiting healers ?

Bumps for this week’s raid! We are still recruiting DPS, preferably range. Please message us, let’s talk :slight_smile:

Bumpin’ it up! Focusing on Mythic EP this week!

Hello! I am interested in raiding with your guild but have a few questions!

I have already added your Battle Tag…

My Battle Tag is Miz#11638

Looking forward to talking!

Bumpin’ it up for the week! 8.3 raid in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Bumps bumps! Only a few spots left, please apply!

Bumps for the week! We are looking for tanks and additional players to fill our raid spots, please contact if interested.

Bumpity bump bump! We are back and raiding Heroic Ny’a! Please apply for a trial with us :slight_smile: