[H] <After Work> 12/12M WEEKDAY 10/12M WEEKEND LF DPS! 6 & 7PM CST START!

< After Work >

@ [H] US - Mal’ganis

Weekend Team Information

(10/12M) Raid Times:
Friday 7-10pm Central
Saturday 7-10pm Central

Slay Mythic bosses while having a good time with friends!

-RET/Heal OS

:partying_face: Contacts/App at the bottom! :partying_face:

Weekday Team Information

(12/12M) Raid Times:
Tuesday 6 - 10pm Central
Thursday 6 - 10pm Central
(Sales Night, Optional) Wednesday ~6 Central to whenever we’re done

Achieve CE every tier and sell heroic runs on our off days.

---- We really have no room for melee unless you’re :1st_place_medal:

Raider Expectations:
-On time and ready to pull before 6pm/7pm Central
-Researching encounters ahead of time
-Weekly Character Upkeep (M15+ Key, Legendary Cloak, etc.)
-Open to constructive criticism and questions
-Boss mods of your choice, WeakAuras, Exorsus Raid Tools, RC Loot Council.
-90%+ attendance

Roster size goal is around 25 people to allow for absences, optimizing raid comp, etc.

You must be comfortable with being rotated in/out on a per boss basis. We do try to accommodate people on farm bosses for important loot.

Interested?? Apply now! It’s super fast and easy. :baby_chick:
= Will respond within two days if interested =

Friendly gamers can contact discord:

lazycharlie#7651 (Weekend Lead)
Giff#6945(Weekend Officer)
cron#4189 (GM - Weekday Lead)
Oba#3148 (Weekday Team)
Tigger#0772 (CO-GM)
Terrorblade#4119 (Weekday Team)

Multi class Tank Looking for 2-3 mythic raiding guild READ
479(477) Boomy/ OS resto 4/12M 7/12mExp
9/12M Disc Priest and Resto Druid Healer Duo LF Mythic Raiding
5/12M Nyalotha mage/hunter LF mythic raiding guild
Holy Priest LFGuild
(H) 473 DH looking for Mythic guild
5/12 unholy/blood /balance/disc
11/12M Tank LF secondary guild
LF guild for CE progression in Shadowlands
10/12M 479 ilvl Balance Druid LF SL Guild
3/12m 475(477) Blood DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Ranged player looking for guild in Shadowlands
9/12M Lock Looking for mythic raiding guild
Delete plz
(H) 474 MW Monk looking for Mythic prog guild
Blood DK LF Raiding Guild
470 Ret / Holy Pally LF raiding guild for SL
6/12m 476 Lock - LF Mythic Raiding Guild (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
480 A Rogue
473 Ret Paladin
CE Raider LF Mythic team for Shadowlands
Ex CE raider Looking for new team for me and friend
475 7/12m dh lf raid team!
4/12M 472 Spriest (Multiclass capable) LF Mythic Raiding Guild / M+
Warlock LF Guild
5/12M Exp 478 Ret Paladin/477 Fury Warrior LFG
481ilvl 11/12M Fury Warrior lfg PST
6/12M 478 Destro Lock looking to push CE
479 WW 6/12M LF guild Horde
477 Priest LF CE Guild for Shadowlands
476 unholy DK LF raiding guild
[A] Arms Warrior LF Shadowlands Raiding (3800 iO - 3/12M)
12/12M Mage LF guild
(H) - 6/12M 479 Rogue/480Rdruid LF Guild
477 6/12M Fury/Arms Looking for shadowlands guild/place to continue raiding
Need mythic raiding guild
4/12 Exp UDK LF New Home
<H> ilvl 477 Resto shaman need mythic guild willing to transfer
LF Guild doesnt matter your prog 9/12 mythic 3.7k io Havoc DH
473 dk lf mythic guild
10char 10char
477 BM Hunter LF Mythic guild
480 ret pally LF Mythic Raiding Guild/Trial Spot
[H] Holy Priest/Paladin LF Raiding Guild
12/12M Player Re-rolling to Tank, LF Guild
Brewmaster/Prot Pally (3/12 M Nya) LF Active Mythic Raiding Guild
6/12M 478 Demo/Destro Lock
474 Resto Shaman LFG
477 Destro
475 hpally/478 resto druid LF M Guild
475 Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
475 Destro LF Mythic Progression Guild
477 Lock 6/12M looking for CE Prog
474 Destruction Warlock
6/12M 472 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
476 Warlock LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Close please
469 fire mage (4/12 exp) lf guild / raid team
470 Shadow Priest 3/12M LF guild
467 5/12m Lock LFG
467 Warlock LF Guild
468 Fire Mage <Alliance>
H-472 boomy 6/12m LFG
4/12M 470 BM Hunter
LF Guild 3/12m Spriest
465 Warlock, 12/12H 3/12M LFG
[H] 468 Shadow Priest LF Mythic raiding guild
470 Destro Lock 12/12H LF Mythic Guild
456 CE Fire Mage Looking for CE Team
Duo 461 Fire Mage 468 Brewmaster LF Mythic Guild
470 warrior tank can dps, looking for gamers
465 Boomy and 467 Unh DK LF Guild
460 havoc dh lf weekend guild 6/12h, 3/8m
470ilvl pally LF new home
463 Hunter with 464 Boomkin Alt looking to push raid content
7/8M mage LF guild to join for Ny’alotha!
447 Shadow Priest LF 2-Day Mythic Guild
Returning Mage Player LF Mythic Raiding
438 Lock lf guild
7/8M Warlock looking for CE guild for 8.3 and SL
[h] mal’ganis looking for an aotc guild
[h][us][Mal'Ganis] 451 Prot Pali
LF Small/Medium Social guild <3
CE BoD Dh/Boomkin LF 2-3day mythic guild
Found a guild
Three 4/8M players LF two day M raiding guild
LF Weekend Raiding
Resto Druid LF Sat night Heroic Guild
438 Rogue LF Casual Guild
2 experienced mythic tanks lf guild for 8.3
435 Brewmaster LF raid group and M+ group
Returning healer looking for raid guild
445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild
437 Brewmaster LF Guild for 8.3
Priest and Monk LFG [H] Fenris
LF raiding guild
435 Resto druid 5/8 M LF-Horde
440 bear/resto lf weekend raid group
434 Holy/Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild
Returning Dk with dps and tanking CE exp
[A] 9/9H Fire Mage Looking for a New Home
Returning player looking for fun and helpful adult guild
479 mistweaver 11/12m experience lf guild to push ce
Lf mature raiding group on weekends
9/12 M 480 DK (all specs) LF guild for CE and SL



I applied:) Prot pali

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I would tank high M+keys if needed

If you could add one of our discords listed and we would be glad to give you an invite to our server!

These people are great. I likes 'em a lot. Somebody come tank some big boy m+ keys for me!



Looking for BIG :mage:

Everyone ready for patch day? :tiger:

I’m ready for Tuesday raiding!!! Are you? :wave:

Room for heroic trials, lets go gamers. :bug:

HELO :wave:

Good raid tonight! Still looking for an awesome mage, and some Mythic + players, preferably tanks!

Weekday roster is pretty set, if you’re interested you should be big competition to be considered.

Weekend roster could use more dps and another healer.

Lets get to farmin that M+! Rewards officially increased this week! :blush:

waf :dog2:


Recruitment is open, if we’re interested in an app we reply in a max of 2 days. Big need of DPS.

4/12 :smiley_cat:

Add us! We have trialing spots open for tuesday!! Wednesday heroic too!