6/10M | 12/12M CE BFA | Recruiting

Guild & Server: [Alliance]-Kel’thuzad
Raid Times/Days: 9:30 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST [T/TH/F]
Current Progression: 6/10M
Past Progression: 12/12M CE BFA
Recruitment Contact: Afroduck#0001 [Discord] This is the fastest way for me to respond or replying to this thread with your IGN and a contact method
Requirements: Good logs, and as well as being active outside of raiding.
Needs: Unholy DK, Arms Warrior, Disc Priest, RSham.
We do accept any other specs or classes if you have logs that we can look at.

Outside of raid we like to do Mythic+ keys together, we recently formed a RBG group and are 2100+ pushing into 2400, as well as we do guild sales in keys, or Castle Nathria heroic. If this is something you are interested in let me know.

(We do accept anybody from any realm and if your logs are good enough and we think you are a good fit we will go ahead pay for your transfer)

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