434 Holy/Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild

Happy new year all,

About myself:

I am coming back from a several tier break (quit after Uldir), I am looking to get back into the raiding scene with the launch of the Ny’alotha raid and release of the Shadowlands expansion.

Currently sitting at 434 ilvl and focusing on gearing my Holy set.

I am proficient and comfortable playing Holy and/or Retribution, as deemed necessary. Due to my break, my specs are not optimally geared and are a work in progress with the goal of being prepped for Mythic Ny’alotha and the Shadowlands expansion.

I am willing to main Holy and/or Retribution. I am also very open to being a healer main with a viable DPS off-spec.

My previous raiding experience:

Previously a semi-casual raider from WOTLK to the opening of the Antorus raid:

  • 7/7M CE Highmaul
  • 8/10M BRF
  • 7/7M CE EN
  • 4/10M NH
  • 7/9M ToS

Joined <Aesthetic-Area 52> as a core raiding member for Antorus and beyond where our goal was to push for ranking:

  • 11/11M CE Antorus (World 499 / US 175)
  • 7/8M Uldir (Guild 8/8M CE: World 245 / US 81) I was not in the group when M G’huun was downed due to the precise composition required but actively participated in many, many pulls. Unfortunately, the expansion took its toll on many raiders and the guild collapsed before a rekill. With the collapse of the guild I had been with for about 2 years, I decided to take a break from the game and have only recently come back with a newfound craving to raid.

What am I looking for?

  • Ideally a Horde guild (Area 52 would be the best).
  • Evening raid times with 2 or 3 raid nights/week.
  • Semi-hardcore raid mentality with the intention of downing bosses and advancing guild rank without raiding every night of the week (raiders are expected to put in the effort of researching fights and their classes, continually improving their roles, using raid time optimally, etc.).
  • Guild that promotes constructive criticism in an effort to improve every raider to be better overall.
  • Active and sociable members who do things together outside of usual raid nights (alt runs, PvP, M+, etc).

References are available on demand.

Thanks all,


Hey there Starpie, we would like to talk to you about possibly joining our raid team here in Hoversail! Our core is 4/8m with a lot if mythic and ce raiding experience. Read over our recruitment post below and fill out a very short app on our website if you think it be a good fit for you!

Illidan[H] REWIND 7/8M recruiting for 8.3


We are recruiting for core spot in mythic raiding. Currently 7/8M and 9/9M in BoD. Historically we were a 2 day guild and decided to move to 3 day guild starting in 8.3

Raid times

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7PM to 10PM EST (Need to be online 15 minutes before raid to do trash). After 2 month into the tier, we will drop to a 2 day schedule.

How to Apply

  • Apply here : https// (: ) forms.gle/PdjtB6pZ8GUe6vw8A

  • If you don’t put any effort in your app, probably shouldn’t app.

  • Don’t see your class or spec? No worries! Applications are always open, and every class, role, and spec is encouraged to app.


If you have any questions feel free to message any of the below (please note that adding someone doesn’t mean you won’t need to app :slight_smile:

Nietto : Mat#11420

Rawrlax : Snoarlax#1646.

Asagami : Sasha#12635

Still looking :slight_smile:

Disturbed of US Zul’jin Horde has been around since 2008. We’re a drama-free guild of students and working adults. With a strong core, we’re looking for a few more to round out the roster and achieve CE Azshara. We’re a 7/8 Mythic guild (8/8 CE Uldir and 9/9 CE BFD) with progress on phase 4. We’re also looking for players for 8.3 and beyond. Returning players and rerolls welcome.

Raid schedule:

Wed/Thurs/Mon 8 - 11 pm EST

All classes may apply, but we’re especially in need of these:

Shadow Priest.

If interested, please feel free to contact:

Apple - Apple#11916
Spanky - Spanky#1188 (Discord: Spanky #0476)

Hi Starpie,

{Reprieve} on the thrall server is a guild experienced is 5/8M . Most of us have ether CE experience in the past and/or present. Looking to finish our Mythic raid team with semi-hardcore progression 2-3 nights a week. Current schedule is Tues/Weds Midnight (12am) to 3am EST. Third night may be Thursday or Monday based on raid team’s availability. In our off times we run plenty of high keys and alt raid run. We’re currently recruiting for 8.3 and possibly trying to finish up ep.

Mythic Raid Team Recruitment:
High: Warlock, Boomie, Spriest
Medium: Death knight, WW Monk, Mage
(But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)

Healers - Hpally (But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)
Tank - Closed but applicants may be considered based on skill/exp. Preferred strong dps os

Mythic raid team members are held to a high standard of performance. You must be capable of surviving encounters with minimal failure damage and maintain proper DPS/HPS for your class. As we recruit we do look at logs to see how you perform so please have some ready to view when applying. Anyone falling below tolerated levels (based on logs) or causing wipes may be replaced or removed from the raid team roster. Also having a strong OS or having an equal alt is highly recommended for raid comp. We HATE to have people sit because of inability to adapt (I.e. Both of our raid tanks have multiple mythic ready tanks toons.)

Add on’s:
DBM or Bigwigs
ERT (exorsus raid tools)
Angry Assignments (Mostly for healers)

Recruitment is open to all for social and mythic+ runs.

To discuss more with me please add:

Or wsp me on the realm

Healing specific people who are interested please add:

Hey, I know I’m not horde or on your server, but I’d love to have a flex dps/healer. I’m still gonna post our info just in case :laughing:.

I’m Omopa, from [A] on U.S. Proudmoore. We are a tight-knit guild looking for new players to join our ranks. We are a small but active guild. We run alt runs, guild 5 mans, transmog runs in addition to our main raid that raids 2 nights a week. We have a solid core group looking to expand with the addition of great players that want to progress and work towards a goal of killing mythic bosses. We sport a relaxed friendly environment, that becomes focused when we pull bosses. We find this balance to promote players to play their best, and actually enjoy the people they raid with. Please understand that we are looking for players that can make both of our nights consistently. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us!

Raid days:

Tuesday / Thursday

Raid times:

8-11:00 Eastern (7-10:00) Central, 6-9:00 Mountain, & 5-8:00 Pacific)

Our current progression: 5/8M EP 6/8M Uldir Daza’alor: 9/9H 6/9M CoS: 2/2H

Our current needs are as follows:

Tank: Monk - Warrior - Paladin

Healers: Paladin- Shaman - Monk

Damage: Boomkin, Warlock, Rogue, Spriest, Hunter

Excellent players are always welcome to apply regardless of our current needs.

What you can expect from Depth:

Guild leadership that cares and works hard to make the raid the best we can.

An adult environment that wants to be there and is friendly.

A strong core group, some of which have spent time in hardcore guilds (U.S. top 50) and have a wealth of experience to draw from.

Dedicated players that want to always better themselves.

Guild feats and cauldron for core raiders.

What we expect from you:

Complete knowledge and mastery of your class.

Come prepared for raid: have plenty of the best consumables and knowledge of strats.

Consistent performance and attendance.

Positive attitude, and a willingness to go the extra mile when fights get hard.

Contact us at:



Stratus#1525 ← me

When you finalize your specs being viable for CE pushing then please keep my group in mind. We’re definitely interested in a DPS with a super viable healing os OR possibly vise versa. Our spots will always be open and competitive! Times: T/TH 6-10PM CST/Server. Check our forum below for more info!

Hey there, i’m from Skull Dies Last. I’ll post our spam below. Were looking for both a Ret and Holy Paladin so you would have a chance to play either or both with us. I added your Btag but my contact info is below. I think you’ll make a great fit with us, please let me know if you’re interested.

Guild & Server. Skull Dies Last [H] Area 52
Raid Times/Days: Wednesday and Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST
Current Progression: 6/8M
Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Dysax#4378
Bnet: Dysax#11474
Requirements: Must be reliable with Mythic raiding experience. 67+ neck, ready to raid come 8.3
Needs: Currently looking for a Ret Paladin, Holy Paladin, Dps DK, and a Rogue. Any exceptional player will be considered, every raid spot is competitive, even mine.