LF Second guild for SL -

Currently 11/12 Fire Mage will be getting CE, but I posted out the week of the kill, However ill be looking for a weekend raiding guild for my 2nd toon, Prefer the later the better. I also have a frost dk i could come to ur raid now, please be at least 11/12. Ill be maining WW monk and my alt in shadowlands will probably be a shadow priest/frost dk unsure. just lmk if anything k thx.

Hi Saax,

Split is a weekend mythic raiding guild on Mal’Ganis.

Hours: Fri - Sat 10:00pm -1:00am EST

Leadership is currently 12/12m and all members have true CE experience dating back to Cata. We’re looking for just a few more DPS to finish the roster and a solid Spriest would be perfect. Our goal for every tier in SL and beyond is ~ US 300 on a tight 6 hour schedule.

We are currently housing a few 12/12m alts because of the upcoming changes in SL.

We are not actively raiding this tier and are taking a slow, methodical approach to recruiting. If any of the sparks your interest, please send me a request on Discord.


Good luck in your search.