Delete please

delete please

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I applied:) Prot pali

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I would tank high M+keys if needed

If you could add one of our discords listed and we would be glad to give you an invite to our server!

These people are great. I likes 'em a lot. Somebody come tank some big boy m+ keys for me!



Looking for BIG :mage:

Everyone ready for patch day? :tiger:

I’m ready for Tuesday raiding!!! Are you? :wave:

Room for heroic trials, lets go gamers. :bug:

HELO :wave:

Good raid tonight! Still looking for an awesome mage, and some Mythic + players, preferably tanks!

Weekday roster is pretty set, if you’re interested you should be big competition to be considered.

Weekend roster could use more dps and another healer.

Lets get to farmin that M+! Rewards officially increased this week! :blush:

waf :dog2:


Recruitment is open, if we’re interested in an app we reply in a max of 2 days. Big need of DPS.

4/12 :smiley_cat:

Add us! We have trialing spots open for tuesday!! Wednesday heroic too!