Delete please

delete please

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Multi class Tank Looking for 2-3 mythic raiding guild READ
7/8M Warlock looking for CE guild for 8.3 and SL
479(477) Boomy/ OS resto 4/12M 7/12mExp
[A/H] 226 - 8/10M Warlock - LF mythic guild
[h] mal’ganis looking for an aotc guild
209 BM Hunter 3/10 Mythic
12/12M Mage LF guild
8/10M Lock LF guild
Returning player looking for fun and helpful adult guild
[A] 9/9H Fire Mage Looking for a New Home
438 Lock lf guild
Returning Mage Player LF Mythic Raiding
8/10M ranged DPS LF raid
7/10m dps lf new guild as healer
Unholy DK, Illidan, LFG for Mythic Progression
474 Destruction Warlock
477 Lock 6/12M looking for CE Prog
475 Destro LF Mythic Progression Guild
475 Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
475 hpally/478 resto druid LF M Guild
477 Destro
474 Resto Shaman LFG
Returning Dk with dps and tanking CE exp
447 Shadow Priest LF 2-Day Mythic Guild
440 bear/resto lf weekend raid group
434 Holy/Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild
435 Resto druid 5/8 M LF-Horde
LF raiding guild
2 experienced mythic tanks lf guild for 8.3
10/10M 226 Holy Paladin
Priest and Monk LFG [H] Fenris
437 Brewmaster LF Guild for 8.3
445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild
Lf mature raiding group on weekends
Returning healer looking for raid guild
435 Brewmaster LF raid group and M+ group
438 Rogue LF Casual Guild
Resto Druid LF Sat night Heroic Guild
LF Weekend Raiding
Three 4/8M players LF two day M raiding guild
Found a guild
CE BoD Dh/Boomkin LF 2-3day mythic guild
LF Small/Medium Social guild <3
[h][us][Mal'Ganis] 451 Prot Pali
7/8M mage LF guild to join for Ny’alotha!
7/10M players looking for a new home
(8/10M) 225 Destro/Demo Warlock LF Guild
224 Rsham LF Mythic Guild
463 Hunter with 464 Boomkin Alt looking to push raid content
470ilvl pally LF new home
460 havoc dh lf weekend guild 6/12h, 3/8m
465 Boomy and 467 Unh DK LF Guild
470 warrior tank can dps, looking for gamers
Duo 461 Fire Mage 468 Brewmaster LF Mythic Guild
456 CE Fire Mage Looking for CE Team
468 Fire Mage <Alliance>
4/12M 470 BM Hunter
H-472 boomy 6/12m LFG
[H] 468 Shadow Priest LF Mythic raiding guild
465 Warlock, 12/12H 3/12M LFG
LF Guild 3/12m Spriest
470 Destro Lock 12/12H LF Mythic Guild
9/10M Multiclass player lf Similiar or 10/10M prog
470 Shadow Priest 3/12M LF guild
467 Warlock LF Guild
467 5/12m Lock LFG
226 assa rogue main / 220 destro alt TOP 50 US exp
470 Ret / Holy Pally LF raiding guild for SL
Blood DK LF Raiding Guild
(H) 474 MW Monk looking for Mythic prog guild
Delete plz
9/12M Lock Looking for mythic raiding guild
Ranged player looking for guild in Shadowlands
3/12m 475(477) Blood DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild
10/12M 479 ilvl Balance Druid LF SL Guild
LF guild for CE progression in Shadowlands
11/12M Tank LF secondary guild
469 fire mage (4/12 exp) lf guild / raid team
Close please
476 Warlock LF Mythic Raiding Guild
6/12M 472 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
LF Guild doesnt matter your prog 9/12 mythic 3.7k io Havoc DH
<H> ilvl 477 Resto shaman need mythic guild willing to transfer
223 DK & 222 Hpal LF M Raiding guild, 6pm-11pm EST
4/12 Exp UDK LF New Home
221 Elemental Shaman LF Raiding/PvP Guild
226 R Shaman LF A GUILD
6/12M 478 Demo/Destro Lock
Brewmaster/Prot Pally (3/12 M Nya) LF Active Mythic Raiding Guild
12/12M Player Re-rolling to Tank, LF Guild
[H] Holy Priest/Paladin LF Raiding Guild
480 ret pally LF Mythic Raiding Guild/Trial Spot
477 BM Hunter LF Mythic guild
10char 10char
473 dk lf mythic guild
Need mythic raiding guild
477 6/12M Fury/Arms Looking for shadowlands guild/place to continue raiding
(H) - 6/12M 479 Rogue/480Rdruid LF Guild
[A] Arms Warrior LF Shadowlands Raiding (3800 iO - 3/12M)
476 unholy DK LF raiding guild
477 Priest LF CE Guild for Shadowlands
[H] 5/12M Fire Mage/DH LF new home
477 Disc/HPriest LF Mythic Guild
Two CE experienced players looking for mythic raiding guild for SL
9/12M Mage LF Guild
475 IL fury warrior 11-12M LF CE focused
475 BM Hunter
Group of 4 Looking For Mythic Guild
Returning [H]Warlock in search of raiding guild for SL
LF new H guild for shadowlands. have 5 players
Healer LF Mythic Raiding Guild in SL
6/12M Raider lf weeknight guild to finish Mythic Nya
Home found
Previous Top 100 US Priest Heals LF Guild
5/12 unholy/blood /balance/disc
(H) 473 DH looking for Mythic guild
Holy Priest LFGuild
5/12M Nyalotha mage/hunter LF mythic raiding guild
9/12M Disc Priest and Resto Druid Healer Duo LF Mythic Raiding
9/12 M 480 DK (all specs) LF guild for CE and SL
479 mistweaver 11/12m experience lf guild to push ce
5/12M Exp 478 Ret Paladin/477 Fury Warrior LFG
475 7/12m dh lf raid team!
479 WW 6/12M LF guild Horde
6/12M 478 Destro Lock looking to push CE
481ilvl 11/12M Fury Warrior lfg PST
Warlock LF Guild
4/12M 472 Spriest (Multiclass capable) LF Mythic Raiding Guild / M+
Ex CE raider Looking for new team for me and friend
CE Raider LF Mythic team for Shadowlands
473 Ret Paladin
480 A Rogue
6/12m 476 Lock - LF Mythic Raiding Guild (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
475 Fury warrior Looking for CE guild willing to transfer
[A] 11/12M Healer LF SL Raiding guild
8/10M Fire Mage LFG
11/12M Warlock LF 12/12M Guild
479 10/12 M Warlock looking for raiding guild EST to wrap up BFA
Warlock LF CE home for shadowlands
224 Unholy DK Lf Horde M Raiding Guild
11/12M 479 Boomkin/473 lock LF CE for SL
9/12 M Rogue
LF Second guild for SL -
Looking for mythic guild
12/12M 478 Havoc DH LF CE guild
224 8/10M Hpal
7/10M 224 Boomy/Aff Lock LF new home
224 Unholy DK Lf M Raiding Guild
224Enhance sham/226unhholy DK LF Raiding guild
226 Outlaw Rogue LFG to Raid with
[H] Illidan 226 Kyrian HPal 8/10M LF guild
8/10M 226 Sin/Outlaw Rogue LF CE GUILD
NYA CE, BOD CE, ULD CE ilvl 174 Hpal LFG
DK and Rdruid Duo LF CE or near CE guild
HPAL 187 LF CE Mythic Raid Guild Anydays Mon-Sun
[H] 177 Resto druid LF guild
[H]6/10M 1500io MM NF Hunter LF M+ Focus
Returning player LF mythic team
225 Fire Mage 5/10M LF Mythic raid
[H][Illidan] MM Hunter LF guild
Returning player Looking for a guild
H Pal/R Druid/ R sham 2/10M LF new home
206 Marksman Hunter LF raid group
205 Ret looking for Heroic/mythic guild
200 Spriest LF raiding guild
202 CE Resto/Boomkin looking for guild
212 9/10H balance druid LF raiding guild
[A] 204 Balance Druid LF CE/M+/PvP
9/10H 210lvl Unholy Dk Or 209 Lock Looking for Guild
Fury warrior lf home
210 Resto Sham LF CE guild
200+ Arms/Fury Mythic LFG CE
MM hunt lf heroic/mythic guild
192 R shaman 10/10 n and 3/10 H lf raiding
204 DH LF Mythic Guild
212 Enh Sham LF mythic guild
189 Warlock AOTC/Mythic xp LF Guild [H/A]
[H] 7/10 H 205 Ele Shaman LF Guild
206 boomie/resto LFG
211 Ret LF CE focused Guild
Resto Druid
205 Guardian Druid LF guild
202 IL Monk Heals LF heroic Team
Ex-top 50 US tank LF raiding guild
215 Marksman Hunter LFG
207 ilvl Ele/Resto Shaman 1/10M&9/10H LF CE guild
205 ilvl Spriest
200 Spriest LF raiding guild
211 Spriest LF Mythic Guild [A/H]
201 Warlock looking for mythic prog raiding guild
200ilvl resto sham/ Huntard LF Mythic prog guild
SPriest Horde-Illidan LF weekend raiding guild
Disc/Holy LF Raiding Guild
1/10M, 10/10H Spriest Lf Mythic Progression Guild
7/10H outlaw Rogue LF H/M prog guild and home, Horde preferred
210 Warlock LF CE Guild
214 Balance druid Looking for raiding guild
Boomy/Resto Druid LF Guild
3/10M MM Hunter LF Guild
196 7/10 Heroic Warlock Looking for Weekend Raiding Guild
9/10 heroic looking for weekend guild
2/10M Fire Mage LF EASTERN Mythic Raiding Guild
[H or A] MM hunter 95%+parses 2/10m LF CE hard push guild
212 ret pal lf mythic guild on zul'jin
[H] Feral Druid/Prot Paly LF mythic content
LF CE Guild
210 Destro Warlock & 201 UN DK LF Raid Guild
213 Fire Mage LF raiding guild
Delete Please
10/10H Surv Hunter LF weekend Mythic Guild
Experienced Unholy DK, Illidan Server, LFG
216 3/10M MM Hunter LF Guild
200 Havoc DH LF Guild
198 Ret Paladin looking for raiding and community
214 hunter 2/10M LF guild
202 Fire Mage 8/10H CE xp raider LF Guild
Delete Please
205iLvl Druid(Balance/Guardian) LF AOTC Guild
CE raider swapping to lock, LF Guild
Past CE raider looking for CE oriented guild!
210 Fire Mage Looking for Mythic Raiding!
[H] 215 Unholy DK LF mythic raiding guild
CE Nya 2/10M MM Hunter 217 // Looking for CE team
9/10H 216 ilvl aff lock LF guild
220 Arms Warrior lfg
215 spriest 10/10H, 2/10M LF guild
219 MM Hunter - 3/10 M LF Guild
(A) RDps/Healer OS LFG
[A] Shadow Priest ilvl 211 looking for a mythic raiding guild
7x CE - 7 Players LF CE Guild
221 UNHOLY DK LF CE GUILD {repost}
220 Fire Mage 3/10M LF late night guild
210 Shadow Priest LF CE Guild (EST) - Top 30 US Experience in WoD
[H][Mal'ganis] 9/10H 213 MM Hunter/201 Fire Mage LF CE Guild
207 Fire mage LF Guild
[A] 221 Ele Sham LF Mythic Raiding
Affliction Warlock LF guild
10/10 heroic fire/frost mage wanting to switch to MM hunter LF Guild
212 H MM Hunter LFG
217 Subtlety 10/10 Heroic LF Mythic Raiding Guild
217 Subtlety 10/10H LF Mythic Raiding Guild
[H] Resto/Balance Druid and Disc/Shadow Priest
6/10M | 12/12M CE BFA | Recruiting
[H] 2/10M 10/10H 6Hours/Week lfm
217 Subtlety LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Boomy LF mythic guild
[H] 5/10M 220 Shadow Priest LF Mythic raiding guild
4/10M 218 Prot Warrior Top 100 US Experience LF Mythic Guild
226 ww/224 uhdk alt LF guild 8/10M exp
210 Guardian Druid
224 Havoc/Veng LF mythic progg guild
3/10M 218 TANK VDH looking for CE 9+hour guild
3/10M 218ilvl Brewmaster LF Guild
9/10H 1/10M 220 Prot paladin LF daytime raiding guild or Fri/Sat
[H] looking for guild. ((read))
Two Mages and a bear tank LFG All 212+ 9/10H
211 Vengeance DH LF CE Focused Guild
Vengeance Demonhunter
Hpal (3/10) LF Mythic Guild
7/10 m fire mage looking for a guild
221 boomy LF guild
220 Holy Priest 6/10M LFG
7/10M - Two Boomies + Rsham
225 Boomkin/223Hpal(alt) 6/10M (former world 100 raider) LF Guild
6/10M 225 Hpal, 225 Lock and 224 Boomy LF CE Guild
221 rsham 4/10m exp lf mythic raiding guild
224 Shadow Priest with previous CE experience looking for a CE guild
[4/10] 221 Balance/Guardian Druid LF mythic guild
2 Multi-class CE players LFG
[H] 224 7/10M Boomy and 220 7/10 M DH/DK/disc priest LFG
3/10M Rogue LF Guild
8/10M DPS or Prot warrior LF M prog
[A/H] 222 ilvl Warlock LF 2 Day CE Mythic Guild (Still looking, willing to xfer and faction change)
[A] 225 and 226 CE Exp Hunters LF New Home
226 Unholy dk LF Mythic raiding guild
8/10M Ele/Resto Sham
8/10M 224 Holy Priest w/ Shadow OS LF Guild
8/10m Shadow with 150+ SLG Pulls
8/10m Priesty Boy
9/10M Tank/Melee LFG
220 ele sham LF guild
8/10m 84665
[H] 6/10M Disc priest looking for raiding guild (former CE)
8/10 holy paladin looking for raid team
215 Prot paladin lf raiding guild
3/10M 225 Boomkin LF mythic raid
Four 10/10M friends looking for a raiding guild



I applied:) Prot pali

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I would tank high M+keys if needed

If you could add one of our discords listed and we would be glad to give you an invite to our server!

These people are great. I likes 'em a lot. Somebody come tank some big boy m+ keys for me!



Looking for BIG :mage:

Everyone ready for patch day? :tiger:

I’m ready for Tuesday raiding!!! Are you? :wave:

Room for heroic trials, lets go gamers. :bug:

HELO :wave:

Good raid tonight! Still looking for an awesome mage, and some Mythic + players, preferably tanks!

Weekday roster is pretty set, if you’re interested you should be big competition to be considered.

Weekend roster could use more dps and another healer.

Lets get to farmin that M+! Rewards officially increased this week! :blush:

waf :dog2:


Recruitment is open, if we’re interested in an app we reply in a max of 2 days. Big need of DPS.

4/12 :smiley_cat:

Add us! We have trialing spots open for tuesday!! Wednesday heroic too!