Delete please

got da doggy tonight! whee

We’re in need of some big rDPS who are ready to go for prog! Apply! We respond within 2 days, if we haven’t then we aren’t interested!

played some soccer :smiley:

Really in need of a GOOD warlock, come trial with us this Tuesday!

Add us and trial tomorrow/Wednesday! We’ll be waiting :call_me_hand:

In need of good players, please app/add us even if your class isn’t listed and you’re a beast

Someone call the OT police, we got dres downnnn!

trial with us tomorrow! lf casters! :mage: :woman_mage:

beep bop boop :robot:

Got vex tonight :smiley: and recleared a lot!

Trial with us while we’re still reclearing! Locking down soon! :lock:

We can trial mages with tonight’s reclear! Please add us asap!

Still looking for 1 big FIRE MAGE :mage: for prog, any other classes may apply and join for reclear trials but our first N’zoth roster is set :+1: No healers!

Carapace at 1% :cactus:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD US! REALLY looking for a MAGE but will settle for a BEASSSSST Master :bow_and_arrow:


Gooooood Morning Gamers

Any mages/hunters play around this time lf raid team? :DDDD

Lookin for some casters for SL :slight_smile:

He’s finally ded :raised_hands: Reclearing next week!