Resto Druid LF Sat night Heroic Guild

Prefer Alliance, but will consider Horde.

I took a break from WoW to do RL stuff last year. I started playing again a month ago, and thought I would be able to just do totally casual. But the raiding bug has struck me again. And to add to that, all of the people I was playing with, are no where to be seen.

So now I’m looking for a new guild, and also new friends. I’ve raided Heroic and Mythic on different characters, since Vanilla. I lean heavily towards healing classes and ranged dps.

About me: Nerdy, dorky, gamer. On Sunday nights, I play Palladium Rifts. I have two cats, Kalimdor and Antonica. I know you all will get the first reference, but what about the second?!

Hey Vishka,

I think we might just be a great fit for you as long as you’re willing to come over to the dark side. of Zul’jin is sort of the best of both worlds as we’re Mythic+ focused we also will have two schedule +one night+ raid teams coming in 8.3.

If you’re active, social and actually enjoy playing the game. Check out the post at the bottom and let’s chat!

Our weekend group is casual and although it’s Sat/Sun if you can only attend Saturday that’s completely fine. Check out our forum for more info if you’re interested!

Times: Sat/Sun 7-9PM CST/Server