[A] Arms Warrior LF Shadowlands Raiding (3800 iO - 3/12M)


I am currently looking for a guild to raid with for Ny’alotha farm and Shadowlands progression. I am open to a variety of raid environments, so feel free to leave some info below about what makes your guild stand out!


Discord: Hayden#0420
BNet: Hayden#12192

7:00 PM - 12:00 AM CST
Monday - Friday

Character Info:
475 Equipped
Full Gems/Corruption (Including Avoidant)
Rank Three Essences (Both M+ and Raid)

About Me:
This will be my first time progression raiding since Uldir. I played Holy Paladin then and was consistently parsing 95%+ on 7/8 mythic fights. I am looking for an active and competitive guild both inside and outside of raid. I enjoy pushing keys, hanging out with my fellow gamers in Discord, and running scuffed content with friends and alts.

Maining Arms Warrior is my plan for Shadowlands but will I will play and actively gear a Paladin and Mage as well.







Thank you for taking the time to check out my post!

I see your availability but if Saturday opens up our weekend team is looking for solid, reliable DPS

Still looking!

[A] Fumes – Stormrage


Fumes is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking for more raiders to fill in the last spots we have available. We are aiming to push for CE in Shadowlands and still do current content.


Tuesday 9pm-12am EST

Wednesday 9pm-12am EST

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Bnet Kingz87#1718

Discord Jaws#4853
We would love to have you in our Guild.

Anyone out there?