Geoff appreciation thread

I think that’s certainly possible. Overall her healing output is still higher than the other healers, which she pays for by not being able to split focus and do other things while healing. I’d also love to be able to increase the power of her damage boosting, but it causes a lot of issues with various breakpoints where suddenly X hero can one-shot 200 health heroes etc. There are other ways to make it feel better without just adding raw damage though, we’ll see.

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Wait, the hack visuals changed on PTR?

I’m really grateful for the devteam. They’re pretty supportive and kind. One of them sent me a huge box of OW gifts after reading my Reddit post and someone else even offered to drive me to the OWL stadium. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it, but that was one of the nicest things I’ve seen any video game company do.

I also really enjoy the recent balance changes for the most part. They’re pretty sound and address a lot of the issues that have plagued the game for a long time.


You just made me so happy!

Damage boost is my FAVORITE part of her whole kit, I love using it to ensure kills and help my team perform at their peak!

Thank you for the response and im excited for any potential changes to make her feel better!


Yes they increased opacity on the oulines and the initial skull which vanishes shortly after the hack.

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Aww, I’d hoped to see an Omnic thief someday that could open temporarily holes in walls by putting a portal on the wall using stolen Vishkar tech and causing a duplicate on the other end to temporarily open up the wall for travel/shooting.


Oh nice I’ll have to go check that out. Thanks.

Or just a character with a gun like the one from Portal lol

I actually looked into the railings stuff with Symm/Reaper ground targeting and worked on it for a while last week. It turns out its a bit more complicated and is going to require some code changes to try to change it, but i’m hoping we can get something in next patch if it goes well in play testing.

As far as the teleport build speed… maybe. I totally get the thing where you go to try to make the clutch save and the build time is so long that they die anyway, but the concern is we need to make sure we don’t just give your whole team nearly instant teleportation across a huge area. If we’re not careful it could really make all chokes not even worth trying to defend etc. That said it something we could try and play test with and see how it goes.


Who’s the toughest hero for you to balance and why? I’m guessing that heroes like Doom, Sombra, and Mei are pretty hard because there seems to be a fine line between trash and op

Are there any future plans for Bastion?

I honestly believe that was holding him back is his raw dmg output in Sentry mode

What i meant is that its taking WAY too much power that the rest of his kit could use to make him more viable

Kinda similar to Torbjorn who had his Turret somewhat nerfed but the hero itself got buffed

Thanks for reading Geoff :3

I’ve really just wanted to see reload be toggled to Guardian Angel with beam target priority, and freeing up the current toggle with Guardian Angel to be your aimed-at target. I’ve gone back and forth with how I’ve toggled GA, it made me wish I had two buttons for it, and reload is… right there. I think that’d be a fun, mini-buff to give her, because it does sort of feel like Mercy is “missing out” on GA opportunities depending on whether she has her options set a certain way.


Geoff, why have you guys abandoned separate console balancing? Why do you feel console is so drastically different right now from PC?I don’t think the difference has ever felt so extreme.


Is there anything in the pipeline for Pharah? I feel she has a similar balancing problem.


Would you be considering a new hero with a flight ability(s)? Heroes who can take to the skies via some aerobatics feels really good. And its great you’re here to chat on the forums tonight :heart: :smile:

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Awesome! So good to know it’s being looked at. Also, shielding?

I understand if it’s something you’d rather give to a new support hero but it just feels “missing” from Sym.


Have you ever consider a possible Tank idea that heals them-self by converting incoming damage into healing?

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Echo has wings :eyes:


Hmm… you’re right…


Oh my gosh, if that could actually happen, it’d be awesome!!!

I know that the forums can be like a cesspool sometimes, but thanks for taking the time to answer some of these questions and give a little insight into the behind the scenes~