Mercy needs her 60 hp/s back

If Mercy returns to 60 hps, again, what are you ready to sacrifice for that? Or this should be just straight buff?

And stop assuming stuff that I never said. Just please answer a question, without emotional rant about a nerf I never suggested ot mentioned.

Yes, it should be straight buff. People far overestimate power of resurrect, when it’s so limited, that from bronze to GM there is almost no difference in numbers.

Stop demanding sacrifices: a lot of power was already lost, when multiple resurrects were gone.

And if you insist, remove infinite ammo from Valkyrie, together with chain beams.


Well, that where I disagree for two reasons:

  1. I don’t think Mercy is anywhere near underpowered. She is not OP either, IMO. She’s just currently out of meta, but still sees decent pickrate and winrate.

  2. If we just straight up introduce more healing into the game, it won’t make people select Mercy over Ana. It will force them to select both and have insane healing.


I was talking in general, he doesn’t have you specifically. I told you that ana has no regeneration, as I told you, ana needs a rework.
I’ll ask you another question: do you play ana, moira and mercy at this time?
Because seeing the profiles of others who refuse this buff do not play mercy. I wonder why.
Forget the meta, that you never or almost never see the goats, whatever your rank.


No, I don’t play them much. I still don’t think this somehow makes my posts any more right or wrong. Because if we only listen to Mercy players - she will be buffed into the sky.

I am just afraid that straight up introducing more healing into current game is wrong. And will only enforce tank metas more. True, that I don’t see goats often, but tank stacking is already quite common even in QP.

Also, do you play a lot of Ana that you ask for her rework?

With mercy? But are you serious?
Mercy forces the meta dps, ana and moira force the meta tank.
Moira and ana need a rework, ana needs more mobility (grapple at widowmaker), moira needs utilities.
Personally I think that mercy should have the ultimate rez (single), on the E nothing. On “E” I have no ideas, valkyria makes mercy too strong, because it heals him aoe, while he should maintain one of his weaknesses of being able to heal a single target. Valkyria must be eliminated.
But aside from the idea of another rework, mercy needs 60 hps because even if it is not a trash trier, it is in a strange position, to work it needs another main support. Or with Zen he needs an aggressive and coordinated team (even in GM this condition is difficult).
With 60 hps it doesn’t come back oppressive and it shows that the goats was born before its last nerf.
Also with the buff at Ana August 2018, the nerf was not necessary.
Of course with 60 hps your pick rate will grow, but it doesn’t become dominant.
Currently rank high is ana that is dominant (the goats even in gm you see it very rarely).
On the other hand, even goodman wrote that they are thinking of a mercy buff. Perhaps now they are waiting for the impact of baptiste games before deciding.

in response to Ryan’s question:

Here is also the answer for you. In fact, this is why they are thinking of buffing healing at mercy.
Otherwise, goodman would have denied the possibility of a buff with the conviction of statistical data. Which in any case doesn’t mean anything.
We’ll see what happens.

(sorry my bad english)


Yes, overall I agree with your post, but exactly Geoff mentions that they are thinking about buffing her damage boost, not healing. I seriously doubt overwatch right now, as a whole game, needs any more healing. After othe healers being changed - maybe Mercy can have her healing buffed.

No responds to the possible buff to the healing, in fact then speaks of the fact that mercy has a higher average healing (that’s why they are still thinking about it). Then he speaks of the other question of the DB.

thing is, mercy with 60 hps was good even with tanks.
You may look at ana’s numbers and say “oh, she heals 75, that’s more”, but ana can miss. And she looses on A LOT of hps if she misses just one shot.
Mercy can’t miss her heals and can go wherever she wants.

Now, not saying 60 hps would make her busted (although she was still the best healer before the nerf), but 60 hps with no cooldown, no miss chance and the ability to always apply it on whoever you want is more than people give her credit for.

Simply put, she’s not the go to, works-in-every-comp hero anymore. You need to factor in map and composition.
The reason why she wasn’t stronger when she had 60 hps before rework is because back then ana was absolutely busted. She had 80 damage per round, nade doubled healing and lasted 5 seconds. And remember when nano would also give you double speed?

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i hate to say it but,

there’s just better healers than mercy. mercy is best played when you have dive, and or 2 snipers. thats about all she’s good for.

Question, why was mercy dominant after reworking? Was it for his 60 hps? No it was for his rez.
Ana does not make 75 hps, but every 6 seconds makes 75 + 33.5 (potentially). It is not a problem of average healing, the point is not that but the burst healing, the ability to mitigate the damage the tanks receive in a short period of time. 50 hps for a main support are too few, if blizzard is thinking of a possible healing buff it is because it is aware of this. Or mercy becomes off support then his hps can also go down, but with the inclusion of a defensive ultimate, or he must return to 60 hps. Now mercy doesn’t even understand what role she has. This is demonstrated by the fact that many consider it an off support, others a main support.
I can also do an average healing per minute of 2500 hps, but if I can’t keep the front line I’m useless. Furthermore, the blizzard itself wants mercy to have a higher average healing than everyone, because mercy does not contribute to team damage or kill it. If you have a support that does less average healing than others and does not kill or damage it, it is useless. Obviously, mercy outperforms ana healing, otherwise blizzard didn’t even think about buffarla mercy. But there is to say, that by playing ana, I often exceed my team’s mercy because I concentrate on healing the tanks and ana healing the tanks from its maximum healing potential.
If one takes for example as a strength of a support the average healings then moira should be nerfed, and should be omnipresent. No, because a support is evaluated not only for its average healings, but from its general kit.
Moira: high average healing, high burst healing, aoe healing, but no utility, average damage of 4k and kill. Consequence? Moira is good for nothing.
Mercy: high average healing, low burst healing, no aoe healing (except in valkyria, but an ultimate), rez and DB as a utility, no average damage and no kill.
Ana: medium average healing, high burst healing, aoe healing (grenade), sleep and denial healings as a utility, life-saving ultimate(in single target), 3k average damage and kill.
From diamond upwards between moira and mercy, mercy is preferred, but between mercy and ana we prefer ana, from diamond up ana dominates.
Mercy from January 2018 with 60 hps did not dominate, was favored by the meta double sniper (hanzo rework). The goats was born before the nerf in mercy (May 2018). Mercy if it returns to 60 hps does not dominate the meta.
Is that always the question? But do you play support ana, moira and mercy? No has value, because only if you play them you understand the substantial difference between the 3 main support. And as if I want to know the differences and subtleties between the various dps with respect to a main dps.


people considering and playing mercy as an off healer are just asking for trouble.
She CANNOT work as an off healer, healing numbers have nothing to do with the classifications.
A main healer has their healing tied to their weapon and offensive oriented ults.
Mercy is a main healer by design. She doesnt work as an off healer, valk is not a defensive ult.

And ana is not as dominant as you may think, at peast not in terms of power. She’s very strong at high levels, but lags behind in pro and is suicide to play in lower ranks.
Mercy with 60 hps dominated from january till august. And not just because of the meta, dive was oargely unchanged until brig came by and double sniper was ended with hanzo and zarya’s nerfs.

I dunno what would happen if mercy had 60 hps back now, but it’s not like she didnt have it coming.

Ps: were are you from, italy?

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It’s matter of potential: can Ana save you, if you got bad luck(too much damage)? Yes, in many cases, they even had to nerf nanoboost from 300 hp restored down to 150. If she failed to, it’s mistake of Ana player, or unlucky player got too deep in trouble.

Can Mercy do same? Not really: if damage exceeds 50 hps(and “too much” damage usually is 100+) you are doomed, and she may not be able to resurrect you either, since it happened in unsafe location. Even if it’s good Mercy.

Players would rather have healer, that isn’t very mobile, but has decent chance of preventing death, than one, that can go anywhere, but with little success.

Nanoboost can and often is used as defensive ultimate. You got tank, that is about to go down, that prevents enemy from advancing? Give him nanoboost, and maintaining frontline becomes much easier for both of you. And it keeps your whole team, that is behind mentioned tank, out of harm’s way, when they would otherwise get erased as soon as tank dies.

Return 60 hps, or instant rez. Having utility with so many things, that can go wrong in the process, is liability in many cases. Too many times it’s better to not bother with resurrects, since alive Mercy is more useful, than dead one.


What are you saying? Main support: high burst healing, ultimate offensive. Off support: low burst healing, ultimate defensive. Do you think moira if we put a defensive ultimate on it is an off support?
So much so that to work mercy you have to play it with Ana, without ana or moira, with mercy it’s hard. Go and watch the GM streaming and ask them if mercy should be played without ana or moira.
You too have confused ideas because of mercy.

I already answered you, it was due to the meta hanzo + widowmaker, in OWL before the release of brigitte there was the dive, with the mercy dive it is a must both at 50 hps and 60 hps. Brigitte arrived, after a while the goats was born, also thanks to the nerf in hanzo and widow (rein, zarya,, brigitte, lucio, moira), in May 2018 during the contenders (G.O.A.T.S. team), later modified with insertion of zen instead of moira in OWL.
At comp level, ana dominates, in OWL the pro prefer off support in goats. In comp the goats you see very rarely and when you see it sometimes there is ana instead of zen. This denies who says that mercy is not favored by the current meta.
It shows that the nerf at mercy was useless.
Indeed with the nerf at mercy at comp level, you often see triple tank or triple support (ana, brigitte, lucio or zen instead of lucio), not the goats, but with a one dps. For the weakness of the healing burst of mercy.



True enough, but Mercy DOES have to aim to heal, damage boost, and yes attack using her pistol. An her pistol is not very forgiving. Never heard of “Battle Mercy”? The problem is SOME streamers/Pros/ex-Pros put out repeatedly that Mercy is a “No aim, no brain hero.” Thus the comparison I put out, some of the other healers DON’T aim to heal, it is AOE.
Another problem is some streamers claiming that “Mercy is always hiding” when anyone, who isn’t biased against Mercy, can look at games that are put out on Stream/YouTube an see that a good Mercy player is not hiding. She is in the thick of a fight trying to keep her teammates alive.


I disagree.

Mercy’s healing nerf was before the dust could settle after / around the time of the other supports being buffed. Who knows how much of a difference the other supports being buffed would have made. It’s possible those buffs would have made them playable and thus the Mercy HPS nerf wasn’t needed.

But still, Mercy remains the only healer who cannot deal damage and heal at the same time. So either they revert her HPS or allow her to DPS like other healers can.

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OP Mercy couldn’t either. Thankfully, Mercy doesn’t need to ever do damage because of her mobility.

Hang on, I wouldn’t say mercy never needs to do damage. But I also wouldn’t call it a weakness that she can’t heal and do damage at the same time.

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How about…55 hps?

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fine, just more then she has now