Mercy needs her 60 hp/s back

It’s how it should be, but not how it would be, in many cases.

And even for push, Valkyrie is pathetic: damage boosting doesn’t give your teammate aimbot.

Ok, valkyrie negates poke damage and is good for push.
But in this thread someone is claming that it is a good defensive ult.

Just no.


Well a push starts with picking someone (probably the second healer) or an Ana nade so obviously it won’t work as good for defense.
And yeah damage boost is pretty weak but if you alternate heal and boost well enough you should be able to keep your team alive and help them kill the enemies faster.

Anyway Valk is still way more engaging than Brig’s ult or Baptiste’s.


This is still ostensibly true. Mercy per game only does 4% less healing than Moira, who has an AOE heal for 80HPS.

As far as the numbers show, they have no reason to buff Mercy if she’s healing 30% more than the other healers except Moira. She’s also sitting at nearly an almost perfectly even win rate, and has a healthy overall pickrate. Why would they even bother looking at Mercy right now?

You can’t compare mercy with all other support, but on ana and moira. Because mercy obviously heals more than zen, brig and lucio.
But on ana and moira I leave you what animetic wrote (I think you know it):

This in response to what he wrote goodman:

To ryan’s question:

But leaving this exchange of ideas aside, I answered you about what animetic wrote.
I rely on what blizzard and top 500 or GM players say, you only on what you want. I’m not saying that surely it will come buff, but there is this possibility.

EDIT:I allowed myself to see your profile, you don’t play mercy, I wonder why …


Well duh. Mercy will always do more healing over the course of a match, it’s her primary function and is unhindered by shields, LoS, and she can be mobile while healing. There’s no reason to ever NOT heal, unless your’re damage boosting, whereas with Moira and Ana they take time to damage, recharge meters, use their cooldowns, try to run away from people, etc. and are blocked by shields.

Mercy would outheal them even if she did 45 HPS, I think. But does that mean shes the better healer?


Furthermore, nobody wrote, at least I didn’t, that mercy is trash pick, but as I said, there are two conditions to work: a coordinated and aggressive team with zen and mercy (but I assure you in comp also to GM is rare) , a team with ana and mercy. Apart from the first condition (obviously rare and I hope you understand why), in the second condition there are many negative implications. You have no defensive ultimate, ana does not synergize well with mercy having two completely opposite characteristics, an offensive (pushes to compotition dps) as support, the other defensive always as support of the team (pushes to compotition tank).
What then does a 60 hps return mean? The zen + mercy duo returns to work, ana thanks to the buff of July 2018 does not return to being a trash pick. In essence, in my opinion there would be more balance between the two main supports (baptiste still to be seen, moira is a separate discussion).
Because at present in certain ranks (from diamond upwards) it is always convenient to use the duo lucio + ana. Lately the mercy pick rate has also increased to high rank, but it is due to the patch, it should fall if it remains at 50 hps but even if it doesn’t fall, ana still dominates the scene. Since I don’t like to use most of the time a single support (be it ana, mercy, moira or baptiste), I’m asking for a better balance between the main support, which currently isn’t there.
Because the main support determines the composition of the team, if I have a team based on dps I use mercy, if I have a team based on tank I use ana. And if you like to play with three tanks (or 4 with moira), then I’ll shut up. Furthermore having more balanced support means more varied compotitions to be put into play, and this attenuating the distance between hero meta and hero no meta (attenuating not canceling, the meta will always exist).
Then obvious that this speech to certain ranks are not needed.
But up to a certain point, a low rank paradoxically mercy is more difficult than other main support, because people with low rank do not coordinate in the slightest and suffer even more blast damage, moira ranks low dominates. This looking at my wife’s (gold) comps, to rank high by watching the games on twitch and on what I read by the gm or top 500.
In conclusion, rank low moira dominates, rank high ana dominates, mercy where is it?
I also want to remember that the 60 hps buff also asked kruise (main support of paris eternal), on a video.
Then I repeat if you like a meta with 3-4 tanks, I’m silent.
However I hope I made myself understood, sorry for my English


Here we talk about mercy, but there is also a moira problem. It seems that nobody cares, but moira needs a rework, otherwise moira will always be rubbish. Moira has no utility, even to my rank (diamond) if I take moira there are groans in the team (rightly). It takes a rework to get utilities of some kind.
Indeed between moira and mercy from diamond up, better mercy.

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what’s with this obsession with thinking mercy is played as an off healer?
She is not, playing her as an off healer is a recipe for disaster.
Her kit and her ult are that of a main healer.

No wonder you think Valk is underwhelming, you keep using it as if it was Trance.
Spoiler: it’s not. It never was. It will never be.

you know what the meta was when mercy had mass rez?
Quad Tank.
you know what the meta was around the time she was reworked and until the 50 hps nerf? Dive to double sniper.

Yeah, pretty sure goats exists because mass rez is gone.

Which was destroyed by nerfing Ana.

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my point was how mass rez has nothing to do with the tank meta, which is what you said

I already explained, how it caused tank meta - it was only ult, that works equally good on tanks and DPS.

Riddle me this: if you don’t want your team to die in Transcendence(most common defensive ult), which heroes your team should be made of?

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mass rez NEVER had anything to do with the tank meta.
It never enabled or countered it.
And goats came to be like a solid year after the rework
How can you say the two things are connected?

It made it unnecessary: why run multiple tanks and multiple supports, when you can get same level of survivability(not sustain) with just one hero.

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mass rez isnt going to end goats if that’s what you believe.

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It will, no matter how much you can deny it. By providing team of DPS with same level of survivability, as team of tanks.

Unlike Transcendence, there is no role divide(DPS = won’t survive, tank = will survive) when it comes to ult effects.

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mass rez didnt stop quad tank.
i’m telling you what happens: if you fail to rez your whole team and get a pick to turn the fight 6v5 you just gave the enemy team more ult charge.
At best you’d use it to rez the first pick or two.
Also, dont forget the goats team can get use out of rez as well if it turns into a good ult.

Luckily, goats are all about being in group together, so it’s not going to happen.

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It was the triple tank: rein, zarya, roadhog, ana, lucio, soldier.
Destroyed with the nerf ad ana. Mercy does not have the characteristics to carry meta with three or four tanks, moira and ana yes.
The quadtank was never a meta, it was an alternative in the CP, it forced him to moira.
Mercy meta imposes 2-2-2.

If you took mercy during the meta triple tank you were a trowher, in that period in fact I used ana or lucio.