Geoff appreciation thread

No offence but damn I hated that place… I always got lost for some reason. Lich King fight though was one of the best IMO. Wish we had more stuff like that in WoW today.


Does the Dev team have any plans to look at Doomfist’s ult or revert the slam distance nerf in the near future? Right now his ult feels like a throwaway that mainly gets him killed if he even attempts to use it offensively and the distance nerf on slam just feels weird and really cuts back on the rollouts players are used to.

if junkrat got the 0.3 projectile size back he would be perfect

theres no need for all these absurd junkrat changes

is the dev team thinking about reverting his nade size at all?


I think that’s certainly possible. Overall her healing output is still higher than the other healers, which she pays for by not being able to split focus and do other things while healing.[/quote]

Please don’t make balancing decisions based on overall match statistics.

Mercy’s overall healing is only more than that of other healers because other healers do damage also. Ana can do more than twice Mercy’s healing on single target if she wants to.


I would like to know this myself


Who’s right? I don’t see who you replied to :joy:


Hey Geoff!! Amazing to see you actively around here~~! :heart: AND Great work with the game by the dev team!! i still LOVE playing overwatch.

As a support main, i find it very hard to look at Zenyatta’s Orb UI on the bottom right. Is it possible to move it to the Center like how when Mercy Connects with her Beams?? Taking my Focus away from the fight to look at my discord or healing target health is really not something that feels right for me.

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i think he said you’re right to the wings comment


Speaking of Mercy, there are also currently several bugs with her Guardian Angel and Resurrect targeting, where it shows up through walls and then cancels the animation, which has probably killed a lot of Mercy players, where they wouldn’t have died otherwise. I haven’t seen it on the “known issues” bug list or even acknowledged once. Are you guys aware of that and are searching for a solution? It’s been in the game for almost half a year, I think.

Also, anything to make her feel better and more fluid to play, the possibility for potential changes you mentioned make me excited for what might come. :eyes:


hmmm, you are implying something… You know our hype, you can not imply something that is not going to be true…

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I know you cant answer all the questions but i have an issue with this since her launch and stays a mystery until now.

If you still got the time to answer some questions, could you elaborate on her hack visuals and why you decided to make Sombras hack visuals on enemies the way they are?

Since its confusing as healthpacks, turrets, omnics and Bob all have the purple timer skull, except enemies which have red outlines an no skull above them.


Total healing output over the course of the match is all Mercy really has going for her though.

Her damage and kills are virtually non-existent compared to other healers, and damage boost and rez do not make up for that discrepancy.

Total healing is a pretty poor way of measuring performance too. How many people die while Mercy is still trying to heal them when compared to other healers?

Burst healing saves lives, and Mercy does not have that.

She basically sacrifices all of her offensive ability to be a very mediocre healer.

When other healers ult, people take note. Nano, Trance, Beat, even Coalescence requires consideration and attention by the enemy.

But no one cares when Mercy uses Valk. That tells you something.


For some reason the people who designed the new Blizzard forums thought that it was unnecessary to show that you replied to someone if the reply is to the post directly above. so it’s impossible to tell the the difference between that and simply replying to the thread in general. Unless of course two people reply to that post, in whcih case it will show it.

Could make it so the build speed is the same, but the exit point doesn’t appear until the entry point finishes building.

Also Muda would really appreciate it if the teleporter always appears in a consistent spot. Even if that means directly below you.


Testing theory (please ignore)

EDIT: Yep there we go. Now that two people have replied to his post the forums now clearly shows that Geoff did in fact reply to him. :slight_smile:


i do have an idea for a small roadhog buff, make him invincible, it would make roadhog used a lot more if it was imposisble to kill him because he could just contest the point all the time and walk up and hook whoever he wants, also a heat seeking hook with a 0 second cooldown

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Consistent entry porter placement is huuuge. Would remove the guesswork from turret bombing and would make escaping gravs more realistic.


Lol, imagine if you could enter the teleporter instantly. But didn’t appear at your target location until the teleporter finished building.
Or if it was prematurely destroyed, you reappeared where you started.

Would practically be a tanking ability at that point.

Have you considered decreasing Torb’s turret deployment time or lowering his Oerload cooldown by a second? Torb’s fairly dependent on his abilities, and Overload is often just barely out of reach when I need it most. It’s very easy for the enemy to force it out of him and just kill him afterwards. His turret can be thrown in battle but its slow deployment means that it’s often a waste and will usually just get destroyed before it actually sets up.

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Are there any other ways that the teleporter could be buffed other than making the build time faster? Many people have theorized that making her teleporter permanent would give it a lot more use cases in both attack and defense.

It really sounds like it would have a same effect as with Sombra where it doesn’t hurt the high-skill Symmetras, but it would help all the skill levels to utilize her teleporter better.