Can we make mercy great again?

Thanks I needed a good laugh. BOB do something.

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It would be nice but don’t bank on it happening any time soon (if ever). The OW team appears satisfied and/or happy with the current rework despite how badly it started off and how dull and conflictive it appears to have ended up becoming. Her skill ceiling is so low now, she needs some decision making and potential risk and reward given back.

Chain beams doesn’t give her decision making nor the ability to really save someone’s life. Freely flying around saves herself but not really any of her team. Going Battle Mercy during Valkyrie is likely to get false reports sent your way if someone on your team dies, despite whether you were right in doing so at the time or not. On fire, which I feel somewhat accurately represents her current state, is way below average. She’s a pacifist in lore, yet the use of Battle Mercy is encouraged in Overwatch gameplay.

Ana and Moira just do Mercy’s job better, while Mercy remains primarily a sidekick for her teammate(s). She’s had a rather consistent number of nerfs too, despite how we keep being told they feel that she’s now fine.

I hope one day they actually do something positive without making Mercy overpowered like they did.


I think Mercy is actually very good right now. She is very powerful when she is played with an ashe and pharah. I think the only thing that needs changing is her healing. 60hps would make her a more viable pick in different team comps.


Honestly I don’t see any of the healers getting buffs anytime soon considering they just nerfed half of the category and goats is still going strong. If anything there will be more nerfs. We’ll have to wait and see what OWL decides for us.

Mercy is pretty boring right now, though. I’d kill to get tempo rez back - even if it’s just once during her ultimate. Then E would be freed up for whatever.

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She outperforms ana in winrate across every rank.

So nope.

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Symmetra has a higher winrate than Genji at every rank. Clearly Sym is fine.

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Geoff’s response when I asked him if they are going to buff Mercy’s HPS or giving her a heal boost ability on reload. ^ This was a few weeks ago.


To OP: I find her healing to be quite good, as it applies more fully and more often than the healing of the other supports, in general


To dodo: no. (20 lol)


If they attempt to make any change to Mercy there is a high propability they’ll make her worse to play. That is usually what happens…

I don’t want to call anyone incompetent, but I certainly do not agree with many of the design decisions made to Mercy since December 2016. The one good thing they gave her is the bunny-hop (and I can not speak about the super-jump as it was discovered after I stopped playing)


It doesn’t apply more fully and more often?

You have to think she has a worse pickrate than Genji. Which comes into play on how the win rate is calculated :slight_smile:.

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Can’t the same be said for Mercy and Ana (except at Bronze, where Ana performs worse than Mercy because people can’t aim)?

That answer was about damage boost and the impact it has on a teamfight while taking into account that adding a number too high would allow certain heroes to one shot.

I’d like Mercy to have a healing temporary boost but the potential buff is about a temporary augmentation of damage boost, not her healing beam. If it’s allowing both to be used at will on the reload button for example then it’s nice.

Please…explain how her kit is lackluster or her healing is subpar.



I miss it. What a good feeling. Got so good at it, I could time resses during a flyby before the UI could increment the res counter


When Geoff said “That’s certainly possible” his answer was referring to buffing her HEALING. I should know, I’m the one who asked the question. Look:

Question —> Answer

He THEN goes in to say he wants to buff damage boost, which was never in my question to him and was brought up of his own desire to discuss it. Which I am fine with, damage boost is awesome and I welcome any buffs to it (I personally want it to buff the speed of Mercy and her beam target by 20% when using it).

But my point still stands, I asked if they would buff her HPS to 55 or give her a healing boost on R, and he said “That’s certainly possible”. Obviously not a definite answer, but better than him ignoring or flat out dismissing the idea.


Ah that’s true he did say that’s certaintly possible. I think the fact that 95% of his message is talking about something else doesn’t look too good on a healing buff, but one might always have hope.

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That’s true. It also does slightly worry me, as right now Mercy is being picked because of her great synnergy with DPS, and a damage boost buff has the potential to make her the ONLY good DPS healer.

But Im excited to see what they throw at us.


She has the second most healing/game behind Moira by 500. And the game doesn’t count her rez as healing.