Geoff talks about possible Mercy buffs/changes

I’d prefer it if GA gave a small heal to Mercy’s GA target. That way they can raise her total healing output, but since it’s on GA, you have to be willing to fly closer to someone who’s actively taking damage, making Mercy a bit more risky.

The least they could do is FIX this:

When you guardian angel towards a dead team mate while in Valkyrie, intending to rez them, you instead land 32 feet past them as it’s slippery somehow while in-air and your rez cancels because you go out of range

“Overpowered” cause she can do 60hps on a target and Rez for 2 secs in an ULTIMATE?

And how is there not teamwork still? The mercy isn’t receiving any more from this buff, only her team will. Meaning they can coordinate more successfully to aid her Rez.

He did say anything like this at all.

I can’t post pictures but I’ll link a tweet of a screenshot of it

See above

True, but it just shows they have no clue on what they want to do with her. Why does she keep needing nerf? What’s in her kit that’s better than other healers? Is it the resurrect? Remove it, but then she’ll be like Symmetra. A shell of what she truly used to be.

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Geoff seemed to indicate that a healing buff was possible. Hps is the dial that most effectively manages Mercy’s power level, so I wouldn’t discount this possibility at all.

Furthermore, I think that a little bit more healing is all she needs to be relevant again. This would be a good thing for everyone, since a relevant Mercy is the best predictor of a meta with dps heroes in it.

I would rather not see res buffed at all. There’s too much of a history of res destabilizing the game.

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I don’t need to read that at all because that isn’t what he’s talking about.

Thanks everyone.

Although I still enjoy Mercy, any buff is wellcome

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He did state the 55hps was a possibility :man_shrugging:

However, this isn’t a “small buff” like you put it. It is a huge buff.

Like it may seem small on paper, but being able to multitask reviving the dead while also simultaneously healing your entire team for 60hps, there is no risk anymore. There is nothing stopping you from rezzing now, no split second decision of “I need to stop healing to rez x” or sacrificing someone in order to resurrect a key player (say a Reinhardt.)

There is literally no downside to this, and it’s not minor. And in my opinion, it allows Mercy to show even less skill diversity as it takes away any any risk vs reward of needing to stop healing to rez.

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Read this then.

Source: Geoff appreciation thread

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There’s talk about buffing her somehow, this post is an idea for that

But she does not need buffs. If she gets some she will need nerfs in some other areas again. I hope they leave her as she is.

I think they are going to wait until after the new patch rolls out for sure. If she isn’t anywhere near a good spot in the meta after this patch, then she will never be so they will then change her. But idk how I feel about buffing healing, I prefer a skill-ceiling-raising change.

Uh no, projecting much? Feel free to ask the developers though.

Yes, they explained why rez is not enhanced by Valkyrie.

They didn’t wanted people saving Valkyrie for Resurrection as people used to use Rez then Valk for the cooldown reset, cooldown decrease and/or instant rez charge. They specifically made this exception, Its not that deep fam

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Eh, 5 hps will do virtually nothing agaisnt focus fire, specially now that they have been buffing damage dealers. Besides Geoff did specify that “its certainly possible” to give Mercy a heal boost ability on “R” reload button.

Fundamentally, Mercy’s issue is the constant aspect of her healing; the other healers are inconsistent, but they get higher healing outputs because of this, meanwhile if you buff her healing, Mercy will always deal the same amount-- which adds to the frustration issue that players complain about, which is “watching” your team die even though you were healing them and feel frustrated because you can’t do anything about that, unlike ana that has her biotic grenade, and Moira who has her healing orb to help her out.

Basically, Mercy with 60hps was frustrating because it made diving her and her pocket too difficult (which is why double sniper was meta before goats) but 50hps makes it too easy and its frustrating for the Mercy player to always be at disadvantage. 55hps is a “blanket fix” for this issue whereas an Overheal would add skill expression to her kit and make the player feel like they’re contributing to the outcome of the fight.

For sure. People are forgetting that yes, with 50hps she feels terrible because the other healers were buffed on the same patch, but on the upcoming patch, they’re getting nerfed or have been nerfed before the ptr patch and after the 50hps patch.

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This :100:

I agree, but I feel like blizz isn’t willing to or is weary of making bigger changes to mercy, so i feel like they’d be more willing to just tweak some numbers than make a whole new ability that could kind of be considered a mini rework to some people, but geoff did say it’s a possibility. I’m just going off of what I’ve seen and even though 55 hps wouldn’t fix the problems most people have with mercy, to me it would be great and really help with healing tanks. I wouldn’t underestimate a 5 hps difference cuz when they initially nerfed her healing by 10 hps I thought it was such a small change that it wouldn’t really matter, but in reality it was the only nerf that really mattered lol

Her valk needs major help…right now its a glorified Lucio passive healing. It needs to be an actual Ultimate ability