If Echo can fly, she'll probably have 150 hp

to be fair, d.va is shown flying in her short and she has it as just a limited ability, i find it more likely that that will be the case for echo than that she can fly all the time.

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Just got Dva Winston. Dva can contest Pharah and Mercy so easily now after the booster buff, and Winston too. D.va and Winston are the fun tanks anyways.

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Geoff also confirmed she will fly…

I am not being sarcastic. There is a very high chance she has no flight. Just pointing out the obvious, fam. I am expecting dozens of disappointed threads if she does not, but realistically, is yo own damn fault.

ur not wrong lolol. Add Zarya to the list of “fun” tanks

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Behold Geoff Goodman basically confirming she will have flight mechanics (this is all from a thread a few months ago):

Sure, but to say you have no idea why people think that is a bit absurd.

I have no idea why people, such as the above, are treating it as a hard confirmation. Yes, Echo took to the skies in the trailer, great observation skills. What that has to do with her unrevealed kit is anyone’s guess, but I am glad you are following whatever logic trail that everyone else is. I do not swing that way, bro.

The fact you think she won’t fly shows poorer logical reasoning and deduction than people who think she will fly.

And I pointed out why people would think she will be able to fly. You didn’t point out the obvious, you’re stating something that has an obvious answer as if it’s an impossible question, which it’s not. “Why do people think she might be able to fly?” Because we’ve seen it already, simple as that.

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I like being correct, that is my end game. The chance of my vindication tomorrow is relatively high, and if she flies? I never really said she would not. No harm, no foul. But if she do not fly, you cats will cry foul quite a bit, another mad prediction of mine. It is a two for one if I am right.

That is what it is all about, inflating my ego even further beyond.

Except she Will fly. She has literal wings, she was heavily showcased flying in the OW2 cinematic, AND Geoff all but hinted at her having flying mechanics. It’s not even a question at this point, the only question is HOW will she fly. Passive, CD, ult, or all of them, etc.

Okay, that is great. Hopefully you get what you want.

It’s not anyone’s guess. A flight ability is a more likely guess than something we haven’t seen her do at all. I mean, sure, she might not have full-fledge flight the same way Mercy doesn’t, and may require some condition to enable her flight, but she’s still likely to have it in some form.

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I actually believe, objectively, the precedent for flight in cinematics is shaky whereas the sticky bomb mechanic is wholly unique. I would be willing to bet her primary has a detonator and clearly I play things safe to not look like a fool once things inevitably do not go my way.

Being wrong =/= being a fool. Maybe not go through life trying to be correct all the time (because it’s impossible either way). There’s nothing wrong with guessing and turning out wrong.

Guessing that Echo can fly is still a very reasonable and rather likely guess.

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I want to see a passive that exists if she flies. Like the longer she remains airborne the higher the healing she can output.

Or if it’s based around altitude vs time airborne.

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Guessing abilities based off cinematics isn’t always accurate. Reaper shot grenades out of his gun in the trailer cinematic, and Widow could suspend herself from rooftops using her grapple hook in the “Alive” cinematic.

Well then…it’s time to make a flying Tank!

We already have Dva and Sigma.