đź’” Likely going the wrong direction again with Sym and Reaper

Does anyone else feel what Geoff said about Sym is contradicting himself what he said last month.

Pretty sure we already cleared that “Sym’s TP (and Reaper’s Shadestep) deploying faster” wouldn’t solve Sym’s and Reaper’s major issues.

Honestly… “the concern is we need to make sure we don’t just give your whole team nearly instant teleportation across a huge area. If we’re not careful it could really make all chokes not even worth trying to defend etc. That said it something we could try and play test with and see how it goes.”

Contradicts “It’s meant to be a way to sneak behind enemy lines to drop on them or otherwise ambush them.”

-Geoff appreciation thread - #94 by GeoffGoodman

If the whole team is an issue with my 3rd person placement idea… then limit the teleporter to only teleporting 3.

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It does kinda sound that way. Meaning you can try but you shouldnt success.

id say sym may be better with that buff, but they have already dialed reaper back some. they may know its not gonna be enough to just buff him.

The keyword being Nearly Instant. Tracer can blink short distances… now imagine that the entire attacking team and Tracer literally brought the whole Calvary with her through the Hanamura choke instantly (with little to no counterplay)

It won’t be too cheerful for the defending team… Mei will cryo cry…

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Idk I wouldn’t say no counterplay. I’ve seen TPs blown up instantly, plus it puts the entire team in a neat little group ripe for wiping with a little AoE damage.

Nah, sneaking is one thing, avoiding a choke through instant teleportation is another. The problem has more to do with Symmetra because she can bring the whole team. The issue with Reaper is DB. They could just add a delay to using an ability after you shadowstep to circumvent that… but it would still be very powerful. If people complained about a buff that changed none of his counterplay… allowing him to just avoid said counterplay would be ridiculous.

So they gave Sym a tool that can’t be good without being OP, right after removing one such tool for that exact reason? :tired_face:

That’s not contradictory at all.

They can say they want a hero to be able to deal out high amounts of damage, that doesn’t mean they want said hero to be able to one-shot just by looking at the enemy etc.

It is same thing as Mercy Rez. It is as ultimates made into abilities are absolute nightmare to balance. Who would have thought…

Well Symmetra 4.0 here we go.


They could solve this, granting her a small shield like the old photon barrier when deploying this damm TP.

The barrier would protect her while deploying the entrance of the teleport and some seconds later disappear.

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I suspect you missed the memo… The current idea being discussed is giving Sym’s teleporter like a nearly instantaneous deploy time.
The counterplay presently is that TPs can be blown up before it is utilised, assuming you spot it early and react in time. Now imagine the moment Sym places it down you are instantly teleported. Where is the counterplay in that?
Where would you even point your AoE damage if your opponents could literally warp anywhere in their vision in the blink of an eye?

Like Tracer’s Blink? Just stun them click heads. 4Head

For the AoE damage, the answer is easy: you point it at the entire grouped up team when they come out, since they necessarily have to be extremely close to use TP all at the exact same time.

… But Sym already used to do this.

Plus this is a lurker thing… which we seem to not trying to be now… Even though that’s Reaper’s whole thing.

Lurking involves not using chokes and ambushing enemies. (Different from a Flanker.)

Could you elaborate on this point? I’m only familiar with sym 2.0 and 3.0

The sym 2.0 used to be able to teleport you from spawn to a location that sym setup… this can probably be seen at the budget version of Rez with more restrictions and usually only effective after a teamfight has been won. IIRC there was also a deploy time for this teleporter.

Sym 3.0 is now able to use the teleporter offensively, but needs to plan ahead it has a deploy time in which it could be destroyed without getting any value. Defensively, it is not as effective as the deploy time usually meant that it was too late to use teleporter as an escape… which i understand is the feelsbad of her kit.