Competitive Mode Tier Distribution

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Hi, Competitive Forum!

We know how much you like stats. To welcome you to the new forums, here is a breakdown of where everyone is in Competitive Play:

Looking forward to your discussions in this forum!

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(Jeff Kaplan) #2


Good to know I am above average. only slightly, but good enough.


Huh, interesting I am in the 1% of players. Feels weird


Thanks Blizz, good to see!


Use decimals instead, thanks.


There is literally no difference between decimals and percentages tho

edit: i mean, of course there is but not in this case


I’m with Uncleswagg on this one, decimals or exact numbers would be nice… Also per-server if possible? Though I guess people can swap between whenever making it kind of inaccurate. Can’t complain about data either way


Is this PC version, console versions, or for all of them together? Whichever way, this is still interesting to know!


More stats please :pray:

Still waiting on the stats page for OWL

I love Overwatch


Just wondering… Is there a significant difference between regions?

Also there’s servers where that data changes a bit, for example LAX server with more platinum players playing there, than ORD one?
(It’s just an example, don’t go crazy with “you said what of my server?”)


Very interesting distribution, and while close to the last official data we had (back in season 3), there was an visible increase in the higher ranks.

I just want to ask two question:

  1. Is that “best in season” like last distribution, or is that the current data close at the end of season 8?

  2. What is the median right now? Previously it was 2350, just to know if the mid-point of the ladder is still around the same place.

Thank you for the data.

EDIT: For those that weren’t here during season 3, the distribution was for “best in season”, and they were:

Bronze - 6%
Silver - 22%
Gold - 34%
Platinum - 23%
Diamond - 10%
Master - 3%
Grandmaster - <1%


Hey Jeff,

Thanks for finally updating the the distribution of the tiers in competitive.

It would be nice if we the player base had access to official statistics such as pick rates and relative levels of performance at a given tier on a regular basis.


As someone who loves stats, this makes me so happy to see. Thank You!


The distribution is very(very) similar to the Overbuff divisions, so that may be a good source until something official come up.


waiting for OWL stats :smiley:


3% dang, no wonder why there are so few unique players here.


Similar, but not equal. Overbuff and other sites that pull from the (terrible) OW API can only do so if given permission beforehand. There is a ton of players that never gave permission, and their stats don’t show up on those sites. Mostly, lower rank players, because they don’t care as much about tracking their stats.

This makes most Overbuff stats biased towards the higher ranks. It’s still a valuable data resource, but we have to keep this inherent bias in mind while analyzing them.


There is no OW API…


What I would like to know Jeff, is this what the Dev team expected the numbers to look like or did you expect more people to be higher and also are there going to be any adjustments to make it so more players can reach higher ranks in the next Seasons?