What % of the players are in each tier in ranked?

I’m really curious because it seems to me like no matter how well I play I bump into the silver tier and then immediately drop back down to bronze. Now I simply can’t accept that I am an absolutely horrible player who belongs in the bottom league so I’m starting to wonder just what percentage of the population of players are in Bronze, Silver, Gold and so on.

It’s really disheartening to have the thought that no matter how hard I try that I could be ranked among the worst which make up around 10% of all the players in Overwatch. But if 50% of all players are in Bronze that isn’t so bad.

Does anyone have some official stats?

[edit] Never mind, apparently in season 8 the Bronze tier make up only 8% of the population.

After playing the game for more than 6 months I would expect to see some progress but clearly being bad at Overwatch the best I’ll ever achieve. With that in mind I’m just going to give up rather than repeatedly playing the game with the hope that I’ll ever see some reward for the effort.

Where did you get that data from?

(3) Overwatch Forums
(6) Competitive Mode Tier Distribution

Also, note that it took me several hundred games to get out of bronze for good. I’m gold now.

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If you can find 1 person to duo games with you should very easily climb outta bronze. You need to find a person that can compliment your hero/play style.

Example, I am a support player, I can play them all really effectively (besides Ana, who I am not bad at but I know I am not great at either), but I can also flex to dps heroes if someone else ever wanted to play a support role (It doesn’t happen often but it does happen from time to time). Anyway I only play with my cousin who is a Tank player, he can play them all except for Rein and Zarya. So when I play, I play whatever hero will compliment my cousins tank.

If you can find someone like that you will most certainly make it out of bronze.

Psst, hey I have a tip for you. If you are really, absolutely desperate in competitive then do this.

Drop everything you have ever know and be a Symmetra main instead.

No one knows how to deal with her and I’ve been climbing up more than 200 SR with her for the past 2 days.

I’m not trolling your post, my dude. Check my profile for my current season and you will see.

Just try Sym. She’s worth it.

Don’t give up! Your never going to get out of bronze if you give up. I’m in a similar situation. It sucks! don’t take failure as a failure, take it as an opportunity to get better. Everyone starts at the bottom. And everyone has the ability to get out of the death void that is bronze.

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