Guild is dead

Please delete this as it is no longer needed.

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Still looking for more people to join! Bump!

BUMP! Edited some important info

BUMP! Got us our tanks, just looking for some more dps and ESPECIALLY healers!

BUMP! Times changed.

Bumpties for the numpties

Bumpity bump

bump bump BUMP

Bumpity bump bump

ho ho ho lets bump this post

b u m p i t y

Hey, Lvl 60 Havoc DH who wants to be excellent at this game. Couldn’t find you on Discord. How else can I contact? Here obviously I guess.

Yeah you can contact me here :stuck_out_tongue: You can also leave your discord if you want and I’ll see if I can add you

I’m interested in joining Numpty. Still learning, but a pretty chill attitude and not a complete jerk.

Then we’d love to have you! What’s your btag? I’ll add you

Brag? I’m a generation behind that slang, I’m afraid, but I am serious about learning. I had Nintendo’s, man.

lolol that was an autocorrect! i meant to ask for your btag so i can contact you in-game?

What server are you all on and does that matter? Now that I’ve played a bit, I’d like to change to something more populated.

Battle Tag is JimWolff123 #1433

Sent a friend request!

We play on Illidan which is the most populated Horde server :slight_smile: