Looking For a New Guild to Call Home

Hey Everyone - I have recently started playing Wow again after a long Hiatus, Started back up at the End of BFA and have been playing consistently since.
I’m currently in the need for a Guild, I have AOTC for SD and missed our guild night for CN but essentially have AOTC for both patches…
My guild unfortunately has unsubscribed their accounts and won’t be playing anymore.
I’m looking to find a relaxed, but Challenging environment where, With likeminded individuals I can push Content Like AOTC, Mythic progression, & M+.
Currently I have a 2049 IO this season and have been calling my Rouge my main. I also have a lvl60 Mage, Druid, Shaman, &Demon Hunter I would be willing to gear & Use.
Looking forward to anyone that Reaches out :slight_smile:

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Hey Vynll,

I’d love to chat with you if you want to add me on discord, Letholas#9581 :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I am part of a laid back guild that is currently 9/10 H SoD and is full of likeminded individuals who want to push ourselves but still down content. Feel free to add me on b.net and we can chat more. Wynneman#1501

Hi Vynll!

Meme Machine Is a guild on Thrall with an emphasis on Heroic and Mythic progression.

Raid days & times: Weds/Thurs 9PM-11:30PM EST.

Currently 9/10H as a guild with many people having previous mythic experience. Once we get a couple more people to round out the roster we will move to Mythic raid progression. Our biggest goal is just to push as far as we can each tier while always helping each other succeed as a guild. RL 5/10M EXP!! Casual players, PvP, Mythic+ everyone is welcome!

Raid is really in need of:

Although anyone is welcome to join that wants to run dungeons or just be social, we do have expectations for raiders:
-to be consistent in showing up (if you can’t show up then let us know)
-come prepared for raid (gems, enchants, watched vids, battle pots)
-want to improve on themselves (sim yourself, look up class, ask questions if needed).

Guild culture is welcoming and helpful. We run lots of M+ outside of raid too with many mains having between 2k-2400 IO. Toxicity/drama/elitism will not be tolerated =)

If interested reach out through discord to:

Hiya Vynll!

[The Numpty Brigade] is a new guild building up its numbers to form a raid team for 9.2 and hopes to achieve AoTC for this tier along the way!

Hi, we could use a rogue or a mage. I think our guild may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Horde guild of Zul’jin, 10/10 Heroic SoD progression guild, is recruiting. We are a casual raiding guild that also has several members pushing mid-to high level mythic+. We raid Thurs and Sat 8pm-11pm EST. Guild discord available.

The core of our guild has been playing and raiding since vanilla. Quality players of all roles are welcome but seeking dps of any spec and classes with tank and heal offspec. Specifically in no particular order:

Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Prot Paladin

We simply ask for you to know your class specs, gear, and general how-to.

Hoarq in-game or on discord @ Hoark#6742
Deyleiri @ The Q#1011 (discord) Senjin#1593 (battle.net)

Hi Vynll,
Welcome back, feel free to check us out below and give a poke if interested.
Good luck to ya regardless

Thanks for Reaching out! I’ll Add you and We can Chat there, I’m looking forward to it!

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[Area-52, Horde] [1/10M] [10/10H] Is a newish semi-hardcore raiding guild with a mission to achieve [Cutting Edge]. Self improvement and self accountability is a must, while pushing to clear content in a timely manner. We have a very active Discord, and leadership with Cutting Edge experience.

We have immediate core spots open to push current content. All exceptional players are encouraged to apply even if your role is not listed. Spots are competitive and effort will be rewarded.

Our short term goal is to achieve Cutting Edge and then push to ultimately becoming a top US 200 guild. All of our leader ship sports cutting edge experience. Our raid lead is 10/10 Mythic SoD (current tier).

Currently Looking for:
Flex Tanks
Flex Healers

Raid days are Tuesday/Thursday. 7:45PM-11PM EST

What we expect from you:

If given a raid spot. Be committed to your role in raid.
Be reliable, show up to raid on time and notify leadership (at least 6 hours ahead of time) if you can’t make it! 95% attendance is key.
Be prepared, show up to raid with: consumables, gems, along with gear that is fully gemmed and enchanted.
Respect everyone’s time and effort (this is basically a teamwork building game)!
Be adept and know how to play your character (using all of your spells and attacks correctly and efficiently).
-Knowledge of all the boss fights in the current tier.

Apply through Discord
Discord Invite Code: [8nhMUVk3FD]

[H] Dalaran - LFM Mythic Raiders for 9.2! heyoo merry christmas! let me know if youre interested!