Lf heroic/mythic raiding guild

Hunter lf semi-hardcore raiding guild, pref friday/saturday. Have a lot of raiding experience in the past. Got AoTC in CN but continued to just do m+ for most of the rest of the xpac. looking to get back into raiding to finish out this expansion and move into dragonflight. will raid weekdays but has to be around 8-12 EST.

Hiya Loosestring!

[THE NUMPTY BRIGADE] on Illidan is looking for more!

While we are currently an AOTC-focused guild, we are looking into recruiting so that we can push into Mythic for Dragonflight, and hopefully sometime in Season 4!

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday at 7:30-10:30PM CST. For Fated raids, we are 10/10H Nathria and 8/10H for Sanctum.

In addition to raiding, we’re very keen on keys, with the majority of our members achieving KSM and beyond each tier.

Other activities our members like to indulge in are: PvP, achievement and mount farming, and the latest craze is playing Phasmophobia after raid!

If you are interested, feel free to apply: https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/illidan/the-numpty-brigade/main

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)