Looking for raid team

hey there im focusing only on horde now. i have a 244 boomy and a 242 spriest and a 240 destro lock looking for a fri sat night raid guild. or also a morning guild any day. im a third shifter and i work 8pm-6am eastern time. hope everyone has a great and prosperous new years :slight_smile:

Hi there Boomytyme!

The Numpty Brigade] is a newly-formed AoTC guild on Illidan looking for more. We are headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route.

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST. As we’ve been building up our numbers and have some players new to raiding, we’ve primarily been running normal, but are going to be swapping to heroic in the new year!

In addition to raiding, we also enjoy pushing keys, with many of our members being 2k+.

If you’re interested, feel free to message Ackleholic#3313 on discord or Kreg#2602 (discord)/Kreg#11527 (bnet)