LF new AOTC raid guild

Been playing since wrath. Looking for new raid guild. Main is resto, 394ilvl

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If you can flex boomie some we need a flex healer for AoTC and some mythic raiding.

Heifinator#1433 on BNET.


Akai Soubi has been an established guild on Uther since Molten Core with multiple server firsts from BC through Cata. Now, we are a primarily Heroic flex raiding guild but maintain our commitment to hard work and excellence. We are looking for like-minded individuals who enjoy being part of a fun, helpful community and have the skills/drive to get the job done! We raid heroics competitively and also have groups going for mythic dungeons (typically evenings/weekends).

Raid schedule:

Pacific Time Zone

Wednesday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Current progress: 4/8 H

To apply:

Please contact either Solsti (Btag: Solange#1331, Discord: Solsti#9701) or Bort (Btag: sleepyfish#1172, Discord: Bort#6743).

If our raid times fit your schedule please reach out! I would love to chat :blush:

Prior mythic guild doing a rebuild, alliance on emerald dream. Starting heroic next week. Would take any toon you’d like to play, including Resto druid.

Tues/Wed 830-1130 eastern.

Message me on disc Mortiia#6352

Hello! We are currently looking for RDRUIDS! We are going to be on our first weekend push for AOTC this Fri/Sat.

Progress: 8/8 N, 4/8 H

Raid Days/Times: Fri-Sat 8-11pm EST

If you wish to join a community that provides an outlet for proper raiding but still offers a casual and friendly atmosphere then we gladly extend our hand to you! Corporate’s main focus is to provide a comfortable place for players to participate in endgame progression. Our mission is to build a tight-knit community of friends and help each of them with their goals. We gladly welcome players, of all skill levels, a place amongst our ranks!

Our forum post:

Our contact information

Discord: Husky#4195

Battle.net: Husky#12177

Hey Onuacktura… we are specifically looking for a resto druid.

Relapsed is a group of veteran players, some with experience dating back to Vanilla WoW. We are casual… all are adults with full-time jobs and some with families. We are like-minded people and are seeking others to venture into Dragonflight with who share our goals and IRL obligations. We require everyone to come prepared to guild scheduled events as we have no intention of wasting our time or guild members’ time. We are looking for 18+ players who are not easily offended, bring a serious attitude toward progressing on a limited schedule, and those who love this game and the people they spend their time with in it.

Raid days: Tues/Thurs
Raid times: 8pm-1030pm EST
Progress: 8/8N & 3/8H

Our expectations: show up to scheduled events, have knowledge of your class/role, be enchanted/gemmed/consumables/etc, and have general knowledge of the fights.

Our goals: AotC & KSM

Bnet - Prodyge#11864

Hey there Onuacktura!

[THE NUMPTY BRIGADE] on Illidan is currently seeking a resto druid. We are an AOTC-focused guild wanting to prog into Mythic this tier.

Our raid times are Friday / Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST and our current prog is 8/8N, 6/8H.

In addition to raiding, In addition to raiding, we’re very keen on keys, with the majority of our members achieving KSM and beyond each tier. Other activities our members like to indulge in are: PvP, achievement and mount farming.

If you have any questions, feel free to apply:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to an officer:

Ackleholic#3313 (Discord) / Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Hi there!

Moted is a 6/8H AotC / Early Mythic horde guild on Area 52. We raid from 8p-11p EST on Tue & Thu, and are looking for a resto druid. Add me if you’re interested, and have a great day!

Discord: Jaystir#1204

Hi there! Looks like you’d be a good fit for us! We’re currently looking for a resto druid to fill a healing spot. Let us know if you’d like to know more!

Perfectly Average [H] / Unusually Average [A] - US-Zul’Jin - At Perfectly/Unusually Average, our goal is simple: deliver a fun, relaxed environment, while we slay bosses.

Formed by ex-mythic/CE raiders, we wanted to take a step back to enjoy the game again. With Dragonflight on the horizon, our sights have shifted to obtain AotC every patch. While our raiding objective has changed, our leadership philosophy hasn’t. We’ll always aim to ensure leadership focuses on transparency. Our raiders should understand why we’re struggling and what issues we’re facing and how to best overcome them. In the end, we’re all on the same team.

We are a super laid-back group of people; even during progression. We feel that a guild should be something outside of just raiding. We actively run keys, achievement runs, as well as arena and BG sessions.

In the end, this is just a video game. We’re all here to have fun and get the fattest loot. Real life happens and sometimes it gets in the way of that. If you’re vocal with the leadership team, we understand needing to miss. As long as you can provide us with some sort of notice (we’d prefer it if it’s more than an hour), then we understand your need to miss.

Raid Schedule:

  • Tues 8:30 – 11:00 PM EST

  • Thurs 8:30 – 11:00 PM EST


VOTI: 8/8N, 4/8H

We’re looking for:

  • Tank - None

  • Heal – Pally, Shaman, Druid or Monk

  • DPS – None

You may be a good fit if…

  • You want focus and progression, but are not looking to make this into a full-time job

  • You always work to improve yourself in and out of raid

  • You want an atmosphere that’s chill but knows that when it’s time to kill a boss

  • You enjoy a guild that has people online outside of raid nights

Interested? Send us a ping with logs and character links!


  • Kerp#1920

  • Zerowow#7569


We are in great need of a Resto Druid!

We are pretty heavy in keys, getting almost everyone in the guild KSM last season! We are an AOTC focused raid and will typically dip our toes into the first few bosses of Mythic.

We raid Thursdays and Mondays 9:30pm server-12:00a server. After we accomplish AOTC we will typically do old raid/dungeon achievement runs!

You can usually find a group of people hanging out in our Discord daily, as we’ve become like a family.

If you’re a healer looking for a guild, you’ve come to the right place! Please message me on Discord at Bandycane#5055!

Hey there! My name is Renew and I’m the GM of Breath, a new guild on Area-52 (H). After getting CE during Nyalotha and a lengthy break from Shadowlands due to finishing a doctorate Breath was formed with one individual member who has led pugs to AOTC. I formed this community on the grounds to avoid the common pitfalls of guilds who don’t value their raiders’ time, overlook glaring issues because ‘they’re my friend’ and won’t take the initiative to progress. Our raid times are 9pm-12 EST Tuesday and Thursday. Our current roster is looking for any exceptional and dedicated raider.


Discord: Renew#0661

Hello Onuacktura, Calamity from A52 is looking for a Druid healer for our raid. we raid Tues and Thurs 7-10pm EST. We are 8/8N and 4/8H Vault. Add me on Bnet: Strohs#11784 or Discord#7706
I look forward to chatting with you