245 ele shammy looking for raiding guild

I’ve been raiding since vanilla and was once in a hard-core guild, but I am not that dedicated anymore. Raiding four or five nights a week was more like work than play. I’m looking for a raid team that runs 2-2/12 hours starting at 6-7 p.m. central time. Willing to move servers for the right guild. I have 60s of every class but I’m most comfortable as ele shammy or prot/ret pally. I’m ok as hunter, spriest or mage. These days I play more for fun and to hang out with friends than to push mythics. I’m a mature adult looking for a place to land. My main is Maletts on Hyjal if you need an armory reference.

Hiya Maletta

[The Numpty Brigade] is a new Horde guild on Illidan looking for more!

We’re run by a couple of mythic raiders who had enough of guild-hopping and decided to go for something more casual and less stress. We aim to be a AoTC-focused guild and our goal is to form a group to get AoTC with before 9.2 hits!

Our raid times are 7:30-10:30PM CST on Friday/Saturday. While we’re waiting to form a full team, we’re running normal raid and spamming keys to help each other gear up and hang out as a group.

If you’re interested, feel free to message Ackleholic#3313 on discord or Kreg#2602 (discord)/Kreg#11527 (bnet)

We are definitely looking for more players to strengthen our roster for 9.2 Here is our info and contact below:

Enshadowed - US THRALL

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30pm - 11:00pm (EST)

Current Raid Progression:9/10 Heroic (with pulls on Sylvanas, attendance has been dismal - most of us have AOTC, just a matter of having enough bodies to trigger it for Guild)

Contact Info: Bnet - Ree#1799, DISCORD: Kayliee#7155


Enshadowed-US-Thrall is a semi-casual raiding guild, formed in 2008 on US-Wildhammer. We are made up of players with a variety of experience in WoW, from vanilla to new players and most of us have been playing together for a long time over a decade.

We moved to Stormreaver in Mists(which is now sadly severely low-pop) and have transferred to US-Thrall on 3/27/2021 for better recruitment with the goal of attaining AOTC and Mythic Raiding. While getting “Cutting Edge” is not our main goal, we would like to attain the numbers in our roster again to do mythic bosses and work toward it at some point.


• Healers (For raiding and those who can dual spec for Mythic Plus)
• Reliable DPS - we currently have most classes and stress that is it more important for you to enjoy what you play and be good at it - rather than play the meta.

OVER ALL - Invested raiders and team members. We raid only 2 days a week and expect raiders not to be “raid loggers” who simply assume the raid will gear them and only sign on those days. Be punctual, know your class and be courteous about showing up for raid and most of all be “chill” we want to down bosses but have fun doing so.


DPS, Tanks & healers who want to push keys. This is a bonus. We would like to get back to having more than enough people who want to do mythic plus have the opportunity to do so with very little bugging. Being dual specced and having the ability to tank or heal is a HUGE plus.

OVER ALL: Our goal is to push toward attaining KSM for guilds and again not having to pug spots in all possible.


There are no specific requirements for players who do not wish to raid. If you wish to pvp, do achievements, gather mats to your hearts content you can have a home here.

Be an “altoholic” (we have tons of those)~ All we ask as that you be inclusive, nice, and mature. Returning players, Mythic Plus Busters and anyone looking for a home is also welcome to join and be part of our community. Enshadowed has been a guild on this game for a long time. We are stable even in the dry spells and our guildies always have a home here when they take a break and come back to the game. We would love to have more friends to add to our family!

Want to know more! Just ask us!

Hey there, what about just 3 hrs a week? We only raid one night. I’ll drop my guild add below, and if it sounds like we might work for you…contact one of us, we’d love to chat!

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heyoo! let me know if we interest you. <Gabagool> - Dalaran [H] is recruiting for 9.2 Mythic Prog!
already have over 20 people signed up for 9.2 and looking to strengthen that roster

Too late for me to run, thanks.

Hello Maletta,
I know we are alliance but I thought I would respond. [A] Children of Mayhem (Spinebreaker) is a close group of friends and an older community (average age is mid-forties). We raid Heroic Tuesday/Wednesday and have a Fun night ALT raid night Sunday nights. We run M+'s and other content on the regular. Our raid Night and times or 6:30-9:30 pm CST and Sundays are 5:30-8 pm CST. if interested contact me Fyreaa/Thyrax on discord. Thyrax(Fyreaa)#5777.

Trying to find you on Discord but both Thyrax#5777 and Fyrea#5777 come back invalid.

Fyrea#5777 try that just changed it should work.

Hi, Maletts, if you’re still looking and don’t mind going Alliance, maybe on Whisperwind is for you.

We’re a group of mature folks trying to rebuild for AOTC now (4/10) and for 9.2 after Shadowlands whittled our numbers down. We might be a little later than you’re looking for, raid time is Wed./Thurs. 8-10 central, but we’re a pretty laid back group that emphasizes fun first. If that works, look me up in game, Btag: BattleOoze#1158234, Discord Üthor#7022 (that’s [Alt+0220] for the Ü). Hope to hear from you, best of luck in your search!

The Tater Heads H - Mal’ganis - NA

6/12M Ny’alotha

4/10M Castle Nathria (blended raid)

5/10M Sanctum of Domination (blended raid)

We are along standing guild that’s looking for more in preparation for 9.2. Looking for players wanting to work together to progress while having some laughs. we will work with any gear level. We believe that a player is made by their willingness to improve not the gear they have.

Currently running keys all week in the 17-21 range


Main Raid: T/TH 830 -1130EST.

Casual Raid: Sunday 730 - 1130 EST

If you have any further questions Message me her or on Discord Hvnreign#9435

Hi Maletta!

Conspiracy Theory is a guild full of people 30+. We raid 3 nights a week from 8-10 pm ET. You do not need to attend every night. Our class needs are open at the moment. We also do m+ when we can together.

Raid schedule is: Weds/Thurs/Mon, 8-10pm ET

We’re going into a new content schedule in 2022 (outlined in the below post). Times/days remain the same.

Check the guild I’m in if you think it may be a good fit:

I’d like to talk to you about it. I like the raid times. I’m Mal#1090

Sure thing - sent a battletag request!

Hey, Maletta! Hammerferge, here. Came across your post and it sounds like you may be a good fit for our guild! Below will be our recruitment post. We raid 8-11 PM EST, two nights a week. We’re AOTC and looking to do the same for 9.2. We’re usually chilling in Discord on off nights doing various things. Hit me up if you haven’t found a home already!