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I’m the Guild Leader for The Deadmen, a semi-hardcore mythic guild.

We sound exactly like what you’re looking for in a guild and in your WoW community! Between all the high Mythic+ we run, the time we spend hanging out in discord, and the quality of our raiders, I think we can give you exactly the experience you’re looking for!

We’ve cranked out gearing up alts and new characters of our guildies before and would love to do it again with you. Maybe you could join us in discord for a bit and see if we’d be a good community for you to join? Would love to have you!

Here is our discord link: https://discord.gg/dzR5RBr

My personal Discord: TheGantaGun#3912
My Btag: TheGantaGun#1518

Thanks all who have responded so far, have been reaching out to some of you.


We are Mind Game A-52 H! 10/11 N 8/11H. We are a small community of close friends looking to expand our raid team. Our current target goal is AOTC. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST. We also run m+ 2-20 keys.

Feel free to contact me here or on discord: vaun#5071

Hi Xenophillius,

Created in 2008, Fätal Errör- Bleeding Hollow is a family-oriented guild. We are currently looking for like minded raiders who are looking to progress, but care more about having fun and enjoying friends. We raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm EST and have an alt raid on Fridays. We are currently 11/11N and 8/11H. We would love to get AOTC and enough people to eventually dabble into mythic. While we are promoting a friendly and fun atmosphere, we expect raiders to show up to raid prepared and ready to progress. When not raiding, people are consistently running mythic+, pvping, and hanging out in discord. We are a very social and active guild. We would love a DH, Mage, and Enh Shaman, but we will take anybody who is a good fit.
Feel free to whisper Jumpernickel or Gahena in game or btag Chastely#1336 or Kayla#1755 and we can shoot you an invite to our discord as well.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey Xeno,

Check us out:

Bnet:Arthedain#1846, Discord: Arth#0814
Hit me up any time!

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Hello! - We are alliance Stormrage

We are a Mythic raiding guild (8/10M SoD - Had KT to 3%) and currently 3/11M SFO. We are looking for exceptional players
to help fill out our team of 22-24 players. Everyone has stated the chill, mature atmosphere of the guild while having a fun time!
We also love running keys and hanging out playing different games!

Raid Times:
Tuesday/Thursday 10pm-1am EST

We also invite those who just want to run keys, or grab AOTC but not mythic raiding.

Feel free to add me on bnet Shazzammy#11618 or discord Shazzammy#1860!!

Hey Xenophilius,
The Assassins - Alliance - Stormrage-US is looking for more people to join our raid team. We are currently 8/11H SotFO with AotC in all previous tiers. We raid Thursday and Sunday 8:30 PM-10:45 PM EST, and are looking for ranged DPS.
We’re looking for team players that are looking for a fun group, but also are going to put in the work to come to raid ready with an understanding of encounters, personal consumables, and appropriate gear (ie: conduits, gems, enchants, iLvl, etc.). Players looking for Mythic+ keys run weekly for opportunities at gear outside of raid are a great fit for us.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out to me on discord at: TSchulz#2419 or bnet at: TSchulz#1546

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Hi Xenophilius! Check us out when you have time, I think you’d be a great fit (: Hope to hear from ya!

GLHF - [H] Mal’Ganis - Casual/AOTC Focused

GLHF is in search of roles for our raid team!. We are a guild of motivated players anxious to make meaningful progression together. Come join our active community!

Raid Schedule:
Sun.10:00pm-12:00am EST
Tues.10:00pm-12:00am EST

Current Progression:
11/11N - 9/11H


Alts Welcome. Not on our server? No problem. We have an active community where you can still meet friendly players and we also pug from there!

About Us: We are a casual/progression-minded guild on Mal’Ganis that is seeking to add a few members to our raid team and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Overall, we are a group of laid-back people wanting to enjoy and progress through the raiding content. For a lot of us, we’ve been interested in WoW since the beginning. We are not going to be any world firsts, but we are looking forward to achieving AOTC.

One Team One Dream!

I’ve added my info below, and if you see a fit, please connect with me if interested and we can chat on Discord!


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still looking for the perfect fit

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If you want to go horde

If you want to stay alliance , you cant be part of the guild but you can still raid of us regularly.

Alliance, horde it doesn’t matter. Just looking for somewhere that fits!

Hey there Xenophilius!

[The Numpty Brigade] is an AoTC-focused Horde guild on Illidan headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route.

With cross-faction now here, we have created an in-game community for us to co-ordinate M+/raid night with Alliance players, and we will be forming an Alliance guild here on Illidan!

We raid on FRIDAY/SATURDAY at 7:30-10:30PM CST. We are currently 11/11H and would like to hit Mythic as soon as we can get the numbers!

In addition to raiding, we’re also very keen on keys, with the majority of our members having achieved Keystone Master, and several pushing for Keystone Hero!

While we do love our high keys for max item level loot and better ratings, we’re more than happy to help out others with achieving their KSMs or running lower keys to help gear up and learn mechanics.

If you are interested, feel free to apply:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Guild & Server: [Discipline] [Alliance]: (US) - Aegwynn

2/11 M SFO
11/11 H SFO
5/10 M SOD

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesdays 7:30PM - 10:30PM CST
Wednesday 7:30PM - 10:30PM CST

Discipline had a civil revolution and ended SoD spectacularly, we are aiming to get as far as possible in SotFo and potentially CE!

We are a truly unique group of individuals who all live very busy real lives. We’re a fun and engaging community with players across all time zones. There are always active players online. We are efficient but not hard-core. At our core we push top end content but have players of all aspects of the game (Mythic+, PvP, Mount Hunter, Tmogers, Nomadic horde arriving fresh from O-grim-oar). We like to keep a note of fun in what we do. Progress is the goal but doing it without some laughs sucks.

Discipline is a LGBTQ friendly guild, toxic behavior and drama are not tolerated and will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. :slight_smile:

Raider Requirements: Reliable attendance, High Learning Curve, desire to play the game.

Immediate openings available for HEALER, Healers? did I mention HEALER!?!?!??!
Any exceptional DPS and Healers.

Join the fastest whimsical Alliance guild!

Recruitment Contacts: Shimmers#9567 (Discord), Thorr#8990 (Discord) or
*** Giauzer#8101(discord)/Giau#11835(btag) ***

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