Healer + DPS Combo LF Dragonflight Raiding and Home

Recruiters and future guildies,

Myself: Disc Priest (Healer) and Partner: DPS (TBD) are looking for a new long-term home for Dragonflight and beyond. We’ve loved playing WoW since 2007 mid-burning Crusade and are excited to find a group of people to run Dragonflight raids with. We were considering an Alliance conversion for Dragonflight and will server transfer or stay Horde if needed!

Our availability for raids are
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (7:00 pm - 1:00 a.m. EST) or (4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. PT)

We’ll also be on daily for questing and M+ runs :slight_smile:

Some of what we’ll bring to your guild
A pair of professional, respectful, driven, and dedicated raiders and contributors. We’re socially fun to be around as an added bonus!

You can contact either of us here or below message me on Discord or via Btag to talk more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Discord: Devonellah#0195
Btag: Devonellah#1509

Discord: Eraserhead#0313
Btag: Eraserhead#1726

Hi. I think you both might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST. We also run m+ throughout the week.

We also have achievement seekers. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

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Hi. I think you both might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Sweet - thanks for the response Epsilon! I’ll take a look and be in touch :slight_smile:

Good Morning Devonellah,
My guild Legalize Peacebloom [A] Whisperwind is a newly formed AOTC/M+ focused guild looking for more. We will be raiding 8-10:30PM EST Fri/Sat come DF, and currently run M+ from 7-9PM EST most nights. I’d love to talk with you when you get a chance. I’ve added you on discord Arriesa#9139.


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Hi there Devonellah!

[THE NUMPTY BRIGADE] on Illidan is looking for a healer and dps!

While we are currently an AOTC-focused guild, we are looking into recruiting so that we can push into Mythic for Dragonflight!

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday at 7:30-10:30PM CST. For Fated raids, our prog is:

  • NATHRIA: 10/10H
  • SANCTUM: 8/10H
  • SEPULCHER: 11/11H

Currently, we are on a break from raiding until Dragonflight prepatch, but there is a small group of us still trying to raid each week for dinars on alts!

In addition to raiding, we’re very keen on keys, with the majority of our members achieving KSM and beyond each tier. We do love our 15s for max-ilvl loot options and are more than happy to help out others with achieving their KSMs or run lower keys for more gear and learning mechanics (some of these S4 dungeons are a doozy!)

Other activities our members like to indulge in are: PvP, achievement and mount farming, and the latest craze is playing Phasmophobia after raid!

If you are interested, feel free to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Y-UEcwEbN1dHe8wV2v19w0okz7xPiMtssdoQvG5tjA/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

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Hi Devonellah (& Eraserhead)

I’m recruiting for a Horde AotC guild on Thrall called Assault. Our raid times are Fri/Sat evenings from 7p-10p PST (10p-1a EST). We are currently 1/10 M Nathria, 10/10 H Sanctum, and 11/11 H Sepulcher.

The only caveat to this post right now is that I don’t have a need for a healer for my raid, I only have room for two DPS. I’d love those roles to be a DH and ret paladin, but I want to offer you some flexibility since you’re on Disc and may not be interested in playing melee for our raid, so I’d also accept shadow, boomkin, or mage if you have any desire to play any of the above.

If you want to chat, add me on BNet and we can figure out the logistics - limbrok#1655 (lowercase L).


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Awesome Shamackle - we’re already on Illidan so that would be convenient :slight_smile: I’ll add your Btag and get in touch on Discord so we can talk at your convenience!

Hi Devonellah,

We might end too late but I thought I’d put it up there anyways.

Death Jesters, a 17 year old raiding guild would love to have you apply! We’re an old-school guild that has been a robust and thriving community with our sister guild, Zeroes to Heroes.

We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded mythic guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs

While no where as hardcore as we used to be, we’ve been playing some casual mythic on a 2 day raid schedule for Shadowlands.

The team’s desire is to go back to CE for Dragonflight and make some great progress in S4. We’ve had the same leadership for 17 years with players that are multi Hall of Fame, CE, and even those that are newer to mythic raiding.

We raid:

Fridays & Saturdays 11:00pm-2:00pm EST.

If you’re interested or looking for more information, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Sparty (BattlenetID and Discord: Sparty#1780), Featherpile(Discord: scenario#5608)

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/w8guAWConqGwGQZ1A

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Sweet! Thanks for the response Nocapping :slight_smile: I’ll add your Btag so we can talk more about how the groups will be formed :slight_smile:

Sweet-- thanks for following up Liim - I have played Shadow and do have a mage so that could be a possibility. Let me give this some consideration and I’ll be in touch soon! :slight_smile:

Not too late at all Manakendrick! We’re still looking at options. :slight_smile: Your team sounds like a stable and professional group of people - we’d definitely like to talk more. I’ll add the Bnet names you provided there and take a look at the app :slight_smile:

Sweet Ariessa! I’ll take a look on Discord and message you so we can talk at your convenience. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. We’re going to be doing some keys tonight if you’d like to join.

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Sounds good looking forward to hearing from you

Hi, I reached out on Discord as well, but just in case.

Stormrage (A) is a CE guild that has started a second team for weekend raiders with the same goal, CE. We are still a new team, but are already burning through fated content, and enjoying the “downtime” of season four with some m+ pushing. This is a great time to join and feel like a founding member of this team!

We definitely have room for two, and one of our priests is looking at Evoker, so healer or DPS we would love to have you. For your friend , mr/ms TBD, as long as they aren’t a hunter or warrior we would be happy to trial… heck even if they are a hunter or warrior since class changes happen between expansions… now if Lock, Mage, DK, sound appealing, that is where we have greatest need.

Bellow is our recruitment thread, happy to run some keys with you tonight, or when ever to give you a taste of Team Void!

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Hey! i think we’d be a good fit, but our times you’ve specified are unfortunately not good for you, still since most people dont have take morning into account, would you be able to make weekend mornings? 9 am eastern to noon sat / sun.
Here’s our guild info if you think you can:

Add me to bnet or discord if you think we could make it work!

Icecrown [H] - Recruiting for DF! - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com) look into us and let me know

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Hey Serathil - I’ve always thought day raiding could be cool - but that would be way to early for us - we’re on the West coast!! :slight_smile: I’m fortunate to get up before 11:00 a.m. on the weekends :wink:

Hi Epsilon - We were wondering if tonight would be a good time to connect on Discord to talk. I’ll reach out in-game as well as soon as the servers are up! :grinning: