Return to retail!

Hey everyone! I am returning to Retail WoW from Classic in anticipation of Dragonflight and want to be ready and set for its release. I am changing servers and leveling a toon from scratch. I am looking for a nice tight-knit friendly guild. I left at the beginning of Shadowlands due to guild drama between the Officers and the rest of the guild and I am looking for a chill fun tight-knit group of people to enjoy the game with.
Thanks again and see you in the game!


We offer a very active discord for both factions to group up, make friends, and clear content! Horde on Area 52

We looking to fill our AOTC raid team! Key pushers are also welcome!

If you’re a new WoW player, or coming back from a break and what to be on a level playing field with the rest of your guild mates, or perhaps someone looking for something new or fresh we might be the place for you!

Here are our guild and community goals:

  • Establish a friendly community of like minded players working together to achieve goals
  • Achieve AOTC on every raid tier we can
  • Help our members push KSM for those interested
  • A place for new players/raiders to come in feel welcomed, and learn without being yelled at

We are looking to raid Mon/Thur 11pm-1:30am EST.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in stop by our discord or add one of our points of contact below for more info!

Discord: KvZ9BgFHGM


Discord:Neonblack#1528 BNET: Neonblack#1787

Discord: Purple_86#9819 BNET: Purple86#1959

Hey there Lionheart!

[The Numpty Brigade] is an AoTC-focused Horde guild on Illidan headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route.

With cross-faction now here, we have created an in-game community for us to co-ordinate M+/raid night with Alliance players, and we will be forming an Alliance guild here on Illidan!

We raid on FRIDAY/SATURDAY at 7:30-10:30PM CST.

In addition to raiding, we’re also very keen on keys, with the majority of our members having achieved Keystone Master, and several pushing for Keystone Hero! While we do love our high keys for max item level loot and better ratings, we’re more than happy to help out others with achieving their KSMs or running lower keys to help gear up and learn mechanics.

If you are interested, feel free to apply:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Good Day!
Hope this message finds you well.

Night Renegades is currently recruiting and would love for you to stop by and meet the fam! We are a tight knit gaming community that expands over a few different games.

NR is an Ally Mid-Core AOTC guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun that has been around since the start, we are currently open to any roles/classes and are looking for people that are a great fit for our community and raid team. We also have M+ groups that run before raids and on weekends.

If you are interested in a chat or a few group runs please feel free to contact anyone listed below!
Bip-Doomhammer Dudz#1750 (Bnet) Dudz#7637 (Discord)
Bacstabath-Baelgun Eli#1219 (Bnet)

Current Progression:
11/11N (server 1st) 9/11H SoFO
10/10H SoD AOTC
9/10H CN
12/12 Nya AOTC

Raid Times:
2000-2300 EST

Guild Application:


Hey Lionheart!

My in game name is Jemeeka & I recently made a guild on alliance Stormrage. Were called =The Legal Bananas=. We’re an 18+, LGBTQ friendly guild made up of veterans & a few n00bs. Some of us have never played WoW before & are coming from games like League or FFXIV. Some of us are returning for Dragonflight after being gone since Lich King!

A lot of our guildies are having to level from scratch, also. While the rest of us are trying to gear our 60s & get ready for raiding. We plan to raid normal SotFO, but probably not for another few weeks. We’re just not ready yet. Our raid times are TENTATIVELY Wed/Thurs @ 7-11pm EST. In the mean time we plan to continue leveling our toons, run mythic+ together on Mondays & other nights & do fun runs (usually tmog farming) on Saturday afternoons.
I was also playing TBC recently, and omg is it ever hard! I finally came back to retail (which is a cakewalk compared to TBC) to start this guild with some new friends… and I’d really like it if you’d come join us! :heart: IDK what you’d wanna play… but you have a lot of choices! You can basically play anything!

Anyway, if you’re interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a msg in game on stormrage on my toon Jemeeka or send me a DM on discord, my handle is: FluffyPanda#6738

Anywho, I hope to hear from you soon! Please, have a great rest of your day! /hugs

Hello Lionheart!
The Assassins - Alliance - Stormrage-US is looking for more people to join our raid team. We are currently 8/11H SotFO with AotC in all previous tiers. We raid Thursday and Sunday 8:30 PM-10:45 PM EST
We’re looking for team players that are looking for a fun group, but also are going to put in the work to come to raid ready with an understanding of encounters, personal consumables, and appropriate gear (ie: conduits, gems, enchants, iLvl, etc.). Players looking for Mythic+ keys run weekly for opportunities at gear outside of raid are a great fit for us.
If you are just looking for the social side of the game, we have that as well with a very active and tight nit discord for communication when we aren’t all in game together!
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out to me on discord at: TSchulz#2419 or bnet at: TSchulz#1546