Multi-class returning player LF Guild

I came back to the game a couple months ago and have been gearing up multiple characters, all of which are 10/10H, and a couple are 1/10M. I have interest in playing them all, and have really no preference which one will be mained. If the guild does splits, then that can be sorted out as well. I am available Sun-Fri 7pm-12pm EST. Sat anytime.

Currently I have these max level characters that could be maintained for 9.2 and beyond.

  • 241 Frost Mage - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole. (Experienced with both fire and arcane)
  • 242 Havoc DH - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole. Can OS Veng if needed.
  • 240 Protection Warrior - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole (Necro anticipation for 9.2). Can OS Fury/Arms.
  • 244 Subtlety Rogue - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole
  • 243 Survival Hunter - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole. (OS Marksman if needed for ranged)
  • 242 Shadow Priest - max ilvl leggo, engineering for bres and wormhole. Minimal experience with disc, but have max ilvl disc leggo just in case.

I have no problem with listening to instruction. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and I always try to take it into consideration.

I’m primarily looking to raid, but am looking for a solid M+ team to take seriously for 9.2

Transfer and/or faction change is ok

If you’re interested in chatting, add me on bnet: tickums#1223, discord: Tickles#6825 or reply to the post here. Thanks!

Hey Abomination - Area 52 is a casual guild. We started as a reroll guild, but are now moving to the next stage. Everyone any level any class is welcome to join us!

Our raid days are Thursday and Friday 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm EST. We are just raiding Thursdays until January. There is still some space on our raid roster for dps. Full on tanks and healers. Our current progress is 10/10N 10/10H. Our goal is to hit heroic at a reasonable pace, achieve AOTC every tier and possibly more. Repairs, flasks, feasts, etc, will all provided for each raid when appropriate.

Raid Recruitment Needs:
WW monk
Ranged DPS

If you are not interested in raiding we have people running keys every day.

So if you are interested in joining us, having some fun, and making new friends or have some questions feel free to join us in discord:

Hi there Leinuh!

[The Numpty Brigade] is an AoTC-focused guild on Illidan looking for ranged dps! We are headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route.

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST and current progression is 8/10H. We’re skipping Fatescribe and have KT down, with the goal of achieving AoTC before the end of the tier.

In addition to raiding, we’re very fond of pushing keys, with many members at 2k+!

If you’re interested, feel free to message Ackleholic#3313 on discord or Kreg#2602 (discord)/Kreg#11527 (bnet)

Hey there Leinuh,

We are currently looking for some more dps for our roster for current prog and heading into 9.2.

Sent a btag and discord request, hope to chat soon. Below is our spam.

Thank you all for the offers and info. I’ve found a guild and will not be updating or bumping this post further.

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HI Leinuh,
BiOL is always looking for flexible dedicated players and most of us have been raiding for years. Feel free to check us out below and if interested, give me a poke and we can chat!
We are preparing for next tier and are anxious to go! We raid within the hours you stated and, since you are horde, we do stream our raids if you wanted to take a peek to see how we run in real time through discord.
Regardless, good luck in your home hunt… Have a great day !

Hi! I’m the guild leader for The Wolfpack. We’re Horde on Zul’jin. We are a raiding guild that is only raiding Heroic (no plans to move to Mythic raiding at the moment) that also enjoys running M+. Most of us have Keystone Master and we always hit AOTC for raids.

We need a ranged DPS (MAGE or SHADOW PRIEST!) to round out our raid team and join us for M+ as well, but we could be interested in your Rogue or Hunter if you prefer. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern. Yes, you read that right. We raid for 3.5 hours a week and still have competitive progression while still being pretty casual and fun.

The best way to get more info and be in touch is to apply (it’s not a scary app - we are a closely knit group that wants to make sure we invite people that will be happy with us, and us with them):

Recruit Spam Here:

Are you a former hardcore or skilled casual raider but you’ve now got school / a demanding job / spouse-aggro / or kids … And you just can’t devote a lot of time to raiding three nights+ a week but you really miss the progression and camaraderie?

The Wolfpack is currently seeking raiders to join our Normal/Heroic Raid team! We are a Raiding Guild with a Casual Schedule in an established guild of all adults (21+). We have a VERY LIGHT raiding schedule and a long history of good raid progress. We raid two nights for a max of four hours of raiding a week.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday from 9:15PM - 11PM EST

Recruiting: We are looking for DPS (and open to heals or tanks) for our raid team.

Important Note:
We are NOT actively pursuing Mythic Raiding at this time. This decision may be reversed in the future but it is currently not a priority. We are also only recruiting for one team: our core raiding team . We are not interested in creating other raid teams due to life commitments - thank you for your understanding.

About Us:
The Wolfpack, established in 2008 and under the same leadership, is an all adult (21+) raiding guild. We understand that some people have busy lives, and we want to provide a fun environment for people who may not have the time for a grinding raid schedule. We are based on Zul’jin, Horde side.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding drama, elitism, cliques and loot hogs.

We have husbands, wives, careers, military service, families, grad school, etc. so we balance our gaming experience with real life and provide a fun place to be in your valuable free time.

What to Expect from Us:
We take pride in providing a diverse and inclusive community for people who have busy lives and may not be able to log in every single night. We are relaxed, easy-going, and friendly, though we have a pretty wicked sense of humor, so if you’re overly sensitive, we are probably not the guild for you.


*Applicants must be 21+

  • We use Discord, so should you
  • Guild Commitment: We are a family/community and by joining us you want to be a part of that experience by participating and showing up
  • Some prior raiding experience, a willingness to play to the best of your ability, take constructive feedback, and desire to be a part of a team.

How Do I Join?:

#1) Yes, you have to be on Zul’jin to join (and raid with us).

#2) Please complete our Guild Application at

It’s very easy, it’s non-intrusive, and yes, everyone fills out an application. It’s not scary or difficult, we want to know who you are, and we want to know that you’ll fit in well with our group. We want to provide the best possible Guild environment for everyone.

Are we accepting social/casual players?:
Yes, we are also opening our doors to social/casual players - even if you aren’t interested or ready to Raid.

We run M+ and like to get achievements, transmog, mounts, and have always hit AOTC. (and pet battles… we really do like pet battles)

Hope to hear from you!

Hey Leinuh! Naughtytime here! GM/Raid lead of the EO :slight_smile: Back with some more guild recruiting! Alliance guild, Kel’thuzad.

This last tier was a huge test for me personally. I was down over 15+ raiders and multiple officers from castle tier, and relatively it went pretty smooth! I have recruited some awesome people and super excited to see where we can go in 9.2 :slight_smile: We are currently on raid break to rest up and take a mental break for 9.2. I think Everyone reading this knows 9.1 was a hell of a wild patch lol.

We are an AOTC/casual mythic prog team. We push heroic content pretty hard core then progress as long as we can into mythic before the tier ends. We finished 10/10 AOTC and 1/10 mythic in the SoD tier! We had problems getting a consistent 20 people without pugs and we know how rough pugs can be :frowning: Which is why I am here posting this!! I need more committed gamers for our raid team!

We raid wed/Thursday usually, with some Tuesday sprinkled in to match times for people (this is ALWAYS communicated and voted on) 7-10 server (9-12 eastern for a reference)


DPS : Mage, Monk, DK, druid, hunter, ETC. Literally about anything. We are not being picky!

Healer : Druid, shaman, monk, disc priest. (2 holy priest right now :stuck_out_tongue: )

Tanks : We have our tanks set, but one of our main tanks is a very good damage and it would be a nice boost to have him able to damage. A tank that could communicate, and we could depend on would be an awesome find for us!

I really appreciate all the people that have stood by my side since the start of this expansion and of course the new people that helped us with our 9.2 tier. I am looking forward to where we can go from here and push farther into mythic content. I feel like we have a strong team willing to work together, along with possibly some old raiders coming back to bolster our roster. New blood will only make us stronger!

Mythic keys are done regularly, 9.2 should be a good patch for us with keys! We have a lot of people running them right now! PVP has always been dead, but it’s never out of the question

Horde are always welcome; I understand transfer changes are hard and to trial is a pain in the butt. But I am sure we can figure something out, so you have a home! Come to the dark side!!

Super excited to here from of you and hope I can welcome you to our guild with open arms!

Contact me here - Excited to chat :slight_smile:

Discord - Ty - Resent#3575
Bnet - Bubonict#1987