WW Monk LF Raid Team

I am a 238 WW Monk that is looking for a raid team for now and 9.2. My monk is now only 3 weeks old from when I boosted it and I have been gearing fast. I do have AoTC and 1/10 Mythic but I do know the fights on the first 3 bosses on mythic. I am looking for a team one that looks out for each other and I am asking for a team to trust and judge me as a player not based on what my ilvl says in this forum post. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Protectmtdew#11463 and I would be happy to talk with you. Oh I am horde and staying horde lol.

Hiya Plu!

[The Numpty Brigade] is a newly-formed AoTC guild on Illidan looking for more. We are headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route. We’re not a huge guild. We’re a small, friendly group of people who just want to have fun with the game again.

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST. As we’ve been building up our numbers and have some players new to raiding, we’ve primarily been running normal, but are going to be swapping to heroic in the new year!

In addition to raiding, we also enjoy pushing keys, with many of our members being 2k+.

If you’re interested, feel free to message Ackleholic#3313 on discord or Kreg#2602 (discord)/Kreg#11527 (bnet)

Hello there!

Enigma on Firetree is looking for raiders to prepare for 9.2! We’re AOTC and are going to do the same next tier with some mythic progression. We raid Weds/Thurs, 8-11 PM EST. Laid back atmosphere, we’re all around our 30’s and have a good time.

Feel free to shoot me a message or a reply here.
BNet : Xile#1442
Discord : Xile#7964

Hey Plü! Not sure what level of guild you’re looking for, but we’re an AotC focused guild looking for more. I’ve sent you a Bnet request, and I’ll leave our spam below as well, and hopefully we can chat soon! If we don’t good luck in your search

Hey give Bills a look.

[Area-52, Horde] [1/10M] [10/10H] Is a newish semi-hardcore raiding guild with a mission to achieve [Cutting Edge]. Self improvement and self accountability is a must, while pushing to clear content in a timely manner. We have a very active Discord, and leadership with Cutting Edge experience.

We have immediate core spots open to push current content. All exceptional players are encouraged to apply even if your role is not listed. Spots are competitive and effort will be rewarded.

Our short term goal is to achieve Cutting Edge and then push to ultimately becoming a top US 200 guild. All of our leader ship sports cutting edge experience. Our raid lead is 10/10 Mythic SoD (current tier).

Currently Looking for:
DPS With tank OS

Raid days are Tuesday/Thursday. 7:45PM-11PM EST

What we expect from you:

If given a raid spot. Be committed to your role in raid.
Be reliable, show up to raid on time and notify leadership (at least 6 hours ahead of time) if you can’t make it! 95% attendance is key.
Be prepared, show up to raid with: consumables, gems, along with gear that is fully gemmed and enchanted.
Respect everyone’s time and effort (this is basically a teamwork building game)!
Be adept and know how to play your character (using all of your spells and attacks correctly and efficiently).
-Knowledge of all the boss fights in the current tier.

Apply through Discord
Discord Invite Code: [8nhMUVk3FD]

sent a friend request

[A][US][Stormrage] Order of the Silver Hand is a guild on Stormrage looking for new members to join our guild. Our guild is founded on a “bring the player not the class” mentality and is a place where all experience levels are welcomed. All events will be organized and will offer a helpful learning and content progression experience.

participates in:


Raid: Our goal is to achieve AOTC in each tier. We are currently recruiting all classes and roles of various experience levels for our progression.

Current Raid Progression: 9/10 Heroic

CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: We are currently looking for the following classes (but still encourage any/all talented players to apply)

  • Healers: Holy Paladin
  • Melee: Death Knight, Arms Warrior, Havoc Demon Hunter, Rogue
  • Ranged: Shadow Priest, Destruction Warlock, Balance Druid, Marksmen Hunter

Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:00PM EST/SERVER TIME

Mythic+: Our plan is to run mythic + dungeons following raid nights and as able on off nights to help everyone get their weekly 15 key for the week.

Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday: 11:00PM - 12:00AM EST/SERVER TIME, *As able on off nights (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)


Rated Battlegrounds: Our goal is to achieve 1800 rating in each season. We are recruiting all classes and roles of various experience levels for our progression. Post RBGS we will as a guild do 2s, 3s, random battlegrounds for fun and additional experience.

Current RBG Progression: 1600 CR


  • Healers: Disc Priest
  • Tank: Guardian Druid
  • Melee: Arms/Fury Warrior

Schedule: Sunday: 8:30PM - 10:00PM EST/SERVER TIME

If you’re interested in doing PVE and PVP content with us or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Ratayu or Challenges. Contact information below:

Ratayu: (BTag:Ratayu#1694, Discord:Ratayu#0795, In Game: Ratayu-Stormrage)

Challenges:(BTag:khalil#1948, Discord:back#1920, Challenges-Stormrage)

Silvianah: (BTag:Silviana#1487, Discord:Silvia, Silvianah-Stormrage)

Not ready to make the commitment to join the guild, join our community here: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/kMwbvo7Hd02?region=US&faction=Alliance