<OC><A> LF special guild

Hi All. Looking for a very special guild for moving into Dragonflight with. You will need to be special because I’m special alright! See below;

About me:
I’m on a lot. Its basically my life. If Im not on Im sleeping, at work or bored & watching Netflix.
I like cheese.
Im not Vegan (see above)
I like helping people.
Im basically a good person, at least I hope so.
Im extremely funny (at least to me)
Im a little on the spectrum which leads to the below.
Under pressure I usually cant think & just mash keys :slight_smile: . Hoping to improve this :confused: .
Dont enjoy angst much so have generally avoided Myhtic+, raiding & PvP thus have little skill in these area’s. Hoping to change this too.
I may be tipsy! I’ll make sure Im sober when I really need to be though :slight_smile:
Played on & off since beta. Everquest before that.
East Coast Australia.
Pally, Hunter, DH mains atm but have most classes, happy to switch should it be needed. I prefer tanking but am learning to DPS as I suspect its easier to learn group content that way. Dont ask me to heal, I have no clue & you will all die.
What I suspect I need from a guild;
Tolerance. I wont pick mechanics up straight away but I will get there. Yes I watch the video’s.
No buttheads, Plonker free zone. I have them at work, dont need them in my rec time.
Voice chat when doing group content. Tell me what needs doing in group content if I havent got it down.
Be good if there were some still learning Mythic, raiding etc.

Thanks for listening & wish me luck!

Hey Furion! I am looking for some of the same things you are when it comes to a guild. I actually started my subscription back up tonight and am looking for some new friends to play the game with again. i don’t have any characters on oceanic servers at this time but if you are interested in making a new friend, i wouldn’t mind doing this to have someone to chill with while trying to get caught up. I’m looking to try classic wrath when it releases and to hopefully find a guild for both Dragonflight and classic wrath. Let me know if you’d like to hang out, I’m pretty fun! :slight_smile:

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Always happy to make new friends mate & given I pretty much explusively solo be a nice change. What the easiest way to connect?

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I use discord mostly my tag is Laryn#9259 go ahead and add me. I use bnet too so let me know what your btag is if you use it and I’ll add you on that as well.
It’s gonna be great cause I see we both play shamans, we can share tips.
Looking forward to hanging out!

Hey there Furion!

[THE NUMPTY BRIGADE] on Illidan is looking for more!

While we are currently an AOTC-focused guild, we are looking into recruiting so that we can push into Mythic for Dragonflight!

Our raid times are Friday/Saturday at 7:30-10:30PM CST (but for us Aussies, it’s Saturday/Sunday at 10:30AM-1:30PM AEST subject to change due to daylight savings. Aren’t time zones fun?)

For Fated raids, our prog is:

  • NATHRIA: 10/10H
  • SANCTUM: 8/10H (skipping Fatescribe, our best attempt on Sylvanas is 52%)
  • SEPULCHER: 11/11H

We are going to be taking raiding more casually up until Dragonflight pre-patch.

In addition to raiding, we’re very keen on keys, with the majority of our members achieving KSM and beyond each tier. We do love our 15s for max-ilvl loot options and are more than happy to help out others with achieving their KSMs or run lower keys for more gear and learning mechanics (some of these S4 dungeons are a doozy!)

Other activities our members like to indulge in are: PvP, achievement and mount farming, and the latest craze is playing Phasmophobia after raid!

If you are interested, feel free to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Y-UEcwEbN1dHe8wV2v19w0okz7xPiMtssdoQvG5tjA/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Things that go /bump in the night!

Mosaic is a progression oriented, chill and respectful guild open to expanding, while keeping a tight community. While we enjoy competition and end game content, our main aim is to have a place where players of all skill levels can find groups, raid, pvp, mythic+ and enjoy the camaraderie that brings us together. We think it’s possible to push content seriously, while keeping a chill environment of people hungry to learn. All we ask is for you to have a team first mindset, get involved, and have fun!

Our normal weeks look a little something like this!

Tuesday & Friday: Progression Raid 9pm-12am EST (We strive for Mythic)
Sundays (usually every other, sometimes weekly): In game or discord Guild event
Mondays: Mythic+ Monday come get keys done with the crew!

Outside of these scheduled times we constantly run groups for Mythic+, dabble in the Arena and mount farm/transmog.

We are actively recruiting a few more for our progression roster for Dragonflight with emphasis on 1 healer (prefer a priest but all considered) 1 tank/melee (any but monk) and maybe 2 DPS with a preference on ranged.

Aside from our raid team we are also recruiting just great community members who are on the more casual side. We believe in having a diverse guild for all playstyles so if you are looking for a home with an AMAZING atmosphere then look no further!

Feel free to add our GM // Founder on Bnet at MosaicJosh#1145 and Discord at MosaicJosh#3223